Looked at the tip of the tongue 3, medical tempted to ridicule the…

a few days ago, domestic version series “on the tip of the tongue of China 3”, is popular. Compared with the previous two seasons of 9.3, 8.4, high reputation, “the tip of the tongue 3” douban score cliffs down, currently failed: 5.8.

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foodies speak constantly:

don’t walk the stomach, a drop of water flow. Pot pot chicken, malatang, string, cold pot, so is the same thing? Director, you take two steps! Watching is not hungry, but want to buy iron pan mouth; A treasure has been sold out, but don’t move.

in each review, medical staff are also very active, used to be with & other; The tip of the tongue & throughout; Our now is finding fault, writing science. For example, the first episode of & other; Spring pickled kimchi & throughout; .

medical students said after watching make kimchi for spring water, and directly under the undercooked scooped up the altar in the water to drink, taste the taste of kimchi directly & hellip; & hellip; My heart only all kinds of organism or direct drinking water, eating undercooked food and may be infected with parasites, taenia solium, cattle tapeworm, mann’s lap palace tapeworms & hellip; & hellip;

there are & other; Acquaintances & throughout; Call the film crew, in the hope that as soon as possible contact henan sanmenxia Sheffield: he may suffer from clubbing, to do comprehensive health check as soon as possible, especially for circulation and respiratory problems.

reference the acquaintances talk: the cause of finger clubbing is due to the limbs ischemia, lead to hyperplasia and hypertrophy of fingers or toes, mostly because of heart and lung disease.

these two days, “the tip of the tongue 3” was poking fun at the most, is the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Have the audience in trance: I want go “ve” on the set? Is precisely these & other; Keeping in good health theory & throughout; , full screen caps of bugs.

, for example, the fourth set owner to play & other; Natural brand & throughout; The & other; Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) lipstick & throughout; , challenged with fraud, raw materials are from & other; 3 without the seller & throughout; . In this lipstick, ever consider a homemade cosmetic bacteria in question? !

is 4 sets. “The tip of the tongue 3” a pot chicken soup, stew to resolutely high purine prohibited foods (chicken soup to the column) of gout patients to drink.

although the narrator emphasizes the choice ingredients must pay attention to the low purine, but purine is water soluble. Ah in clay pot stew a glug, nucleus and nuclear membrane was damaged, purine naturally flowing, soluble in the soup & ndash; & ndash; Sip is a burden.

some netizens said: soup that she comes from guangdong area. There is a high incidence zone in gout, and drink soup could be one of the causes. And, because of cantonese soup love using a variety of herbs, local is kidney disease rates.

gout may involving joints, kidneys, and with hyperlipidemia, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease & hellip; & hellip; And so on.

friend working in the field of hospital brand building: renal medicine, digestive department, onset, will set off the climax of hot spots.

microblog real-name V“ Nutrition doctor hsing-kuo wang & throughout; About the medicinal food diet, also you a word: there are lamenting the medicinal food diet and profound. If you don’t know what things are extensive and profound, that I also agree with this comment & hellip; & hellip; (I) would like to eat one of these is unknown and complete the medicinal food, maybe it will be very good, but I don’t believe they are the fingertips or fathers endorsed health claims.

there are university of traditional Chinese medicine, blurted out, please don’t black! But & other; God prophecy & throughout; In this: a big Bob pseudoscience preserve one’s health in the road. Dear friends, you brush the tongue 3 yet? Don’t spit unpleasant impulse? Send you our comments!

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