Jie health care fraud: the old man to keep rushed to buy “, “position

data figure: guangdong provincial public security show false health products involved. China news agency reporters 陈骥旻 taken

& other; Health care products throughout worship &; Refraction of two generations of embarrassing

parents eat & other; God throughout medicine &; Children fall & other; Heart & throughout;

every morning rush, many office buildings will appear the elderly in anhui hefei queue waiting for the elevator strange sight.

this group had retired at home & other; Seniors & throughout; , look to a life of office workers, they falter, but talking mouth kept popping & other The meeting, team, product, tourism & throughout; Such words. While waiting to go off work, often see in a segment of a young man holding laptop bags in the old man stepped off the elevator.

health care products, will be the group of strangers of the elderly and young people closely together. Finance, health care products and telecom fraud, is listed as one of the most common pitfalls facing the elderly today. State food and drug supervision and management of administration had specifically to remind the public, be alert & other; Experts yizhen, certificate of authority, free trial, claimed effect & throughout; Illegal marketing & other; Trap & throughout; .

and after thousands of doors, in the face of parents in a health care fraud and cannot extricate oneself, the tube or whatever, how to go to tube, all became the next generation of distress.

old man not to buy the product, & other; Grandson & throughout; Don’t come home and do housework

& other; Buy the cost of the product is higher, the higher the position in the team. Throughout the &; In hefei a health products company to the old man often get together & other; Throughout the meeting &; . In this temporary controlled 80000 people scale team, composed of company rules: buy the product costs 80000 yuan, can be the President, the second is the vice President, treasurer, secretary-general, deputy secretary general & other; Position & throughout; , corresponds to 30000, 50000, 60000 yuan, and other different & other; Consumption standard & throughout; . At the meeting, & other; Shielding & throughout; All the young people.

70 – year – old Mr. Chen and his wife’s retirement wage added up to ten thousand yuan, all their children to work in state-owned enterprises, there is little time to go home to visit. A period of time, the age has bought five or six $ten thousand worth of products, but failed to get it when on & other; President & throughout; , he found the local consumer protection committee complaints.

the company will organize regular old man to nonlocal tourist, tourism on the way, all the action is to listen to the arrangement of the President, treasurer, secretary-general, this let the old man has a & other; Pride & throughout; , a lot of people in order to retain & other; Position & throughout; , rushed to buy the product, the age has bought not less than 100000 yuan of health care products.

in addition, health care products sales staff at & other To play the family card & throughout; , will take the initiative to the door and even help & other; Grandma and grandpa & throughout; Laundry, cooking, sweeping the floor, over time, some of the empty nest elderly tend to these workers as their granddaughter, kiss.

in hefei, a 67 – year – old granny liu yield to the lobby of the staff, bought 30000 yuan of health care products, the other party to her home to help with housework every day. After several months, liu grandmother because savings is not enough, did not continue to buy the product. The staff in his lips said nothing, but three months didn’t go to grandma’s, liu old man in a hurry to & other; Grandson & throughout; Make a phone call, & other; Grandson & throughout; Answer: & other; You are not to buy the product, I have to do every day? Throughout the &;

in the end, liu tao again 10000 multivariate, continue to buy the product.

Mr. Chen and liu learned that parents after shopping experience respectively, and the children are often discouraged, but old people would rather listen to & other; Pro grandson & throughout; & other; Pro granddaughter & throughout; The & other; Rhetoric & throughout; , also listen to not into their own child.

& other; You have no matter, I at ordinary times I spend their money to buy things you don’t want to? Throughout the &; This is the most commonly used a word from the old man response.

& other; We can’t flying back every month and stop don’t let her buy & throughout;

xiao Yang in hefei, 27, a media company, last year New Year’s day back to her mother-in-law’s house, to see a lot of packaging rough, health care products, think & other; Very can’t understand & throughout; .

& other; I looked at her buy calcium tablet, spirulina, toothpaste, instant tea and other products, is a lot more expensive than some brand products. Throughout the &; Xiao Yang and her husband often make a phone call to her mother-in-law, but the old man explained plausibly & other; Packaging looked at, is to save money, to give consumers the profit, it is doing good. Throughout the &;

when it was thought that xiao Yang in the mother-in-law to buy all of the products sent to related department to inspection, but because of the time, it will go away.

one day, xiao Yang kindly send some to buy health products from abroad, I didn’t think her mother-in-law was furious: & other; Let you not to buy it, don’t want to self-assertion! I can send people to buy! Throughout the &;

& other; Old people how so good cheat, their family members don’t listen to, listen to what others say? Can a person accustomed, too lonely. Throughout the &; Xiao Yang for her mother-in-law & other; Wrong-headed & throughout; Vexed, repeatedly discussed, she and her husband also complained. But husband department, & other; We can’t flying back every month and stop don’t let her buy! Throughout the &;

today, & other; Health care products throughout the heat &; Not only in the city, also began to spread to the country. Many villagers focused on products & other Magical function & throughout; And & other Don’t money & throughout; .

