Man without skin test for patients lose of illegal medical practice in Beijing expired drugs to death

legal evening news & middot; View news (reporter Li Xia) man, one without a legal certificate of practicing doctor qualifications and physicians, open clinic practice license of medical institution under the condition of private illegal medical practice, after the deadly. On January 22nd morning, in Beijing shijingshan court hearing the case.

prosecutors alleged that on September 4, 2017, at about 9,, a open a clinic in its own place, and without skin test under the condition of knowing drug expired, for killing the peoples armed so-and-so infusion therapy, caused by wu so-and-so shock on the spot, then one and give the victim adrenaline hydrochloride injection. After killing the peoples armed so-and-so by shijingshan hospital after the rescue invalid death. Classics appraisal, wu so-and-so meet on the basis of asthma, drug allergy reaction in the process of transfusion and death. Prosecutors believe that, one should take the crime of illegal medical practice shall be investigated for their criminal responsibility according to law.

the court, he said a voluntary confession, & other; Cause harm to society, I am very sorry, harm the wu so-and-so family, I’m sorry. Throughout the &; , some also said that he is disabled, and positive after active treatment victims compensation, hope the court can light punishment to oneself, let oneself can get out of jail, repay society.

, a defender of that, a subjective malice is not deep, and in the plot, after active treatment and wait for police to the victims, and active compensation, the two sides also reached a settlement in the case of the life is very distress to borrow money to compensate the victim party 700000 yuan. Its defenders also said that the victim had has asthma, for his death, he a fatal participation ratio cannot be determined. , one also is disabled persons, and from outside Beijing, in clinic to help his father’s boy, is also in order to reduce the burden of family life. In addition, also is the first, the rule of law concept is poor, hope the court can be given a lighter punishment.



at the scene of the trial. Taken/reporter Li Xia

in the end, the court after hearing, think, a committed the crime of illegal medical practice, sentenced him to prison for 7 years, deprivation of political rights for 1 year, fine of 10000 yuan.

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