Korean media: pear big wooden hole hospital neonatal death or related to bacterial infection

Beijing, dec 18 (Reuters) according to the Korea international broadcasting station reported (KBS), four big pear wood hole hospital neonatal 16 die-offs cause attention. According to the related personnel’s confession, three of the baby or bacterial infection.

it is reported, at 9 PM local time 16 to 31 at 53 points, Seoul, South Korea, pear big wooden hole hospital neonatal intensive care units in the incubator for treatment of four infants died off. In the preliminary investigation of the police, the cause of death is unknown, the attending physicians and nurses said survivors say at that time, the children abdominal, with symptoms of respiratory difficulty.

after 2 days of tracking, the south Korean disease management based on three newborn blood culture and found that the cause of death or related to bacterial infection. Reported that the newborn infection of bacterial species and bacterial infection and death causation and so on, will be able to learn on 20th this month.

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pear big wooden hole of Seoul hospital neonatal intensive care units. (yonhap)

it is reported that in order to find out the cause of death, the national institutes of scientific search will to investigate anatomy of death of newborn babies. In the anatomy of the test results come out later, also need blood to infants and drugs for a 1 week survey, etc. According to the report, the comprehensive survey is estimated to be 1 month later.

Seoul place yard wide-area investigators malpractice of some hospitals are of big pear wood hole 4 infants death scene search, and investigating the relevant medical staff.

according to the previously reported, 16 of the ward neonatal under treatment, and after seven courtyard, 1 person out of the hospital, the remaining four people will be transferred to other room or hospital, ward vacancy at present.

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