Longevity and health China national health industry seminar held in Beijing

at conference

there is no universal health, there is no comprehensive well-off, the people’s health is the important symbol of national prosperity and national prosperity, is also a great new era the goal and the pursuit of health. On November 27, the morning to & other; Throughout China national health & longevity; As the theme of health industry seminars to be held in Beijing.

this activity by the People’s Daily, The Times of health and guangzhou and righteousness beauty medical equipment co., LTD. Jointly organized the meeting closely around big health industry, & other Cure not ill & throughout; Health prevention ideas spread, longevity and health into topics such as m, multi-angle to search & other Throughout, raising, prevention &; Form of the pattern of health industry in the development of a new path.

& other; Happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea to live as long as the southern mountain & throughout; This is a year old birthday in the home is the most often hear message. Visible, longevity is the wish of every man, as the children look forward to. But how can you got sick, at night, got sick less, don’t even get sick to enjoy a healthy old age life, is the problem of every one of us need to think about. Not only to live for a long time, and live a good, why want to live a long life still have to fit.

, the former deputy minister of health and China health care association Zhang Fenglou speak

on the conference, the former deputy minister of health and China health care association Zhang Fenglou said, China entered the aging society, along with the environmental pollution, lifestyle changes, in recent years, the onset of chronic diseases showed a trend of rapid rise in our country, chronic diseases such as cardio-cerebrovascular disease, malignant tumors have become the main cause of death. According to the report data, chronic-disease deaths has accounted for 86.6% of the total death toll across the country, the cause of the disease burden accounted for 70% of the total burden of disease. This will require a large collaborative government health industry, contribute to the health of the Chinese people together. Let the elderly can be in the absence of disease, less disease abetted the condition.

at the central steer clear former chief Wang Minqing speak

said longevity, health, science, health first, happy-go-lucky, let others 16 words formula is director of the central steer clear original Wang Minqing old man at the scene to share his longevity. & other; I am now 88 years old, can insist on do not catch a cold half a century, stable weight, half a century after two times of laryngeal cancer surgery, the physical examination data of recent years is still hardly is qualified. Throughout the &; Wang said, in addition to adhere to the formula that 16 words, I also encourage the old people also want to exercise more, can walk don’t ride, can not do the elevator climbed up the stairs, this is the normal movement of the small details.

all say on heal disease, cure the disease, in the medicine to treat disease, jiangxi medical college affiliated hospital, director of cardiology, cardiovascular experts yu-zhen zhou introduced to: & other; As a clinical doctor, don’t go to any disease prevention will be more and more busy. Throughout the &; So, to prevent diseases is far more important than treatment. This is also the people health awareness need to change. Don’t small lesions such as serious illness, made the big disease seriously ill will go to the hospital. Take more exercise, a healthy diet, life is not lazy can be very good to prevent diseases.

the graph is a U.S. President wen-gang wang speak righteousness

the beauty and righteousness President wen-gang wang introduces, they make full use of its advantages in resources has been the national vigorously promote & other; Cure not ill & throughout; Health concept and launched & other; High potential & lsquo; Cure not ill & rsquo; Health into m activities throughout the &; , will also be united international longevity and health research institute at just the longevity and health research institute, and set up the Internet platform of sharing the medical, share experience store service mode, sharing build health industry chain, strengthen brand building and health product development, further meet the demand of the new public health, enhance people’s well-being.

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