Man even more than eat crab legs and feet swelling suffer from kidney failure

autumn, it is a crab, the most beautiful season full of crab roe, crab roe see alone straight up saliva, but! Crab although good, but absolutely not greedy! Recently, there have been many people therefore into hospital & hellip; & hellip; Recently, the hubei wuhan, 43, Mr Li had a few crabs, after kidney failure.

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more & other; Version & throughout; Eat crab junior hospital

Mr Lee has been on & other; Version & throughout; Claim to be. But it is because tube don’t shut up, more than a decade ago he has suffered from gout, well every time we attack a, but love to eat & other; The trouble & throughout; Change or not. Last month, Mr Li’s mother-in-law to send a box of hairy crabs, looking at family ate with relish, Mr. Li at that time didn’t endure, also had several. I didn’t expect the next morning, his left foot and leg swelling, can’t even wear shoes and went in. This time the feeling is serious than before, Mr Li bosom frowsty palpitate, not pain, his wife brought him to hospital. After the doctor found that Mr Lee’s uric acid is very high, creatinine increased several times, has developed into kidney failure.

the hapless version can be far more than he a. On October 5, 8 p.m., 45, Mr Cao stomach pain was sent to the people’s liberation army general hospital in wuhan the emergency department. On the same day, Mr Cao and friends together to eat crabs. At noon, Mr Cao breath ate 6 hairy crabs, drank half a catty about white wine, when I return in the evening sleep a sleep lying in the car. Halfway suddenly abdominal pain, was sent to hospital. Through inspection, the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis.

tube don’t shut up, don’t open the legs, guys then courageously & hellip; & hellip; 50 cheng (a pseudonym) likes to eat crabs, from & other; 10 & middot; 1 & throughout; During the long holiday began, has been with university students eat and drink to drink from the other cities in succession, each time to entertain guests, hairy crabs. On the evening of October 10, and drove with classmates to a paddy field, had four in the morning and evening and eat LiuQiZhi, also drank half a catty of liquor. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and in the middle of the night into the army to the people’s liberation army general hospital in wuhan emergency infusion treatment, the doctor diagnosed as acute enteritis.

Hu Baochun armed police corps hospital of guangdong province digests medical director of the said, crabs although delicious, but eat more will easily cause gastrointestinal disease. In addition, the crab meal had better not eat more than one, to eat many can cause abdominal distension and indigestion, and for some itself is suffering from the disease, eat many crabs are more aggravating illness.

eat crab you know these taboos

in fact, the crab is not so & other; Terrible & throughout; Also contains rich protein and trace elements, etc., have very good nourishing effect to the body. How to eat crab? Under this strategy away, please.

crabs to eat fresh, death is unfavorable eat the crab. Crabs after the death of the stiffness of the period and autolysis period shorten, crab bacteria quickly reproduce and spread in the body to the crab, the predator, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

crabs steamed cooked, don’t eat raw crab. Crab body surface, gill and in the gastrointestinal tract was full of all kinds of bacteria and dirt. Steam cooked to eat, I wouldn’t worry about it’s sick.

crab eat steamed now now, don’t store. Eat at a time, the rest must be kept in a clean, cool and ventilated place, must eat from steaming cooked through.

crabs cannot eat four parts: the crab gills, crab, crab stomach, crab.

don’t feed with tea. When eating crabs don’t drink tea and eat crab after 1 hour. Because water will dilute hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, tea makes some composition solidification of the crab, not conducive to digestion and absorption, also can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea.

don’t eat together with persimmon. Crab fat most persimmon is ripe, the two things should be careful not to eat at the same time. Because of the persimmon tannin can make the composition such as frozen crab meat protein, solidification material for a long time will stay in intestinal fermentation corruption, cause reactions such as vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, may also cause stone, etc.

not eat with cold. Crabs itself is cold, and cold food eat together, must cause diarrhea.

advised to eat crabs with ginger. At ordinary times more afraid of the cold, easy to have a headache, can put some ginger eat crab. In palate, crab and ginger vinegar is a good supplement, and belongs to hot ginger, pungent, stomach can remove cold temperature, the ginger ginger and sterilization, to go and the role of detoxification. If the north people not used to eat ginger, add some garlic has the same effect.

eat crab collocation. When eating crabs, drink white wine or rice wine can be cold, but not too much. In addition, drink a little wine when eating sea crab, also could play the disinfection sterilization effect. But it is important to note that when eating crabs, mustn’t drink beer, or you will make the stomach cold situation worse. According to chutian metropolis daily

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