Lack of aviation rescue professional training education still to be strengthened

& other; Aviation medical rescue is a relatively new thing in China, due to the development of our society, the different management system, in this respect our country is still in its infancy. Throughout the &; On January 20, in the sino-japanese friendship hospital and 999 emergency center held a joint & other; The hospital – 999 international conference on aviation medical rescue & throughout; , Chinese academy of engineering, china-japan friendship hospital dean wang Chen in a speech in a speech to the opening.

at workshop

air medical aid exactly?

shu-qiang xu, director of the national emergency office for health development planning commission said in its statement, the current general aviation or general aviation air medical relief should be positioned to a block, is refers to the use of a civil aircraft is engaged in public air transport outside of the civil aviation, everyone’s contact most rural spraying pesticide, and the like by helicopter in the air, the tourism project of Beijing.

when development in the field of medical treatment is mainly aviation medical rescue, refers to the use of a civil aircraft with special medical rescue equipment, mainly a helicopter and fixed wing, for emergency patients to implement emergency medical rescue flight activities.

flight activities are generally four types: 1) on the medical health power in disaster rescue operation to the scene of an accident; 2) from the disaster scene of the accident transfer patients to the rear of the hospital; 3) will get preliminary treatment patients from hospital transferred to another hospital; 4) through the aircraft to transport drugs, organs, blood and medical equipment, etc.

aviation medical rescue has many features: first, fast response, flexible, patients can receive timely treatment; The second, less restricted by geographical space, solve the problem of ground traffic not wise or not smooth; Third, the cost is high, aircraft, human resources, such as fuel costs are higher than ground transportation.

but there are a lot of advantages, the biggest advantage is the protective transportation, not affected by terrain; Second time advantages of high speed of life and time the race in the middle of the first aid, is currently the fastest plane, so the two advantages is our pressing need to develop our aviation medical rescue; Disadvantage is the vibration of the engine noise cause diagnostic difficulties; Second, the noise; Third, accelerating force; Had a great influence for the wounded or patients.

2017 national aviation rescue more than 10 cases of hospital only three

at china-japan friendship hospital parking apron

although general aviation in various fields has been rapid development, but in the field of medical rescue, compared to other European and American countries, China can only say that just getting started.

shu-qiang xu introduction, in 2016 the national enterprise in the field of general aviation, including 999 emergency center is a total of 320 enterprises, by the end of 16 years, our country can be used in the aviation medical rescue other kinds of activities of the plane is about 2595, a temporary landing site about 250; Transportation driver 39000, 06000 general aviation pilots, 16 years of flight time is 760000 hours, the training is around 500000 people.

compared to the United States, our gap is not a fragment. Peer enterprises, for example, in 2015, our country is 281, the United States is 3700; General airport we are in the number of 300, the United States is 19200. In fact, if again elaboration to the response ability, the high speed of Europe and the United States national air rescue it & other Easing the bit in & throughout; In our country. Shu-qiang xu, if when an event or a wounded need transport aircraft, American aid at the scene of the 20 to 40 minutes to reach or the patient is located in, & other; How many minutes we’re talking refers to arrive there, in principle, but also the patient in the ambulance, or on aircraft. Throughout the &;

the board of directors of the university of Munich first aid medical team member Dr. ErwinStolpe is introduced, the German law, first aid arrived in 12 minutes, in Munich, received emergency call just eight minutes to the scene. & other; German air rescue almost 95% covered almost all German territory. Throughout the &;

and contrast the fastest response time is within 1 to 2 hours, including application of temporary routes also need some time, compared with Europe and the United States, we are far. Shu-qiang xu said, at present the country from medical institutions, by helicopter transport more than ten patients, in addition to the government behavior, between medical institutions and our related companies, insurance only three hospitals do more than 10 patients, the first is the china-japan friendship hospital, the second Shanghai ruijin hospital, the third is the hunan xiangya. China-japan friendship hospital, according to the data provided by the medical department since March 2017, the hospital actual transit rescue cases also only 13 cases, but it has been in a leading level all over the country.

air rescue professionals lack training education remains to be strengthen

during the rescue team to reporters about aviation rescue

in shu-qiang xu’s view, China’s aviation rescue at present the main problems facing five aspects: 1) the rescue ability is insufficient, the core is people, not fewer than, is the insufficient professional person; 2) use the price is high; The average price is tall 3 to 80000 yuan, the public use the price is high; 3) workers, lack of professional training system; 4) regulatory security is difficult to guarantee, it is important to ensure that security; 5) the government still stays at the macro level, less operational policy.

in view of the lack of professional talents, china-japan friendship hospital medical department, deputy director of the yong-qing guo said in an interview with phoenix network health, aviation emergency personnel in the developed countries in Europe and the United States must have the professional rescue qualification. In Germany, for example, in the aviation first aid, doctor on board must be in the hospital for emergency physician at least four to five years, there are four to five years of clinical experience and then sent to the helicopter rescue system to study how to operate on the helicopter emergency patients, & other; But also the nurse to take the test to use the computer. Throughout the &;

he revealed, & other; If possible, we hope to establish a training school, pre-hospital many processes, such as in what equipment such as needed, how to save, how to response in time, all want to make it standardized process, so that everyone on board the rescue, can all agree on. Throughout the &;

shang bao intervention may solve aviation rescue expensive problem

aviation medical rescue in fact that is not new, the wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and last year’s earthquake relief in jiuzhaigou, aviation rescue has played a large role. But for the people, the aviation medical relief means that a word & other; Throughout your &; , it is a kind of pie-in-the-sky relief way, and this is not common formats, also makes the air rescue this can benefit the people of the project delayed & other; Fallen & throughout; .

the board of directors of the university of Munich first aid medical team member Dr. ErwinStolpe introduction, each employee and staff in Germany is a must have mandatory medical insurance, air this insurance also include members of their families.

the Beijing Red Cross, 999 emergency center director Tian Zhenbiao said the rescue expenses in China, all is own enterprise, navigation company, this is why people for aircraft rescue cognitive so expensive. So the Beijing Red Cross also did a lot of contact with the insurance industry, launched a series of related to aviation rescue insurance danger to plant, want to let each ordinary people can enjoy the aircraft rescue and other security.

in his view, in the process of the combination of social security and commercial insurance, social security must take out part of the government to solve the current problem, but how to solve is in discussion.

& other; Last year we transfer the 10 cases, how many cases in the past many years to transport, has gradually become the development trend of vertical rise, this is a question of a virtuous circle. Flight time may need to tens of thousands, tens of now, how many people can accept, actually do research, such as hebei, Beijing, tianjin flying thousands of dollars at a time, in fact, people are acceptable. Throughout the &;

he said, the future of aviation medical rescue cost is a few thousand dollars, but also the absence of insurance, there are more and more people understand and forms into a virtuous cycle, all problems can be solved.

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