Lessons Learned from Years with Cannabis

Information on How Long Weed Lasts in the System

Marijuana can either be used by an individual for recreational purposes or for managing health issues. The treatment of most cancer cases requires the use of chemotherapy and hence the increased administration of marijuana in such patients so as to curb the adverse effects of the treatment. When used for recreational purposes, there are a number of things that a person cannot get to participate in such as international running competitions and military training.

There is need to know the amount of time that it will take for your body to test weed free. Usually, the main indicator for the presence of weed is its metabolite which is known as THC. This is a metabolite that is fat soluble meaning that it does not disappear from the body immediately after ones stops using the substance due to the continued release from the fat tissues.

When it comes to the amount of time that the weed’s metabolites will last in the body, there are many factors that affect this. Some of these issues include the ethnicity of the user, the quantity that they consume in a day, their fitness habits plus also their health status at the moment. In case an individual gets to use weed many times in a day, they will have a hard time clearing it out due to the fact that its concentration in the fat stores will be very high in comparison to a person that uses it at least once in a day. Another thing is that the longer the period of time that the person has been using marijuana, the longer the amount of time that they will need to clear it out.

How often a person gets to exercise is very essential when it comes to calculating the duration of time that their body will still test positive for marijuana. It is well known that the metabolite only dissolves in fats and this, therefore, implies that people with a greater fat content compared to the water content in their body have a high risk of THC retention. It is through regular exercises that a person gets to reduce their body fat stores meaning that they get to reduce the surface for THC absorption and storage.

Instead of the THC levels dropping immediately after withdrawal from the use of marijuana, their levels start to rise immediately and this may happen for a couple of days. At a time when you are in dire need of the substance to clear from your body, it is important to know that there is no certain way to ensure that the levels will be undetectable. The only certain way to determine this is by going for the drug test.

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