Man cupping alcohol burned trainee doctors did not fire escape quickly

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in July this year, Mr Yang to hefei treatment at a hospital between the waist dish outstanding, cupping therapy interns were accidentally spilled when the alcohol burns. After the accident, interns should panic fled, rather than extinguishing, checking their patients in a timely manner. Mr Yang hence appeal, demand compensation from the hospital. On November 13, the case in hefei luyang district people’s court.

on July 24, Mr. Yang for the waist dish outstanding cupping therapy in hefei a well-known hospital. In the process of treatment, the hospital did not arrange professional doctors in guidance, but no qualifications of trainee doctors treatment alone. Subsequently, interns immodesty sprinkle alcohol in Mr Yang’s back, lead to Mr Yang back on fire.

& other; The first two cans of all right, when he was drawn to the third pot to, then doctors, nurses, beside myself to find a quilt to put the fire out. Throughout the &; , according to Mr Yang v. after the accident, doctors and nurses had no immediate aftermath, but fled the scene rapidly, its large area burn back, suffered from mental and physical torture.

since then, Mr Yang was transferred to the hospital rehabilitation of hospital to hospital treatment, until the end of therapy on the August 31 out of the hospital, during medical expenses shall be borne by hospital.

13 November, Mr Yang as the plaintiff to the hospital to court, hospital request compensation for the lost wages, fees, emotional distress, a total of 38957 yuan.

the hospital attorney defense said in the trial, the plaintiff Yang cupping therapy in the hospital when he burns, to this end, the hospital arrangements until the plaintiff in the hospital treatment rehabilitation hospital discharge. During the hospital paid the medical expenses and other related cost 22134.84 yuan. In addition, the plaintiff burns himself in the hospital after the burn treatment, other than as to alleviate the waist pain of the common acupuncture, cupping therapy, such as total medical costs 7652.18 yuan will be spent, and their spouses in the hospital for temperature, clip ridge, a needle, acupuncture treatment, such as medical costs 5480.68 yuan will be spent, above the plaintiff has not been paid.

lawyers, burn treatment costs, the plaintiff should gladly pay to the hospital, request the court fees above in this case handled, corresponding to deduct from the compensation. In addition, the attorney also believes that the plaintiff of the compensation standard is too high, and the plaintiff did not constitute a disability, should not give emotional distress.

Mr Yang, said its after burn in the hospital, about its on his/her spouse and other treatments is the defendant hospital said free treatment actively, & other; Is doctor and director of myself, shall be borne by the departments themselves. Throughout the &; The plaintiff’s attorney, said in the treatment of treatment costs of the medical dispute, the defendant unilateral free treatment is put forward, it is a compensation to the plaintiff, the plaintiff shall be the defendant requests to make the corresponding treatment, the plaintiff shall pay the costs.

using the both parties agreed to mediation. The court mediation, not to the case. (Gao Cheng dan-dan zheng)

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