Love dearly! After 90 the little nurse hands in dispensing, feet in infusion…

recently, a hospital nurse, while losing the liquid dispensed to the patient’s photos, maxed out circle of friends! DetailPic


to see the key? Little sister nurse feet on a drip, hand also constantly to saline dosing. Such a serious and responsible work attitude drew a big wave of thumb up.


it is understood that in the photos of the nurse sister named Tang Lujie, is the city people’s hospital emergency department transfusion room an ordinary nurses.


this paragraph of time, flu outbreak, constantly Sioux city each big hospital in Tang Lujie’s department patients also more and more. DetailPic


unfortunately, however, Tang Lujie also commandeered, fever and recurrent sinusitis. Let her exhausted. Pressure is a lot, but because of too many patients, department Tang Lujie didn’t ask for leave, she still insist on the job, this just had hung pictures of water work, however, Tang Lujie what I didn’t think it is big. Couldn’t take time off, too many patients, medical staff here now in short supply, hospital arrange my dosing here is a kind of care, and if I leave, will give other colleagues adds a lot of pressure.


in addition, it is understood that in Tang Lujie’s department, also to work colleagues in spite of several, because patients continue to increase, we have fought for more than a month in a row, overtime has become a commonplace. DetailPic

the whole department unity

Tang Lujie said, our side several nurses have fallen ill, on the one hand, we are in a line is easy to infection, fatigue led to the decrease of the immune system on the other hand, are more likely to get sick. So we often give patients injections in the daytime, evening infusion for yourself.

according to photograph the city people’s hospital emergency department, head of the transfusion room Lin Yuqin introduction, because of the flu outbreak, the number of patients with transfusion room 24 hours a day, has reached about 700 people, if the infusion an average of 3 to 4 bottles, so this nurse dosing quantity will amount to more than 2000 bottles a day.

there are comments, medical workers really not easy, the thumb up for you at the same time also should pay attention to the body, like this comments, online everywhere. DetailPic


to this end, the reporter contacted by Tang Lujie, but the white angels declined an interview, she said it should be done, is normal, it’s not a good interview. For white angels praise!

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