Many virus emergency “pop” at the same time the first son by fever someone wait for 6 hours


6 PM last night, the first son of emergency there are still a lot of children are waiting in the photography/our reporter Zhang Xiaomei

first son of emergency now see a fever wait 6 hours

more virus & other; At the same time popular & throughout; First son of this 23% add love outpatient service to cope with peak

three this winter influenza viruses, mycoplasma, adenovirus & other; Popular throughout the &; And many children & other; Throughout the effects &; . Hospital of pediatrics everywhere into the peak period. The reporter sees in the capital institute of pediatrics, yesterday’s Beijing youth daily outpatient order better during the day, but very busy, small night shift at night is a long time waiting for emergency.


children & other; Frothy & throughout; Rush emergency see such as a fever 6 hours

according to the first son, since November, its this volume increased by 23%, including a 54% increase in emergency. Investigate its reason, on the one hand, children have a fever in the evening and night, more can’t hang on the day of the outpatient service, they turned to the emergency department; And parents don’t want to see a doctor in the morning on the other hand, often after work, such as medical and other factors. As a matter of fact, the emergency patients, 9 chengdu do not belong to the emergency. To cope with the peak treatment, the first son has increased the number of source during the day, small night shift also increasing number of physicians, 5 to 7 PM in the evening at the same time opened & other; Love the clinic & throughout; The shunt. In addition, the emergency treatment increased the four diagnosis, alleviate queue times parents. This year, the expert reminds, the virus is more, such as was not ill, go to the hospital as less as possible to avoid cross infection. Recently, many parents complain that children to see the doctor need to wait for several hours, especially in the evening, after the hospital also need to line up.

6 PM yesterday, north green news reporter arrived at the capital institute of pediatrics. Although average outpatient service has to go off work, but the hospital outpatient service building still brightly lit. 5 a.m. in the outpatient service building becomes small night 2 layers of expert outpatient service outpatient service. & other; A 106 li mou, please go to the 4 clinic visits & throughout; , in the waiting room of your screen, from 30 to 346 patients from the sufferings waiting to is in succession. North green news reporter observed, 9 small night opened outpatient clinic, each 1-2 doctors, a total of more than ten doctor visits, the average call # 2-3 in a minute.

a 3 year old girl’s mother told north green press, prompted her doctor list is between 6 to 7 PM, but worried that too many patients, she still choose to advance for half an hour to take a number and brush to triage on information, etc. After about 15 minutes. & other; Saya outpatient service here is ok, I just heard that emergency there people much more special & throughout; .

then north green news reporter came to a layer of the emergency room, emergency waiting room full of people more than 20 seats. 6 farce farce is accompanied by the mom and grandma, & other; To 1 PM, it is to see dermatologist, the results found that the child had a fever, when to go to the emergency appointment. At that time in the morning more than 200 haven’t finished, we get at 45, it’s not, no. 1 in the afternoon, for the first & throughout; , as the three generations of a distance for visits over the past five hours.

to emergency department patients because more children cold or fever, but not on the number of outpatient service. North green news reporter found in talking to a number of parents, many parents don’t know the first son of small night outpatient service. In north green prompted news reporter, farce farce mom found a small night on medical in Beijing tong outpatient registration channel, night at 6:30, there are 160 source. Finally, considering the emergency have been quick to farce farce didn’t go to small night outpatient service, about 7 to 15 points, after waiting for nearly 6 hours, including rui farce in the emergency department after a doctor.

9 into emergency patients does not belong to the emergency

a lot of parents said that children with persistent high fever this year, and easy to relapse, slightly older child will be the performance of respiratory diseases such as throat discomfort. Cao Ling, director of the first son of respiratory medicine, said in previous years, this mainly is the flu season, but winter belong to many kinds of virus and popular this year, in addition to the influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus and mycoplasma, adenovirus & hellip; & hellip; This has also led to populations and illness in children with heavy.

the flu virus, H1N1, H3N2, the a (H1N1), and hepatitis b virus common popular, recently is given priority to with hepatitis b virus. From a medical point of view, judgment is a kind of virus pathogenic examination need to do, but there is any inspection & other; False positives false negative & throughout; Result, so if the clinical doctors identify children with suspected cases, should be timely delivery. & other; Move flu medicine effect is best, 48 hours early medication can shorten the duration of symptoms. Throughout the &; Cao Ling said.

there are also parents, said why children played influenza vaccine, also can appear the symptom such as fever, vaccine is not a prevention effect? Cao Ling said the flu vaccine against influenza virus, but the present popular and mycoplasma, adenovirus, etc., & other; So the child may be under the protection of the vaccine have escaped the flu virus, but infected with other viruses. For children to show repeated fever, illness weight, Cao Ling analysis, it is possible that children appeared many kinds of virus infection at the same time, the best preventive measures is less took the kids to crowded places, reduce the contact of the virus.

despite repeated science, but in the face of the child fever, etc., many parents still will choose to rush to the hospital. Recent emergency pressure increases obviously, the first son, director of the se analysis, on the one hand, children have a fever easily appear in the afternoon and evening, on the other hand, the outpatient service can’t hang, parents to hang in the evening, evening hang don’t hang on the special, the special also for hanging, not the parents went to the emergency department.

& other; In fact, the first son of emergency nine of chengdu fall within the scope of outpatient treatment, not a real emergency & throughout; , admits, but parents with children of fever, the doctor can’t rejected, only to row, but the emergency resources are limited, must first be rescuing critical patients, compared with children with colds and flu will wait, this is also the reason of many parents reflect emergency waiting time long. In addition, sometimes parents consider their children to school, don’t want to get up early, will choose to even look at the emergency department at night, after school in the afternoon it also increased pressure on the emergency department. Se advice, if I can in the outpatient clinic of during the day, as far as possible by make an appointment, according to the appointment to the hospital.

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