“March will be a wave of influenza pandemic”? Academician zhong nanshan rumours: I never said that


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“march back a new flu is”

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famous breathing psychiatric experts, the Chinese academy of engineering in our country, more as a leader in the fight against “SARS” on the 2003 known, the current national respiratory system disease clinical medical research center director, his comments have always plays a decisive influence in public opinion in the country.

at this past winter, after the last round of the flu outbreak of “aftershock” still let people concerned, and hearing of the news of a new wave of flu is approaching, and “from” zhong such authority, nature has a lot of attention, companies have even begun to gain a hype.

tomorrow, to march towards the

a new wave of flu really already on the road?

recently, sichuan chengdu commercial daily doctors asked academician zhong nanshan interview requests, but got a very unexpected answers.

academician zhong nanshan said:

“I didn’t mention in March there will be a pandemic.”

, he said, after media reports, a reporter misunderstood his speech.

that “this flu outbreak in March” how come?

after the query, the reporter found the original news:

on 17 January this year, during the last round of the flu outbreak period, zhong academicians attended the “winter respiratory disease prevention” in guangzhou citizens public health forum, interpret the current characteristics of the flu, and accepted the media interview.

after the meeting, some media to “zhong remind: march or have a new wave of flu hit” published reports for headlines, then spread widely.

academician zhong nanshan, said the “() at the meeting in the I didn’t mention in March there will be a pandemic.” , he says, when he is in the south, 1 ~ 3 months for the flu season every year, “journalists who understand my speech as 3 month have a big fashion this year.”

so, “zhong nanshan predict flu outbreaks again in March” is a goal!

national influenza center monitoring data showed:

north-south flu epidemic level since mid-january last fall.

a new wave of flu in March or not? From the Chinese national influenza center of the national civil weekly flu detection data, there is no “march will flu outbreak” signs.


indeed currently in seasonal flu epidemic peak

will strengthen the respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza prevention and control work

yesterday, zhejiang provincial center for disease control and prevention of “zhejiang health education” micro letter public, release the latest health warning: most of the current our country is in the popularity of seasonal flu peak. March air temperature is still low, and the cold warm, when the temperature difference is bigger, suitable for the existence of the influenza virus, so still need to strengthen the respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza prevention and control work.

general office in the ministry of education recently issued “on the strengthening of influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases prevention and control work early warning notice –

requires all localities departments of education administration attaches great importance to the flu and other infectious diseases prevention and control work; Students throughout primary and secondary schools and child-care institutions to carry out the requirements on your morning check, absenteeism due to illness cause tracking and registration system, do the early detection, early reporting, early treatment of infectious disease; Requires schools pay attention to the maintenance of all types and at all levels environmental hygiene, keep the environment clean; Demand has occurred in the respiratory tract infectious disease epidemic or the area of increased incidence of respiratory infectious diseases, according to the actual situation to reduce or stop the large indoor activities.

& have spent

in flu prevention, provincial CDC, experts say, maintain good personal hygiene is an important means of prevention of influenza and other respiratory infections.

Major measures including:

1. Wash your hands frequently, using soap or hand wash under running water to wash their hands, not dirty hands with a towel. Both hands after contact with respiratory secretions (such as after sneezing) wash your hands immediately.

2. Keep good respiratory hygiene, cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a paper towel, towel, etc, to wash your hands after coughing or sneezing, avoid to touch the eyes, nose or mouth.

3. The immunity, improve their health and balanced diet, moderate exercise, routine, avoid excessive fatigue.

4. Keep the environment clean and ventilated, several times a day ventilated, maintain indoor air fresh.

5. Decrease as far as possible to crowded places, avoid contact with patients with respiratory tract infection.

6. Respiratory infection symptoms such as cough, runny nose, fever, etc., should rest at home, go to a doctor as early as possible.

pay particular attention to two families with children –

1. Adults infected with the flu, should avoid close contact with children.

2. The home has two or more children, if you have a flu, as much as possible should be relatively fixed one member of the family to take care of children and pay attention to strengthen personal protective. In close contact with patients, should wear a face mask. Other family members should try to reduce the opportunity to contact with flu patients, especially uninfected children flu, to minimize contact with children, and personal hygiene.

province CDC reminds, whether adults or children, influenza vaccination is the most effective measures to prevent flu, the elderly, especially with underlying diseases (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) in patients with senile pneumonia vaccine. Currently in use of influenza vaccine containing a 1, a 3 and b V of three components, the influenza vaccination a preventable three types.

yesterday, the reporter learned from hangzhou community health service centers, the current flu vaccine supply of hangzhou is more nervous.

west lake a community health service center staff said, they are on a batch of vaccine in the mid to late January, according to the usual situation won’t into seedlings, but because to consulting a lot of people every day. To do this, they entered again into the batch. Yesterday to 30, is expected today to some, but also can play a week or so.

yuhang district a community health service center years ago out of stock, officials said, because every day there are too many people to consult, they also considered the issue of the fill the gaps with seedlings, but getting them to tangle of pricing is now as vaccine, one thousand to repair, vaccine and adjust the price, the same seed sell different prices is easy to cause conflict. all to vaccination before, it’s best to call to consult.

flu season, everyone still frequently do protection, think useful please remind little thumb

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