Leukemia children with a shortage of cheap Chinese medicine imported drugs bottle of more than one thousand yuan

surging journalists Chen Si, interns Ren Xuli XiaoHui source: surging news

can’t buy the doctor prescribed mercaptopurine, losing in the beauty, she was afraid of daughter kohane off drugs.

11 kohane with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), mercaptopurine slices through the whole process of treatment in children with ALL. & other; If within the maintenance period treatment stopped taking the drug, will greatly influence the long-term survival of these children. Throughout the &; Doctor xiao-jun yuan said that domestic mercaptopurine shortage, she is also very helpless.

in the dictation from more than one children with leukemia parents, surging news (www.thepaper.cn) reporter learned that, around 2015, mercaptopurine medicine problem all over the country in succession, by the end of 2016, Shanghai & other in succession; Broken medicine & throughout; . Overseas purchasing drugs, become a lot of leukemia children of parents.

however, drug act as purchasing agency thing, will bring to China with physical intolerance, etc., all concerned to the beauty and other parents.

in Shanghai children’s medical center in the match to the domestic mercaptopurine. In this paper, photos are parents for figure

looking for medicine

domestic mercaptopurine, 60 yuan a bottle, a total of 100 pieces, each piece of 50 mg, by production & hellip; Chinese pharmaceutical co., LTD. & hellip; About the daughter & other; Life-saving medicine & throughout; Specifications, in the heart.

in the middle of October, 2016, from hunan to beauty with the daughter of doctor kohane to Shanghai children’s medical center, on October 21, the daughter started chemotherapy, November doctors opened a bottle of mercaptopurine, then don’t buy a bottle of the medicine.

in beauty said, match the first bottle of medicine in the hospital, her daughter for a long time, the doctor will according to diagnosis report, in different lets the daughter take different doses of medicine treatment period, sometimes one, sometimes a quarter. In July 2017, a day after the chemotherapy, the doctor gave her seven pieces again. In America began to squirm, & other; My daughter want to eat every day 1 and a quarter, snapping fingers, lasted less than a week. Throughout the &;

how important is this kind of medicine?

xinhua hospital, director of pediatric oncology blood surge xiao-jun yuan told reporters, mercaptopurine drugs mainly treatment of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), mercaptopurine slice through the whole treatment process in ALL children, in addition to induce remission and consolidate the treatment period, play a key role is to maintain a period of treatment.

& other; Children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment time, about two years to two and a half years, including maintenance treatment period is about 1 year, if within the maintenance period treatment stopped taking the drug, will greatly influence the long-term survival of these children. Throughout the &; Xiao-jun yuan said that the purpose of the maintenance phase treatment to induce remission and consolidate the intense chemotherapy treatment period, a small amount of residual leukemia cells in the body further thoroughly to kill. In addition, mercaptopurine piece to the other children blood system diseases such as langerhans cell tissue hyperplasia, also has a certain therapeutic effect.

the shortage of the drug, xiao-jun yuan said very helpless, & other; Doctor no qualification no shortage of capacity to provide drugs, patients in the outside of the pharmacy to buy medicine, the doctor simply cannot guarantee the curative effect of drug reliability and security. Throughout the &;

in the recalls, in 2017, she want to go to prescribe medicine, the doctor said myrrh. Her friend’s home to hunan local pharmaceutical companies, but also be sold, & other; She is a pharmaceutical company (friend), tell me the news can’t be wrong, no is no, I want to stay here (Shanghai) message. Throughout the &;

since daughter treatment in Shanghai, the beauty is in the hospital near to rent a house, a person to take care of the 11 year old daughter, and her husband at home to make money for his daughter. She want to stay treatment will be better, on the one hand, once the daughter condition changes ready to deal with emergency, on the one hand, she can try to get medicine in Shanghai.

in this beautiful look forward little by little be broken.

& other; At that time, I spent a few months time, the hospital pharmacy within 3 km of Taiwan and all The Times, there is no this medicine. Throughout the &; In beauty said, during which she consulting a doctor for many times, where you can buy medicine, the doctor said no, & other; Finally only yourself to find a way to solve, the feeling is & lsquo; Resigned & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

one of the parents in the home of rainbow group of micro letter in medicine, a warm-hearted man contact way to provide a pharmacy in anhui.

parents everywhere for medicine

to beauty in a WeChat group found the daughter & other; Life-saving medicine & throughout; To be seen.

the parents formed by leukemia WeChat group called & other; The home of rainbow & throughout; , in the group of more than 400 people, mostly in the Shanghai children’s medical center received treatment of children with parents, some are being treated, some have been cured. They, through the network to share information and are faced with the problem of treatment.

a parent sheran told surging in the group of journalists, she was in May 2015 encountered mercaptopurine lack of medicine, through a roommate to buy medicine. From 2015 to 2017, she met a group of similar problems inside a lot of parents, they can only by patients and mutual assistance, to share the rest of the drug treatment, or overseas act as purchasing agency imported drugs, to ensure that the treatment of children can be sustained.

