Laozhao “life and death book” : in the world in another way

the original title: Chen’s “book” life and death, in another way to stay in the world

someone who has a “book” life and death, ranked no. 1 is his.

“yonghua, male, 59, heritage, horns.” The 72 – year – old Lao zhao from 16 open the drawer take out a small book, put on a convex glass and squinting reading under the lamp. But, on behalf of body donation; Angle, on behalf of the corneal donation. Behind a little red on the hook, meaning “husband and wife to donate.

from row 2 wife, in turn back to 122. Article using cellophane tape to stick on the cover of a piece of lined paper, above writing stroke at one – the bodies of the corneal donation volunteers notary book list.

laozhao “life and death book”

via Beijing TaoRe valley

this is 2004, he began to register information, this book more and more, the registration of people aged from 10 to 90 – year – old, “death” of information, the highest frequency of a word is a “cancer”.

someone who lived in an old residential building of tianjin hongqiao district. 140 miles away in jixian wing hill cemetery, the most at the foot of the mountain, the south stands a piece of black marble of nearly 600 square meters. In the “book” life and death of those who volunteer to donate body, mostly the elderly, the disabled and struggled on the edge of life and death of critically ill patients. Once, their name will appear on the wall.

this is tianjin all the monument body donation volunteers.

1055 colour name each other, there is no birth date, no photos, no ashes. When they leave, the body or part of the body is left in the world.

don’t listen to them!

laozhao volunteers is a body donation propaganda, do not belong to any organization. For more than a decade, he not only promote body donation, but also will help the dead when in the donor’s death. So far, he and his wife off the more than 300 donors, in thousands of accounts for about one-third of the colour name.

in 2012, he put the telephone of home into a service hotline, as long as the night beeps after 12 o ‘clock the bell rang, the wife call he: “laozhao, up! Go another.”

someone to volunteer on the way home series door

via Beijing news reporter TaoRe valley

he pick up the phone ask, people at home or hospital? And then opened the “book” life and death, find the person information check, to make a phone call to the Red Cross eye bank, medicine and eye hospital, inform them to send someone to “please”.

compared with the ordinary people at least three days of time to say goodbye, gift body away from the dead to the body, five or six hours of fast, slow day. “Especially in the summer, embalmed processing must be fast.”

body donation is different from the heart, kidneys, lungs and other organ donation. Body donation after the whereabouts of the medical colleges and universities, teaching for students to study the operation. The cornea is the whereabouts of the ophthalmic hospital eye bank, for patients with need to change.

actually not by him, donor children such as executor can directly contact the Red Cross, medicine or eye bank, but many people still used to look for him.

laozhao know, Chinese people pay attention to grave, and he is also very few people thinking. Some people said he was “sick” “thinking”, his hands over his ears, “says this that too much too much, can’t listen to them.”

everyone has a wonderful life

donors, living, from come up to the idea to the final implementation will experience a long process. First want to make up my mind to and agreed to persuade all children; After, I and family members to sign the application form for donation; And then, even to the notary office.

everyone can voluntarily donate body, cornea, the applicant’s death, the executor who donate affairs designated by the living. This a series of process remains the same, but the heart is constantly changing.

for the elderly, the hardest is proceeded to the children. Some old man tried to probe his remains, so the news in the newspaper to cut into squares of tofu, tucked in a corner, “afraid of children saw this, and children do not agree with, again afraid lose, change to put the plug again.”

donors after death, is not in a few families go back on our word. Some families will hide table, when not signed.

sometimes could come out big jiu elder brother, uncle, three uncle “churn” relatives, so they don’t know their siblings signed contributions application, died ran to scold their children’s “irresponsible”, “how to give your parents to donate”? To someone who’s also has a temper.

