Macao into the peak of flu Citizens have the flu vaccine

international online news (reporter li-bin liu in macau), Macao health bureau recently said in a news release, Macao has entered the peak of flu, because of the flu patients continue to increase, and cold to again, the temperature drops, influenza vaccination, in order to facilitate residents health bureau recently in the center of the health and health posts for the local residents free flu vaccine, many parents have to lead children to vaccination.

health bureau said that because of the flu patients is increasing recently, and recently and have a four year old girl complications caused by infection of swine flu. To this, the health authorities urged residents to influenza can’t slack off. For residents to vaccination, health health centers and health posts for two days, especially in 27, 28, from 9 to 13 in the morning open vaccination service, and close monitoring of respiratory disease prevalence, Macao residents called for necessary vaccination as soon as possible, pay attention to personal hygiene.

health pointed out that this winter has bought 120000 doses of vaccine, about 105000 doses of vaccine so far, and consider to buy 10000 doses, to meet the needs of the citizens, and intend to vaccinate with residents of vaccination as soon as possible.

the bureau of social workers, also said a Yu Qingzhou shelter cold weather center of the street is now opening to the outside world, and called for the elders and the chronic patients pay attention to the weather changes, to be prepared for warm warm.

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