Keeping the Wood Baseball Tradition Alive

Major League Baseball (MLB) teams still use traditional wooden baseball bats. These bats are heavy, are likely to break during a professional game, and do not generate the same speed and power of aluminum bats. So, why still use them? Here are a few key reasons why.

Maintaining the Accuracy of Records

Baseball legends are known for their performance records. Statistics are important, such as how many home runs were hit in a single game, overall batting averages, and consecutive games pitched. Career records are equally important, like how many World Series games played during a career, or how many innings were no-hitters fir the opposing team. Those records were made with wooden bats.

To switch to aluminum bats today would mean all those records would be broken time and time again. The thrill of being in the stands when a record is broken, for example, will be minimized. The effect also has implications for player salaries, coaching methods, manufacturers of all types of baseball equipment, and the overall perception of the game.

Emphasis on Coaching and Athletic Performance

The game is interesting and popular in part due to strategies, athletic ability of top players, and how well coaches turn individuals into a team. Those components distinguish great teams from ordinary teams. Purists debate that using aluminum baseball bats places an emphasis on technology and not sportsmanship or talent. Many people can hit a baseball into the outfield with an aluminum bat. Only excellent professionals can do that with a heavier and slower wooden bat.


Fans pay vast amounts of money to be at games instead of just watching them on television, or getting the final scores from the news. They do that for the excitement of cheering on their favorite teams, getting together with family or friends, and to take in the sounds of the game. One of those sounds includes the crack of a wooden bat hitting a baseball. It is iconic, powerful, and worth billions to team owners, stadiums, and high-quality wood bat producers.

A Victus pro reserve wood baseball bat is an excellent example. The line, designed for heavy hitters, includes five variations of a maple wood bat. Different sizes, widths, and lengths are available to accommodate MLB players. These also happen to be affordable so high-school and college players can use them as well if they have any major league aspirations.