Love dearly! 3 years old boy nose was cut off, the mother picked up drop nose meat and ran the hospital… The dangerous things also have your house!

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note: 3 years old boy accidentally bump broken coat ark, mirror, instantaneous sharp pieces of cutting off the child’s nose, mother picked up drop nose meat and ran the hospital… after emergency surgery and a broken nose by doctors in again.

on December 17, injured boy take out stitches came to dalian medical university second affiliated hospital, determine the replantation of tip have been successfully connect to live. Doctors said surgery at that time, distance children hurt has spent more than five hours. If more than 6 hours after, the probability of survival is not so big.

3 years old boy smashed a mirror cut off his nose

the injured boy named blended (a pseudonym), this year 3 years old, who lives in wafangdian. On December 4 at noon, blended a man in the house playing after dinner. The room has a big closet, is mounted with a mirror. The blended running and accidentally hit the mirror. Blended hands on to the mirror, the mirror broken in an instant, fragments of blended’s nose cut off.

cut off the nose

the immediate scene, can give frightened blended mother ms zhang. Ms zhang blended quickly for hemostasis, and at the same time to pick up dropped nasal meat, take the child and ran the hospital. In wafangdian local hospital, the doctor told to disposal, suggest to dalian city hospital. After hearing these words, she hurriedly take their children to the city to catch again.

the doctor managed to nose to survive

when they got to the second affiliated hospital of dalian medical university, has been more than 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon. At this point, the distance of blended injury has been the past more than five hours. Hospital director of orthopaedic Zhao Muxin said, when see the blended was cut off the tip tissue, there should be a larger can grasp to survive. generally, six hours, to reattach the probability of survival is bigger, more than six hours, the probability of success will be collapsed.

when the emergency situation, if the normal flow process, will miss the best operation time. In order to scramble, the second affiliated hospital of dalian medical university opens a green channel for the blended. The doctor blended injured area for the local anesthetic, implementation of the organization the tip for him in the clinic replantation surgery, spent half an hour the nose remounted.

on December 17, ms zhang with blended stitches come out to the hospital. The doctor said the operation is very successful, blended the tip has been replanted survival, such as wound callus can fully recover after fall off. Hear the doctor’s explanation, ms zhang hanging heart finally put down.

event organization off best should be kept to wet

Zhao Muxin cautioned that from clinical departments, children knock against injury to sharp objects such as table Angle of the situation is more, the glass products from scratch, cut it is necessary to cause the attention of parents. Once cut, sometimes the wound will be deep, even the nerves and blood vessels cut, causing pain to the child.

once tissue loss caused by trauma, parents to take their children as soon as possible and loose organization rushed to the hospital, and it is best to moist tissue preservation of fall off. if the condition allows, can use physiological saline and gauze wrapped loose organization, and then on the ice. Water temperature is low, the organization the deactivation speed will be slower. As a result, in rushed to the hospital this time, can keep the organization into activity, to the greatest extent to reattach to survive and subsequent recovery.

light thumb,

hope blended recover at an early date!

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