Life expectancy of 81.95 years, Peking man is higher than the life expectancy of 5.85 years old

Beijing morning paper dispatch (reporter Wang Qi feng) with the rapid development of the progress of society and economy, people’s life expectancy continues to grow. Yesterday, the Beijing health city construction research report (2017) the healthy city blue book launch. According to blue book, the life expectancy of Beijing residents reached 81.95 years, higher than the life expectancy of 5.85 years old.

according to blue book, the life expectancy of Beijing residents in 2015 more than the national life expectancy (76.1 years) is 5.85 years old, lower than 82.75 years in Shanghai, high-income countries around the world average level, with South Korea at 82.3 years, Germany’s 81 – year – old, but the longest life expectancy (83.7 years) and Japan.

blue book shows that with the development of maternal and child health care and medical and health undertakings, the infant mortality has fallen sharply, from 117.60% in 1949. Fell to 2.42% in 2015. Worldwide, the Beijing 2015 infant mortality level of developed countries, are lower than in most developed countries such as Britain, the United States, Sweden, Norway, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

the maternal mortality rate dropped significantly, from 1949 per 685.0/10, dropped to 2015 per 8.69/10, ranked among the top nationwide. At the level of moderately developed countries throughout the world.

in addition, the population of the total mortality rate is on the decline, maintain in low level at present. Residents’ total mortality was 11.91% in 1949. , fell to 5.92% in 1979. Has been maintained at 6.0%. Up and down, to 6.42% in 2015.

with the economic and social development, residents disease significantly changed. Since the reform and opening, chronic non-communicable diseases become the leading cause of Beijing residents. Three dead before 2015 Beijing residents for malignant tumor, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, respectively 27.4%, 25.7% and 19.6% of all deaths, three combined accounted for 72.7% of all deaths.

blue book pointed out that since the founding of new China, the important indicators of the Beijing public health have made great improvement, the overall health level has reached the average level of developed countries, but also to face increased prevalence of chronic non-communicable disease, serious atmospheric pollution hazard, residents’ health literacy is not high, attaches great importance to the healthy social atmosphere has not yet been established, and many other challenges.

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