Large temperature 25 graduate students suffering from uremia, 57, father to sell the house tax kidney to save his daughter

li ping respondents for figure between father and daughter

li ping father respondents for figure

father hard corn, daughter will develop into a graduate student, it is enough to make a rural family proud. Wenzhou university school of chemical and materials engineering graduate level 2013 li ping also dream after graduation work in earnest, to honor his father, let my family a good life.

however, all this, all press the pause button when li ping suffer from uremia. Now, with my father in shanxi hometown li ping has guo-min li kidney match, if all goes well, two weeks later she will pass the kidney transplant surgery, to accept his father’s kidneys.

this year, 57, guo-min li yesterday on the phone said: & other; Daughter is my pride, in order to save the girl, don’t say a kidney, even take life in line!

daughter suffering from serious illness two years ago

father sell without saying anything to save women

li ping this year 25 years old, it is mined here in shanxi. Winter vacation two years ago, she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, and is already late.

& other; The doctor said to cure have to go to large hospital, and the cost is very expensive. Throughout the &; Li ping said that the thought had the disease, not only can not filial to parents, also will bring trouble them, she couldn’t help crying.

guo-min li learned that daughter sick, said nothing, but then to sell the home house, tossed a sum of money to send his daughter to go to Beijing hospital for treatment.

& other; Daughter twice a week to do dialysis, treatment, the cost of living at least $5000 a month. Throughout the &; Guo-min li says he made a living by growing corn in the old, his wife is a housewife, no economic sources. 3 months of treatment, sell a house money spent, a large amount of money still owe the relatives and friends. Helpless, he gave his daughter to take back the shanxi one hospital continue to treatment.

father and brother competing to donate kidney

final father donated

li ping’s condition continued to deteriorate, the only way to live is an organ transplant.

& other; Doctors say it is best to relatives matches, outside of renal source price is high, also not necessarily appropriate. Throughout the &; Li ping said, because the mother suffering from high blood pressure, does not meet the requirements for the kidney transplant, and the remaining father and brother, who gave her kidney transplant, over them.

li ping’s brother li yuean 28 this year, is a company repairman, shanxi had 6 year old son. He and his wife to donate kidney to save my sister. & other; I’m still young, and strong body, should donate kidney for his sister. Throughout the &; Tang gaozu said, despite the doctor told him that, after the kidney may no longer engaged in manual labor, but compared to younger sister’s life, this is nothing.

& other; Children, it’s not you, I to donate. Throughout the &; But father guo-min li does not agree with his son. Son has married, he said, to support his wife and children, not affected his son’s marriage and work. And he has the year lead half hundred, also don’t have much manual labor ability, if he sacrifices one, to give her daughter a life, is worth to do so.

at first, the father decided to encountered opposition from sons and daughters. Li ping said that she didn’t want to donate a kidney, father should have abetted, but also for her adventure, worried that her father was too old will have a risk on the operating table.

but the persistence of the brother and sister finally supplanted father, finally caved in.

haven’t landing near the operation cost

hope good intention help her

this year on January 17th, after the people’s liberation army 309th hospital doctors ethics hearing, agreed to li ping father organ donation transplantation.

early treatment has put li ping family in debt, high operation cost of the family now.

& other; This burden is almost two years to my breath. Faced to the daughter, the day of surgery, but haven’t landing operation cost. Throughout the &; Guo-min li said, the daughter disease for the first time, fortunately, there are large teachers and the students started his warm, sent more than ten thousand yuan, but the money has been spent. To this end, the school’s teachers and students and li ping in the raised platform network & other; Kiss qing raise & throughout; Started, so far has raise to 28000 yuan.

& other; Got a call from my father yesterday, said that he has gone to a friend to borrow money, let me don’t worry about operation. Throughout the &; Li ping said, the school also in the second round for her by donations, hoping to raise to the surgery.

temperature big school of chemical and materials engineering, deputy party secretary pan from righteousness, li ping is an excellent student, high level papers published during grinding, sick of two years, with his own battle with illness, side to complete the master’s thesis, if all goes well, complete reply to graduate in May this year.

in January 2016, learned that li ping, temperature large teachers and the students started to raise 120000 yuan, this time they heard li ping kidney transplant surgery have not landing, and launched a second round of the donation. But, after all, campus power co., LTD., and li ping’s teacher and classmates want loving people in the society to help li ping.

guo-min li said, it is imperative to cobble together a daughter’s surgery. Kidney transplant initial cost more than ten thousand yuan, at present, the relatives gathered together has raised 28000 yuan, teachers and students have to donate tens of thousands of yuan, wen also gap more than 10, ten thousand yuan, hope social loving people to help them.

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