“JingYou life? A successful ending glory of 2017 “public welfare activities

& other; Strand of silk, and heart in almond shaped spring warm; This life has been in practice way, hill high water far are & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; This is the healer, guardians of the human health. On December 6, the splendid movement, & other; JingYou life & middot; 2017 glory throughout the healer &; Public interest selection the awards ceremony was held in People’s Daily, salute to life, crowned the healer. The 12th, vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress to flat cuo, vice President Zhang Jianxing of People’s Daily attendance and delivered a speech.

the People’s Daily, the former vice President He Chong yuan, the Chinese academy of engineering long-de wang qimin zhan, lian-da, national physician master ChaoEnXiang, 40:2169 and Li Diangui, as well as the China academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital Tang Xudong, lanzhou university first hospital Yu Qin and other guests also attended the meeting, and for the 107 prize winners and the team together on behalf of the award. Ceremony presided over by the central television blazing. From government agencies, medical profession, the media, business of more than 400 people gathered to witness the moment of glory belongs to a medical. At this point, the nationwide over a period of 3 months, the second glory healer public campaign.

to flat cuo, vice chairman of the

the awards ceremony, to the flat cuo, vice chairman of the delivered a warm speech. He pointed out that in health and health development, promoting health in the construction of China, the doctor is the core power, responsibility and glorious mission. A doctor, to the art. Superb medical skill can cure disease of the body, JingYou life, heal the wounded and rescue the dying; The doctor, want to have. Noble medical ethics to understand patients, medical cure heart; The doctor, want to have love. D love selfless to dedicated, love without borders. Hope that today’s award-winning healers who continue to work hard, and at the same time bring more health and the health of workers, professional dedication, protect health, to promote health career, to realize the new span to build a well-off society in an all-round way to make new contributions.

of People’s Daily, vice President of Zhang Jianxing

the People’s Daily, vice President Zhang Jianxing in his speech also stressed that the Chinese people’s health level increased significantly, without fighting in a line of more than one thousand medical workers. Hope to honor the healer public campaign to further promote the whole society to form good atmosphere of the heavy medical health, singing the main melody, spread the positive energy, arouse the respect for the healer in the whole society, further boost health strategy implementation in China, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation continuously strengthened health foundation.

compared with the first campaign, the selection of the inspection team more luxurious, composed of five members of the presidium, 18 members and national physician masters, 23 3 armour hospital, nine health director of the Chinese medical association branch members, nine senior media person of a total of 64 people, to ensure the authority of the results; Eligible doctor more widely, since September 18, open channel, received more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the nation’s personal and team of more than 500 visitors to sign up. In the end, through expert review group after the final, final and eventually have 107 doctors and team won the prize.

& other; The statue of life & throughout; Award

this is the most watched & other; The statue of life & throughout; Award went to four of the respected medical pioneers, they respectively are 104 – year – old founder of Beijing university people’s hospital orthopedic Feng Chuanhan, a 97 – year – old founder of the Chinese academy of engineering, China pediatric surgery jin-zhe zhang, Peking union medical college hospital, a 97 – year – old famous experts Fang Qi cardiovascular disease, as well as the 96 – year – old world Li Huanying leprosy experts.

to participate in the activity of many medical experts said, the glory healer activity is not so much a awards, as a rare healer of several generations party: winners over hundred – year – old medical workers, has taken root at the grass-roots level of rural doctors; Performers have read medical heart a line of experts, have been a doctor to cure more patients after service, all of them through the platform show medical achievements, respect doctors, JingYou life calls for the whole society.

attending the rotating presidency of the campaign for member of long-de wang stressed that the very essence of the campaign is the healer of dedication, transfer the understanding and goodwill of the public to the doctor, salute good healer, to stimulate more doctors studying business technology, promote humanistic accomplishment, the whole society jointly build the good social atmosphere of heavy statue of medical health. Hope to have more media involved in the medical positive energy transmission, use your hands well platform, attention and support to honor the healer. After the six-month rotating presidency of 2018 a new jury member of qimin zhan, said the event not only raised social resonance and propel the doctors to go on. Hope in the future have more hospitals and doctors involved; Hope that the judges will continue in line with the principle of fairness, justice, choose more medical skill and medical ethics medical model; Hope more multimedia transfer the goodwill out, let all healers who get due respect and honor.

the public selection by the global times, life times, partners, jointly organized by the doctor, phoenix TV, ruili net as a strategic cooperation media support. Festival on the same day, the organizing committee also to actively participate in and cooperate with the activity of the 32 3 armour hospital and 2 kind companies issued & other; Positive contribution & throughout; And & other Social responsibility award & throughout; .



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he, after one hundred years, the condensation will be wind and rain for achievement, for bone China made an indelible contribution to the development of science;

him down, kageyuki anchor. Study of 67 years, finally let the Chinese pediatric surgery place in the world;

he, & other things; To patients throughout the &; To diagnose & other; The thin & throughout; , use the life to promote the development of cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment;

she, leprosy region for decades, for others it is important for patients with relatively, shun, to warm heart with a handshake and embrace.

humility, their life is a white with countless praise; They I search, but it will mend & other; Large medical & throughout; In the name of, let countless patients to bath in the sun. Let us to the big d to benevolence, greatness wordless tycoons. & have spent

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the study most accurate technique, to conquer the most difficult to chew bones, they arm themselves with skills and scientific, pushes & other; Impossible & throughout; A & other; May & throughout; . Travel day and night, they initiation; Race with time, they never lose. Leaf blade, a table, it’s not too big on stage, they with the hands of rhythmic gymnastics, has saved countless lives. Let’s salute master of surgery to create infinite possibility!

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