Langfang “south of the city hospital building” follow-up: yu-zhong Yang occupation was reported by the collective assets

zhang yi event had a breakthrough. Yu-zhong Yang of alleged crimes by langfang anci district people’s congress standing committee made after a pause in its National People’s Congress representative qualification, under the social pressure, surrendered to police. In zhang yi in his doctor’s letter, repeatedly mentioned yu-zhong Yang how to disrupt the normal medical order, how to empty the hospital, and how he was beaten comminuted fracture, how to after the alarm had been harassed, threatened that oneself a life in the normal business operation of the hospital can’t run.

zhang yi, a doctor in the complaint, the recourse for cases, indignation to leave the last sentence in his letter, & other; Yu-zhong Yang, Yang Lao four, I will wait for you in hell! Throughout the &; Leap from his office, with his own life for a claim, which shook the society, causing widespread concern.

after yu-zhong Yang to surrender to the police, not only beat him responsible person zhao mou one also in flight three months later, surrendered to police.

LaoSanJie zhang yi is admitted to the university in 1979, in 1984 graduated from clinical clinical medical undergraduate in lanzhou university school of medicine, more than 30 years, engaged in orthopedic research and clinical practice is langfang orthopaedic industry well-known experts, once get & other; Hebei province science and technology achievement award & throughout; , & other; Langfang technology progress third prize & throughout; Awards, such as first in langfang city in 2016 was a famous doctor. In addition, the patient’s eyes, he was also a medical skills, excellent reputation of a good doctor, often organize free clinics, from medical to poor patients.

the langfang city he started orthopaedic hospital develop better and better, the original is small shareholders yu-zhong Yang coveted for a hospital. Shareholders if want to enlarge, there are many normal way, using reasonable and lawful way can be realized completely. But yu-zhong Yang, but take the most direct, but also the most violent way, with the deception, harassment, intervention such as personnel to squeeze zhang yi, make him to see a doctor at the same time, struggling to cope with the psychological pressure is great, even in October 18, 2017, zhang yi is driven by the four unlicensed luxury suv men interrupted in his leg. Even so, the local black evil forces is still not pass zhang yi, not only the old hospital, a hollowed-out occupy, can’t open the new hospital, more than 200 medical workers face the plight of destitute. Although many help, each other is still at large, and ultimately forcing the zhang yi. DetailPic


this is not yu-zhong Yang for the first time doing it. After zhang yi led to media attention, yu-zhong Yang oppressed the people unceasingly, the news reported fraud business partners. With villagers real-name reporting the encroach on collective assets, forcing the reform of the land circulation, in the village street reap huge profits, selling the collective assets of self-enrichment, etc. And early in May 2013, they report on sina weibo yu-zhong Yang, beating business partners use underworld force stress events.

these reports are ultimately fruitless, yu-zhong Yang was not only a little, also langfang anci district people’s congress elected representatives. Even after doctor zhang yi to the police, failed to prevent black evil forces sustained threat, its degree of arrogance, amazing. Here is the logic? Who is allowed to allow the people at large, and even sit for the position of the National People’s Congress representative?

choose to commit suicide in zhang yi, the party central committee and the state council issued “about to carry out the anti-triad putting special struggle to notice, the notice specification is high, the strength is big, that to eliminate the threat of black evil forces of the people and protecting, has become the current urgent task. The xinhua news agency said in a report, most of the black evil forces to & other; Companies throughout the &; Some form, relying on economic entities, & other Transformation & throughout; & other; Bleaching & throughout; Black evil forces, organizational form & other; Legal & throughout; Leader, organization & other; Behind the scenes throughout the &; , goons messenger & other Marketization & throughout; . These, with zhang yi of black evil forces so similar.

every ordinary people, have the rights of freedom from fear and threat. Between people, between the shareholders, there is contradiction have dispute is very normal things. Modern society under the rule of law, provides the reasonable and lawful channels for the settlement of the dispute, anyone should not use underworld to intimidate others. This depend on power, hired thugs underworld, should not appear in today’s China. Their bad behavior, bad, is not only the public humiliation of all law-abiding citizens, is also on the rule of law society.

the central has issued a circular, all have already begun to action. But so far, the largest and most popular influence is still zhang yi events involved in black evil forces. Hope relevant parties, can use it as a anti-triad putting the typical case to handle, strengthen investigation, a replacement to the society. Normal society, a citizen of the abnormal death, should be fair. & have spent

(formerly called “zhang yi, who allowed the black evil forces)

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