hefei civil servants xiao zhu adhere to once every two weeks back to my hometown anqing, recently, that her mother and grandmother & other; Bargain & throughout; The experience of his distress situation.

since the summer of this year, in the field near his rural home or on the square, people drive, promoting a supposedly can cure hypertension sheets. Xiao zhu’s mother and grandmother often go & other; Watching & throughout; . The seller promised, spend money to buy the product in the day, will the original number money back the next day.

the next day, villagers really received the refund seller intact at the scene, think & other; Pick up a bargain & throughout; . Villagers followed, including small zhu grandma, join in, buy products, waiting for the next day received a refund. But, this time, the other party disappeared without a trace.

& other; So the legerdemain of inferior, how could they see don’t wear? Throughout the &; Every time they leave their hometown, the small zhu don’t forget to told your elders don’t fall for it, but wait until to go home, he will find a few more & other; Products throughout the &; . This made him feel helpless, & other; Is to blame have only themselves to blame can’t be with the loved one’s side, who let me work in the field? Throughout the &;

& other; Think about the future of the old man, we didn’t have his future & throughout;

in wanbei ms xu and his mother lived together at ordinary times, but because the job is busy, she seldom pay attention to the mother’s life, until one day, she came across cabinets filled with buy propolis products carrying her mother. Since then, she found that home and businesses to send & other; 3 without & throughout; Water purifiers, which doesn’t need cooking oil frying pan & hellip; & hellip; She & other; Stern & throughout; Criticism of the mother and tell her next time don’t waste money.

but, after a period of time, the mother also secretly bought some propolis, and explain their & other; Hot heads, listened to the salesman wrong & throughout; .

& other; These sales personnel, they will send postcards to the elderly, such as us to market products to old people send WeChat messages at work, they can is available! Throughout the &; Ms xu said, he had talked with the salesperson in WeChat, warning that they came, they went to industrial and commercial bureau to report, but they still & other; Pestering throughout the old man not to put the &; .

& other; Advised several times, but also noisy many times, are a little tired, mother buy, bought last year’s health care products haven’t finished this year. Throughout the &; Ms. Xu think mother why so often & other; Stubborn & throughout; Why can’t understand his advice. In desperation, her only consolation: & other In less influence under the condition of life, money is not much, just let her buy. Throughout the &;

& other; But one thousand she & lsquo; Secretly & rsquo; Buy something too expensive? Throughout the &; With that in mind, ms xu became agitated.

according to the consumer rights and interests protection committee HongJing spectrum is introduced, in anhui province in recent years, about the elderly & other; By buying & throughout; Health food, medical equipment is very much the complaint case, most of these cases are businesses use the elderly & other; The family depend on & throughout; Psychology, take advantage of the loopholes in the old man lack of family care, & other; Coax & throughout; Old people buy large amounts of health care products. He received a complaint case, the most an old man had bought nearly 200000 yuan of health care products.

anhui university professor Xu Hua, vice President of the institute of social and political thought, the elderly & other; By buying & throughout; Health care products of phenomenon is mainly caused by three reasons: one is children outside or separated with the old man for a long time, all the year round the old man living alone due to the lack of social experience, no discrimination, easy & other; Fool & throughout; , coupled with the lack of family care, for the family can have desire and psychological needs, this let in & other; The family card & throughout; Health care businesses had an opportunity; 2 it is children’s concerns and now the old man is different, the old man care about their own health, more concerned about their own family and career and children, the focus of both have very big difference, plus the lack of communication, children don’t know what old people usually do, what to buy, neglect of the elderly care; 3 it is the child’s life and work pressure is very big, they don’t have the time, no more energy to identify whether parents buy health care products.

Xu Hua suggest that children should have more communication, communication, remind, help parents improve discrimination. In addition, the society should bear the responsibility of the corresponding obligations, especially old people live in a community, should take more responsibility, existing in some consumer deception to supervise the health food sellers, to be responsible for the life of old people health and consumer safety.

& other; Young people because of work reasons, can’t often accompany the old man’s side, but they can learn more, learn more food safety knowledge, and consumption of laws and regulations and popularization, to the old man and the old man communication. Throughout the &; HongJing spectrum is that, in addition to physical health, parents should be more concerned about the younger generation of mental health, consider for the parents, to find, to create more foreign exchange platform and opportunity to encourage them to cultivate a healthy hobby, as they build up health & other Circle of friends & throughout; .

& other; Mental health for their parents, the young man if you don’t think, what not to do, wait until their old what should I do? Think about the future of the old man, our own future. Throughout the &; HongJing spectrum said.

the China youth daily & middot; Middle online journalists Wang Leiwang burke source: China youth daily (08 November 24, 2017 edition)

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