Kentucky launched “20 weeks of pregnancy abortion ban”

according to CNN reported on December 4th, Heather Hyden always wanted to and her boyfriend Jimmy Earley, share a common child, so when after we received the news of her pregnancy, to live in the United States of Lexington, Kentucky couple is very happy.

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but not for long, on December 5, 2016, 9 weeks of pregnancy Hyden learned that her fetus may be sick. For the first time after ultrasound examination, the doctor told the fetus anasarca, if you want to know further, also depends on the test results for the next several weeks.

& other; The doctor just told me that things start to go wrong, but there is no explanation, & throughout; Hyden, said & other; The news brought down me. Throughout the &;

Hyden 11 weeks pregnant, the doctor found that fetal head and back are surrounded by a large number of liquid, diagnosis is cystic tumor.

in early January, 2017, 14 weeks of pregnancy Hyden learned that liquid transferred to fetal body, wrapped around the heart and lungs. This kind of situation in medicine known as edema fetus, the fetus inside there are two or more areas surrounded by liquid. The doctor told Hyden her fetal heart tired at present.

do a series of tests, to determine after the fetus has been impossible to survive, Hyden face no matter how to choose, let a person very uncomfortable dilemma: one is to wait for a few weeks, and see whether abortion, this way will not produce expensive operation, the matrix damage is smaller; The second option is to abortion.

to make matters worse, the Hyden and her boyfriend that after the final test results, they found that Kentucky are discussing new legislation related to the abortion. Don’t know whether to go to abortion Hyden, naturally began to focus on to discuss the progress of the bill.

the fifth of the bill in the senate bill to ban more than 20 weeks pregnant women abortion, if the mother suffered life-threatening, further processing case can as an exception. But the senate bill does not take into account the fetus’s life itself cannot guarantee, or whether can be pregnant abortion due to rape a variety of situations.

a few days, the bill passed and became law.

when bill passed, Hyden is pregnant fast 20 weeks. In determining the fetus after no cure, she and her boyfriend must determine whether through abortion as soon as possible to end it all.

state senator: 20 weeks ban look & other; is a personal & throughout;

according to the report, Kentucky, is not the first by banning over 20 weeks pregnant women abortion. 2010, Nebraska, have passed a similar bill, in 2016 the United States have had 12 state legislature to pass the bill.

in October 2017, the U.S. house of representatives passed a nationwide criminal responsibility shall be investigated for more than 20 weeks pregnant women abortion bill. In 2013 and 2015, the house of representatives passed a similar bill, but the bill does not become law. In October this year has imposed a ban on more than 20 weeks pregnant women abortion the bill into law demands for the White House to support.

in the development, research, these experts and anti-abortion groups say 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can feel pain.

in Kentucky, at the same time, it is also one of the bill’s supporters, Joe Bowen thinks the qualification of 20 weeks is reasonable.

& other; The ban on 20 weeks for me is a personal & throughout; And he said: & other; From me the master data, the fetus at about 20 weeks began to develop various sensory experience. If the fetus can feel pain when 20 weeks, then abortion by taking precautions to harm the fetus, really make me too sad. Throughout the &;

with politicians and anti-abortion groups claim that the reason is not the same, so far, a large medical studies have not reached the fetus in the maternal pregnancy at 20 weeks can feel the pain. In 2005, the journal of the American medical association published studies said in the matrix at 28th week of pregnancy the fetus may not feel pain. In 2010, a research review hosted by the royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists said most neuroscientists agree that is the pain control of fetal cerebral cortex, and fetal brain can grow only after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

when Hyden learned that Kentucky will begin to implement may directly affect the her new bill, she wants to get involved. So, she took part in the two in the state senate hearings, speak out against by 5, the senate bill.

& other; I used to think that if I can explain it to those who make laws, to let them know that our experience, may change their mind & throughout; , Hyden said. & other; Many hope to be able to pass legislation to ban abortion. But in the end, ban abortion act is for those of us who really want to make abortion decision & throughout; .

although Hyden and others to make efforts, 5, the senate bill passed by quickly within a week into the discussion, and will take effect immediately.

anxiety and heartbreak Hyden still have to decide whether to abortion.

in the end, Hyden production in a hospital, to avoid the tragic result of abortion. Into the delivery room 12 hours later, she gave birth to a dead baby.

today, is going to parental Hyden again and her boyfriend are carefully to meet the second life.

in Kentucky by ban on more than 20 weeks pregnant women abortion bill, Hyden think faces a series of issues related to abortion much complex than through a uniform law, the law does not solve all problems.

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