another parents from Shanghai Zhou Sheng tells a reporter, in his impression, between February 2016 and October 9, Shanghai run mercaptopurine medical center do not set limit, & other; Open a bottle of casually, the doctor didn’t mention the lack of medicine & throughout; . After that, start intermittent chick. & other; Sometimes medicine is broken for a month, again, it was not long before, not again. Throughout the &; He is worried about out of stock, can only be stockpiling pills, and other Hang a clinic to open a bottle of, hang a clinic to open a bottle of again. Throughout the &;

Zhou Sheng find out, starting from the second half of 2016, lack of medicine is common, the current commercially available 2 companies producing drugs, are from zhejiang and shanxi two enterprises produce mercaptopurine. Sheran said: & other; Previous price about 40 yuan a bottle, then in 60-80 yuan a bottle, others say this year, someone bought this bottle of medicine spent 148 yuan. Throughout the &;

the whole of August 2017, & other; The home of rainbow & throughout; Micro letter of purchasing domestic mercaptopurine about 7 people, also have her roommate to share the rest of the drug voluntarily.

there are enthusiastic patients will contact card into the group of anhui a pharmacy, this store is still in the sales of domestic mercaptopurine. In beauty, said in April 2017, she just call the pharmacy and medicine in the business card, & other; One-time to 2 bottles, spent a total of 125 yuan, express to Shanghai. Throughout the &;

but, she says, lets the daughter take a tablet, haven’t & other; I look at the next is produced a drug firms in zhejiang province, is not in shaanxi’s development, pharmaceutical production, dare not eat for daughter, to be honest, I believe that the hospital medicine, believe that the doctor gave me medicine. Throughout the &; For beauty on the one hand, not so sure that drug, on the one hand, also heard that some parents trying to overseas act as purchasing agency drug, so going to try again.

& other; This is the life-saving drugs, is the most important medicine for patients with leukemia, why medicine? Throughout the &; Beauty has always been hard to believe.

one thousand yuan a bottle of imported drugs

in August 2017, lets the daughter eat the act as purchasing agency in the imported drugs.

& other; I listen to some patients say, eat imported drugs on liver injury will be a little bit better, now that someone was eating, I also want to try it. Throughout the &; In 2017, she said, from a friend at the end of July, people can go to Hong Kong bought drugs. Her to the man who bought 5000 yuan in advance, the other party bought six bottles of medicine to help her. On the reliability of the channel, to think in the United States: & other; Can’t say 100% reliable, is at least 90% reliable. Throughout the &;

sheran, said she learned that from a lot of parents, to go to Hong Kong, Britain, Germany and other places to buy mercaptopurine drugs, price is in one thousand yuan, 1400 yuan a bottle of expensive. But because the domestic medicine scarce, in order to ensure the medication, many parents were forced to change the imported drugs. & other; Look for a person to act as purchasing agency imported drugs also have a lot of trouble, can’t bring too much at a time, buy medicine need prescription, certificate of diagnosis and medical records and other materials. Throughout the &; She said.

she said, many parents are worried about the lack of medicine, have parents one-time to buy more than ten bottles abroad, guarantee 2 years maintenance period of treatment. Some people do not know the shelf life of drugs when they act as purchasing agency, this means that the final part of the drug may waste, drugs cannot get the attending doctor’s advice.

reflect some parents, who have family members of patients to go outside to buy medicine, in order to ensure the normal drug source, some act as purchasing agency will squat down for a few days, at the gate of the pharmacy to buy medicine. Many parents act as purchasing agency is grateful to medications. & other; They also make 20-30 yuan a day, but give us a great help. Throughout the &; A parent said.

& other; Act as purchasing agency medicine is good luck & throughout;

imported drugs are effective?

this problem, the beauty asked a lot of imported drugs used in children with family members, she is not very optimistic. & other; I hear treatment children suddenly recurrence nearly a year, before her father, also eaten imported drugs, but it’s no use. Throughout the &;

she knew bought drugs need to take big risks, & other; Medicine buy good luck of the draw, if eat to counterfeit, can control urinalysis performed well, consequence is unimaginable. Throughout the &;

parents from qinghai Shen Hai, once thought oneself bought fake drugs.

he tells a reporter, because at the end of 2015, he can only communicate with patients to buy medicine. & other; At the time, to know a man, a roommate said Beijing there have imported mercaptopurine, because everyone is patients, I feel very reliable, right there bought 14 bottles, bottle of 1200 yuan. Throughout the &;

however, after eating for a week, still did not see the child’s white blood cells back to normal. For fear that their children can not control, shen from qinghai province to Shanghai by plane on the hippocampus help doctors, & other; The doctor also suspected drug is false. Throughout the &;

Shen Hai said that over the years to see the child has spent more than 50, ten thousand yuan, but for less than 30000 yuan. The economic burden for the family is very heavy. In order to guarantee the drug supply continuously, he still mrs.vidian news.

today, at the thought of or & other; Can Chinese medicine is definitely the best & throughout; , rather than act as purchasing agency or express ways to buy medicine.

& other; I know I always buy the rest assured, but children treatment here, a lot of parents can’t leave. Throughout the &; In beauty, said her daughter is 11 years old, as long as an adult who, but a lot of young children need to 2 or more adults to accompany, buy medicine for medicine is not reality, & other; In fact, most parents are like me, can do now is waiting for. Throughout the &;

all the children and their families (a pseudonym)

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