Look, the nurse on the ground and 3 years old boy with a doctor to bow to each other… Hundred years ago a scene again!

the original title: the nurse on the ground, 3 years old boy with doctors bow to each other & hellip; & hellip; Hundred years ago a scene again!

15, a photo of nurses on the ground for patients injections forwarded by lots of people, and a caption & other; Throughout the story of the warm around us &; .

photo HaYiDa four courtyard cardiology, four is the main character in ward sister Julie, she recreates the 14th the dramatic rescue for us.

& have spent

1 & have spent & have spent

78 years disease diabetes

emergency rescue

to scramble

14 day, uncle li to do some inspection, although there are nurses, nurse escort, but Mr. Lee or try so hard, the mood swings catch him badly, check the end back to the ward, the doctor medicine feed it took him a few times, was still no relief.

Julie, recalls Mr. Lee once indifference, unable to reply. Ching-huei Yang, deputy director of patients family members has been called his name in big ye ear, nurses will not stop to comfort him.

in order to smooth breath, male nurse zi-long zhang has been behind from holding the big ye, li, on micro GuanWenYing two nurses for Mr. Lee venous channel. & other; The doctor even under three sets of medicine, but can’t walk a venous channel, to look for other.

2 & have spent & have spent

nurse lie prone on the ground injection

uncle li was edema and is difficult to find blood vessels. Throughout the &; Julie, said li big ye one arm has a retention needle, and the other one arm every ten minutes will it take for a blood pressure measurement, h. measure blood pressure, nor a view, the feeling be nasty under, only to plunge into the feet.

& other; I originally wanted to took his foot down, but Mr. Lee’s leg swollen like two big bonzi, he did not lift it, in order to scramble, how fast how to, simply lie prone on the ground. Throughout the &; Julie said, the nurse’s duty is to cooperate with the doctor, the doctor says must be discounted to perform.

the third set of medicine is a respiratory stimulant, after injection, Mr. Lee’s condition is relatively stable, this is the best time for transshipment, doctor WeiHong obtained the consent of patients’ families, nurses will be escorted to the big ye li ICU.

early yesterday morning, the doctor Li Guangna first thing at work on a visit to Mr. Lee ICU, he returned to cory, brought the doctors and nurses are good news, & other; Mr. Lee smooth state, much better. Throughout the &;

Julie said, the result let everybody very happy, also very gratified.

there is a old photo, by showing the hundred years ago the harmonious doctor-patient relationship and widely circulated. Black and white photos, one of the four or five years old, wore a gown Chinese boy with a wore a hat suit a foreigner bow to each other.

this is 1900 years or so, then the hospital economic (now the second hospital affiliated to zhejiang university school of medicine), dean of the British mei teng more check, in the face of young patient bowed, understand Chinese statecraft doctor mei deeply bowed in return.

on Dec. 7, the same warmth of scene in lake campus after pediatric outpatient service center in wuhan city hospital. A three-year-old boy and bowed to the division chief physician hui-qin Yang, hui-qin Yang deep bow in return.

the boy’s parents said, 3 years old junjun (not her real name), a sudden high fever at home, have been sent to the hospital unconscious, eyes turn, limb tic, trismus. Hui-qin Yang quickly put the child on the treatment bed, head to one side, pry open children really quickly, will own a finger, help children to withstand the tongue. Subsequently, the treatment such as antifebrile, calm the children. After half an hour, junjun conditions improve.

on December 8, parents take soldier soldier to go to the hospital transfusion review. Out of the office after the parents told junjun, thank Yang grandma. Sensible junjun bowed to hui-qin Yang. See the children so lovely, hui-qin Yang also deeply bowed in return. The nurse took this present a touching scene.

photographed the scene said the nurse, pictures of a moment been touched, bow to each other this scene is both grateful for the doctors, patients have the doctor to the patient’s care and respect.

Jin Ou new evening news reporter wang hai jiao Mr Zhu

comprehensive hubei daily reporter: Yu Jinyi, correspondent: horse is

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