Leukemia at the age of seven girls left a 88 – word letter to my father moved millions of Internet users

& other; Dad, I see today you secretly tears, my in the mind very sad, I know home treating I already spent a lot of money, also have no money, mother also went, this all because of me, if I go, my mother will come back, you can be as happy as before, I don’t want to cure, can we go home? Throughout the &; This is a 7 year old girl wrote to his father’s suicide note, wrote a total of 88 words, the name of the girl called Zhang Jiaye.

7 year old girl wrote to his father’s suicide note.

if not sudden pain, 7 Zhang Jiaye will carefree life as usual, alive or dead so heavy topic, should not think she would go. But when the pain of the body and the sufferings of the life has repeatedly hit, seven-year-old Zhang Jiaye began to learn to think alive or dead, this is not the teacher assignments of proposition, this is only the weight of life and helpless, let the child entered the mature stage in advance.

Zhang Jiaye father ren, and when the five feet tall, with daughter secretly wipe tears, he may not have thought of, will see his daughter, daughter, although is only 7 years old, but they know father’s difficulties, to understand the pain of his father, understand father could do nothing. Let her daughter to give up treatment decision, not because he cried because Zhang Jiaye love his father, if death can let the family to return to the happy, can let the father is no longer the pain, can let the mother came back, then give up all the problems will be readily solved.

from the shore suijiang county of heilongjiang province north shan ren a north village, used to be a happy family. But when on May 14, 2016, daughter Zhang Jiaye in jiamusi central hospital was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, the road of the fate of the family as if foreseeable.

large medical costs, let the family breathing is difficult.

in a couple of good daughter Ye dealt with after admission procedures, the next four days in the hospital for a small beautiful Ye issued three critically ill notice, & other; Falling down, felt that days & throughout; Ren said & other; When doing bone wear wool coarse biopsy needle inserted her waist, through the bones, piercing my heart. Throughout the &;

maybe as gorky “childhood”, suffering is not good for nothing, at least he can let you know that life is not easy, then learn to understand and cherish.

when a better in the treatment of Ye see parents worry that the 7 year old girl will feel the best comfort is simmered pain, tell their own is ok.

just more than a year of time, small beautiful Ye received 18 courses of chemotherapy, 590000 treatment costs, let the family is deeply in debt.

2017 in early July, little better Ye mother could not be under such suffering and economic pressure, chose to leave, so far no answer.

small beautiful Ye know mom because I didn’t leave home, dad’s difficult and the pain of mother, the little poor Ye see in the eye, small Ye feel beautiful, maybe I died, my mother will come back.

to father wrote the letter only after a 88 – word letter, small beautiful Ye know death can let father is no longer difficult, can let a mother came back, then your leave is the best.

then someone will be little better Ye story on the Internet, this article the sick girl crying for dad left a suicide note: I go, my mother will come back, “the article touched millions of Internet users, the fate of the small beautiful Ye got the attention of millions of Internet users, according to the understanding of events have been reported on the same day, the little poor Ye event total net friend donated 600000.

is treatment of concern for the child little better Ye father ren where there are so many Internet users concerned about their children, very touched, when he knew that netizens successfully raise 600000 fee for your child, happy heart disease almost made. Ren said, after the child is ill, he once because the child’s treatment, a heart attack. This is happy. Ren’s daughter has been more than a year, initially, is his wife and child care, then his wife because of too much pressure suddenly disappeared, has been 7 months time.

the small beautiful Ye still under treatment in hospital. Ren said took little better Ye will persist, never give up.

net friend after seeing little better Ye story, to give small Ye encouraged.

net friend @ Wang Shengping said he was watching with tears, please announce the bank card number, only in this way can we have hope, as an ordinary workers, also has two lovely daughters, may not help much, but if all the social action, and strength is big, released.

net friend @ green wutong to small beautiful Ye propaganda, it will eventually pass & hellip; & hellip;

at the same time, some netizens call for countries to establish a serious illness assistance system.

@ the homestead, calling upon the assistance system of a serious illness, parents see the child so poor already very pain, if lose hope of treatment for money the more desperate.

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