Jiayi zhang, wang been talk to Dan, or health care


” er physicians “two TV broadcast will be in Beijing, the Oriental both on the ratings of the top two. Play begins throwing & other; Bao bao small & throughout; The Ed ealuation of a topic, then, young doctor momoe accidental death, sea turtles, she returned to find the truth, his parents died tying in the emergency department to establish funds such as the plot also contentious audience. Xiaolong zheng had an interview with Beijing news a few days ago, director, he said a lot of content is not only based on reality, & other; We will have some practical problems, to express our point of view. Throughout the &;

controversial & other; Bao bao small & throughout; Plot, in order to criticize backward ideas

the Beijing news: in the first episode, mothers were found to gastrointestinal perforation, mother-in-law rob to cry days as long as & other; Children & throughout; Daughter-in-law, completely no matter anyway, weak husband said nothing. A lot of netizens feel into the modern society, why still faces & other With adults or children & throughout; The bizarre choice?

xiaolong zheng: as a no culture of woman, she can speak (a child). Lorelei’s mother-in-law (evil) character, is very normal, such people are pretty much in reality. To criticize her, can let her improvement.

the Beijing news: why do doctors He Jianyi said to maternal & other; I keep you both doing well & throughout; ?

xiaolong zheng: theoretically, the doctor can’t say that. But He Jianyi to help mothers to establish confidence to survive, and finally was able to help their mother and child spend difficulty. We want to show mainly is the doctor humanistic care to patients.

controversial episode 1 momoe’s death, the echo of the last episode

the Beijing news: the first set to die in the hospital a doctor, it is extremely rare in the domestic TV series.

xiaolong zheng: momoe’s death, bloody conflict before you. The first and the last sets is a story of echo, He Jianyi injured in the last episode, before and after are & other; Dilemma & throughout; In the story. Write a medical drama, there must be the story of this dilemma, causing the audience to think.

the Beijing news: doctor momoe died in the emergency department, the reasonable design?

xiaolong zheng: momoe splash bleeding picture is to show she was cut arteries to death. If the audience could not see the pictures, someone else will be fun to live in the hospital can’t save.

controversial Jiang Xiaoqi study abroad, in order to return

the Beijing news: Japanese Jiang Xiaoqi is a sea turtles, return home to find the truth. His parents died Why is the character design?

xiaolong zheng: Jiang Xiaoqi have psychological shadow, she went up to study the emergency medical treatment, has something to do with the death of her parents. And, more importantly, she is not to find a Nemesis, Jiang Xiaoqi parents died suspense and medicine, which involves the dissolved suppository medicine problem. The show is not to simply speak grievances.

the Beijing news: there are also the audience feel, Jiang Xiaoqi like opened hanging, home work too well?

xiaolong zheng: Jiang Xiaoqi from abroad back to emergency medicine and attitude, she said: & other; The doctor eyes should not be light sick but also somebody. Throughout the &;

controversial Jiang Xiaoqi set up emergency special fund

the Beijing news: Jiang Xiaoqi didn’t work for two days, easily save money, also set up the fund in the emergency department, have the audience feel, money does not conform to the reality.

xiaolong zheng: Jiang Xiaoqi has a stake in hui wei pharmaceutical company. She has economic ability give money, to help patients solve the cost of treatment, what’s wrong? Hospitals need layers of examination and approval of the funds, the emergency department patients don’t wait. Jiang Xiaoqi didn’t also forced other colleagues like her 50000. Just like the rich money, this is wrong? Shouldn’t we should have a better, more the idea of humanistic care in advance a bit?

controversial chick CP, is spiritual unity

the Beijing news: Jiang Xiaoqi and He Jianyi the CP, do you think they do not match?

xiaolong zheng: they both CP is not the kind of shuffle when couples spend or touching so badly. Their emotional attitude based on a medical, built on patients with each other, each other the doctor’s attitude. So, both of them love has nothing to do with house, car and other survival level. In on the problem of the feelings of the characters, the core or medical story. Is not covered with medical coat, idol drama story.

the Beijing news: very recognition jiayi zhang’s performance.

xiaolong zheng: is that jiayi zhang play ACTS well, is a good actor. I think no Dan wang also good, although she is not acting as jiayi zhang has so much experience. But I think she has a heroic spirit, boys. Wang Dan also young, no play Jiang Xiaoqi itself is the girl whose personality is distinct, and the role is set. Titled

/Beijing chief reporter liu wei interns bin-bin ye

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