Leukemia domestic cheap life-saving medicine appear “out of stock”, Mr Li to comment: center to do!

according to the Chinese government network news, prime minister li keqiang told the media recently reported & other; Leukemia children with a shortage of cheap domestic medicine, imported drugs more than one thousand yuan a bottle of & throughout; Make instructions to relevant departments & other; Earnestly strengthen domestic cheap medicine production supply security & throughout; .

& other; Leukemia children with short of medicine will make these families, to be treated, attaches great importance to reflect problems, to take effective measures, center, to increase the intensity of domestic cheap medicine production supply security, effectively alleviate children with family & lsquo; Use the pain & rsquo; . Throughout the &; The prime minister says in the instructions.

after the media is according to the report, & other; Mercaptopurine piece & throughout; The essential medicine of the treatment of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, formed in the country more & other Drug shortage & throughout; , some places even for five months out of stock. The six qualified drug firms have three production for many years, there are three in nearly two years shut down or suspend production.

media reports, because the drugs are desperately, domestic mercaptopurine piece only 40 yuan a bottle before, now is difficult to buy fired to 148 yuan. About WeChat group, baidu post bar in leukemia parents buy & other; Life-saving medicine & throughout; The information. There are some parents helpless choice overseas act as purchasing agency, but import prices as high as 1400 yuan a bottle, and cannot guarantee authenticity and curative effect.

leukemia children & other; Life-saving medicine & throughout; Because of a shortage? The personage inside course of study, explains the drug pricing is low, the drug companies generally reflect no profit space, combined with the upstream raw material supply tension, due to drug firms production enthusiasm is not high. Although some provinces have coordination pharmaceutical producing enterprises, pharmaceutical trading enterprises emergency transfers, safeguard mercaptopurine normal supply, but & other; Medicine & throughout; Is still a lot of children with leukemia family imminent problem.

media cause public attention. prime minister li keqiang instructions require departments concerned should & other; Care & throughout; , & other Center office & throughout; . He particularly stressed that relevant departments will & other; On the special report & throughout; .

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