Let the old man took the child should pay? Internet users for this noisy turn!

recently, & other; Mom’s daily & throughout; The video Internet hit.

the interception of the TV series of stay-at-home moms everyday & other; Shuddering & throughout; Parenting life, let many people full of regrets.

@ can drive the car of chongqing a sauce: original age women not to have children, but children. @ I guess you’re a little bitch: single dog looked after, feel good now @ MENG MENG small wired: when mom, can’t can’t sick sick & hellip;

but there are many netizens suggested that children can let parents help to take it?

indeed, now almost each pair of husband and wife, with children have parents to help with children experience, but there are always two sides to everything, although parents help children & other Liberation & throughout; The couple, but will also create some problems & hellip; & hellip;

on January 14, an old man in hangzhou, zhejiang province, for taking care of a grandson disagreement with his family on the question of existence, Boyle heart of injustice, committed to the idea of suicide.

so, parents should help with the children? Small new randomly interviewed several passers-by, let’s listen to what they say?

the old man should take care of the kids?

the old man to help with the children, now seems to be a lot of families with children.

in the interview, most of people think & other; The old man didn’t have the obligation of children & throughout; And this view is in the majority with young people.

child should bring their own

delta girl in the hat are faced with the problem, said bluntly, & other; Should not be! Throughout the &; Parents and is under no obligation to help with the children, even if they would be willing to help themselves.

delta this two sweethearts fresh in love, on this issue, the girl replied, & other; Should not bring parents. Throughout the &;

she felt, parents can when oneself really busy don’t open to take charge, help to share some housework, kids, is enough.

delta & other; Not let parents take children, but parents in dogs. Throughout the &; The men interviewed heard this problem, but also opened a small joke.

although he still single, but he felt that even if you have children in the future, should not leave the child, parents hope that parents can have their own life.

the old man took the child’s normal

but there are also people who believe that the old man to help with the children is normal.

delta the lady is a just going to prepare to have children & other; Expectant mothers & throughout; , in her view, in fact, the old man to help with the children is very normal matter, around a lot of people are all the old man for help, this will help to relieve yourself a lot of pressure.

but if you have children, as long as conditions allow, she will try to bring their own children.

aunt delta has 58 years old this year, although the daughter still single, but when it comes to whether can help with the children in the future, she only said 1: & other; Parents help children, is compulsory ah & hellip; Throughout the &;

would you give to your parents’ salary?

if the parents help you with the children, will you give them & other; Salary & throughout; ?

the answer to this question may be obvious, almost all people answering questions without hesitation said to, the only difference is that how many may need to measure according to economic conditions.

delta just a mother, the lady and her daughter’s grandparents in the belt. In the face of this problem, she said without hesitation & other; Will give. Throughout the &;

not only that, she can also pack a red envelope to her parents at the end of the year, every year with the old and the children go out to travel.

delta this time the girl answer problem of is white, she said: & other; Need to put some pocket money, let them take their children buy something to eat and drink & hellip; Throughout the &;

delta said the single beauty, while it is possible to foresee the parents may not accept their subsidies, but the child’s economic costs should not also let parents assume.

as for & other; Salary & throughout; She decided that she should call & other; The cost of living & throughout; Some more appropriate to support the old man, it is the duty of human children, and whether or not the old man has nothing to do with children.

delta & other; Not considered, or according to their own economic conditions. Throughout the &; The & other; Expectant mothers & throughout; Seem to give a comparison & other Reality & throughout; The answer to.

delta as a mother, the aunt said, if the children conditions allow, can give some, if the child’s life pressure is relatively large, money is not important.

what about these two problems, netizens have again what?

online buzz

meow meow girl sauce: who are the children make raw! If parents force, that will not cause. If he is born of the will to!

soothsayers Nancy: keep son square know parents, willing to help you to Eva and take not to take a good Eva is different but parents no obligation to help you take Eva

– 3 – kiss baby: the family to talk about money hurt feelings. I think the problem is not money here, if rich family, parents are willing to take took, reluctant to show can please nanny, should have the money to give parents money, has nothing to do with with or without a child. If the poor in the home, do the children go to struggle to make money, do parents help take grandson is should, have the money to pay the manpower. If family members live so snobbish, not called relatives. null

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