Liquor cancer? Don’t believe such a fool

recently, an article entitled, “liquor has antiviral anticancer! Finally you can drink two & hellip; fair and square & hellip;” Article widely circulated in the circle of friends, in a short period of time to reach hundreds of thousands of reading. However, the fact is really the case? Reporter survey found that not only & other; Drink white wine cancer & throughout; Don’t credible, excessive alcohol intake is carcinogenic medical common sense.

liquor (for figure/visual China)

on November 2, 2017, in a called & other; Study a major breakthrough in the traditional Chinese liquor & throughout; At a news conference, jiangnan university vice-chancellor professor Xu Yan released a breakthrough research: detection and identification in the world for the first time in the traditional Chinese liquor non-volatile fatty peptide compounds lichen.

and network transmission article will further interpreted as: fat has the important function of the bioactive peptide compounds and effect, its antitumor activity, antiviral activity, fibrinolytic activity and antimicrobial activity is very outstanding, therefore, the liquor has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-tumor, anticoagulant, cholesterol-lowering effect.

on relevant issues reporter interviewed Shanghai tongren hospital nutrition director of zhang jing. Zhang jing, explains brewed liquor is usually food, nutritious ingredients is normal. Network mentioned in the article of anticancer and antiviral substances need trace detection technology (in the field of applied science, the content of a substance under one over one million called trace), it is explained the content in liquor was chicken feed. In other words, if you want to these substances in liquor, might have to drink of liquor. Moreover, this kind of material of concrete effect remains to be further research.

and excessive alcohol intake compared with intake of anticancer and antiviral substances in liquor, apparently does more harm than good. As early as in 1988, the world health organization’s cancer research is concluded that alcohol is a kind of carcinogenic substance, is one of the main causes of human cancer. After drinking alcohol in the liver converted into acetaldehyde, acetaldehyde has the very high biological toxicity. Although acetaldehyde will translate into non-toxic harmless acetic acid, but the conversion rate is not one hundred percent, every time there will be some acetaldehyde absorbed by the body, in the long term will affect health.

according to scientific journals “Addiction”, according to a study released 7 kinds of cancer: alcohol can lead to breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, laryngeal cancer and oropharyngeal cancer. Among these types of cancer, caused by drinking the number of deaths from cancer accounts for about 6% of the global cancer dead.

it seems that & other; Liquor cancer & throughout; That there is no basis, & other; White wine can be drunk is wanton & throughout; Is wrong. Zhang jing to remind, binge drinking is extremely easy to cause excessive alcohol intake. Generally speaking, men 40 grams of alcohol per day, 20 grams of alcohol, women can cause liver damage. There is a formula to calculate the intake of alcohol: alcohol intake=drinking alcohol content (%) * * 0.8. According to this formula, men drink & 50 deg; The liquor, it can have up to 100 grams, or two.

all in all, chief use for delight, drink or drink killed the cat.

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