, laozhao think a way: if the couple want to donate, generally not in the same time to leave. Go that with the support of his wife and children did not dare to oppose. At this moment, another can be put down the words, “you don’t separate the father (mother) and I ah.”

after this decade, laozhao is understanding the deceased relatives “solution” pain “buffer” of psychological demands, because in someone’s eyes, everyone has a wonderful life.

grandma a pair of corneal

464 hospital bring to the front of a girl with big eyes waved at someone cried out, “Zhao Bobo”, sweet, crisp sparkly eyes laugh. She held her husband’s arm run two step, slender legs turned a corner to take to, finally rob in front of someone to open the unit stair-door he entered the room, please.

more than ten years, looking for someone very few young people donate formalities. Miko, 29, is one of them.

due to the small lack at birth, she can’t walk normally like others. She asked my grandma: “why are they staring at me?” Grandma said: “because you look good.”

parents, after divorce, miko and grandma live together. A teenager, miko Lao zhao of the volunteer team participated in the activities, then want to donate the cornea, later want to donate the body. Laozhao always oppose, he always feel young head and the heat is clamoring for it, wait for old age, left a “prick the hand” to their children.

but he didn’t know it, miko donation decision comes from grandma’s sudden death.

miko and grandma

via respondents

the old man died shortly before then, miko was pregnant with her daughter. She and grandma said, the second day grandma asked, “why do you always vomit ah?” Grandma’s mind clear day than a day, but always remember her granddaughter loves to eat fish, love to drink chicken pot of soup, every eat to her in a bowl.

after our daughter was born, miko more feel with children is not easy. I feel very tired when she would secretly cry, “every time the in the mind uncomfortable, is particularly want to grandma, especially want to.”

later, miko for the grandmother to donate a pair of cornea for four people, she decided, on the basis of the corneal donation to donate the body.

“somebody else want to, I will give”

“black iris outside that layer of shiny, mung bean paper is the size of a quarter, is the cornea.” Laozhao break his left eyelid, strokes and speak the removing of the cornea. Every time an eye doctor to arrive in front of the donor, packet side for a while, white coat to wear, take out a knife to small scissors, ready in ten minutes.

LaoShang decided to donate body is related to others. It is his fraternal twins brother, two people born only 10 minutes.

10 years ago, my brother had uremia, all with dialysis tube over and over again. He was supposed to kidney donors to his brother, but two different blood type, can’t transplant.

brother fortunately in the kidney, from a complete person. The donor of a kidney in a younger brother, another kidney and liver also quickened, respectively, the same hospital at the same time two of critically ill patients.

brother that lives are pick it back. Later, LaoShang also applied for body donation. “The somebody else to (tianjin, similar to the” what “), I will give it.” As for the body where, organ donation and body donation is one thing, LaoShang don’t know nor care.

his soul in relatives heart

for donor cornea is the whereabouts of the ophthalmic hospital eye bank, remains to be a medical colleges, teaching specimens.

Emily (a pseudonym) local anatomy class sophomore year, the first time I saw the body. She read a medical college in tianjin based medicine, a senior this year.

“in the teacher looks yellow brown. Should be processed by formalin and some technical, and to keep in the fridge for many years, just for us.” Teacher is roughly all medical students regarded of specimens of human body anatomy lesson.

anatomy class, every time before the students enter the classroom, the teacher had roughly lie low is on the table, his hands put on both sides, palms up. “He lay there quietly, could not say a word, but he let you feel you are close to and to explore science, then no longer want to previous worry corpse how terrible, only feel divine.”

Emily said that the teacher and so is also known as “ silent mentor “. Open before the white cloth, the doctors of the future, will be a deep bow bow, as a token of his appreciation and respect.

in Beijing university school of medicine, the smallest “teacher” warm (not his real name) is only 30 days of life. Her photo embedded in an exquisite glass monument, with all the “teacher”, a layer on the anatomy of the floor on the east side of the memorial hall, draw the dust outside curtain.

her appearance always fixed two years ago in the winter. And all the photo on the birth certificate, chubby cheeks with thinning hair.

valley teacher to work department of Peking University has nearly a decade. For the convenience of interested volunteers, his cell phone number as well as someone who is open, posted on the door to the anatomy of building three floors of the office. Like Emily, the valley of the teacher also has plans to donate body.

2009 years ago, fewer donors. Along with the progress of the concept of people, the medical school now receive the remains of about 60 a year. Many of them was health care workers.

anatomy is the basis of medicine, the valley of the teacher hit, for example, like build a building, there is no window door can cover, but not without a foundation. “General teachers is the foundation of rare resources.


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