Marshal founding Chen Yizhi Chen Xiaolu son died: campaigned for “living wills”


 Chen Xiaolu said that his father and father-in-law had been in organizational requirements last rescue, the situation can be disastrous. He has demanded an end to rescue, but the hospital ask: you have the final say? We dare? (CFP/chart)

Chen Xiaolu said that his father and father-in-law had been in organizational requirements last rescue, the situation can be disastrous. He has demanded an end to rescue, but the hospital ask: you have the final say? We dare? (CFP/chart)

about life and death. To the extent that a person can decide their farewell world program? Before the health-care system perfect, the poor may die of money is the treatment of major diseases; Official treatment must be determined by the organization before death; Rich’s death may be subject to property. How a dignified farewell to the world, is one of the most basic question in front of everyone.

by & other; Living wills & throughout; , arrange their ability to act even basic consciousness at the end of the time, so that a dignified death, is Mr Chen Xiaolu with his friends every bits of bit and others in recent years to promote public welfare projects. Both matter of respect for the individual life, and how to more effectively use of public health resources. Recently, the southern weekend invite Mr. Chen and the Hong Kong university of science and technology, professor ding to share their experience, opinion and practice about it.

respect for life, a dignified death

Dai Zhiyong: now you push & other; Dignity throughout & death; For any idea?

Chen Xiaolu: independent life, also want to include death, my death I make decision, not on his deathbed also is very painful. For the sake of patients, tracheotomy, inserted tube, rescue, while it is possible to delay the time, but were dead. The pain of patients, and outsiders don’t know. From the perspective of humanistic care, save social resources, or the rights of the individual, family, emotional point of view, is a good thing.

Dai Zhiyong: what is the initial actuation you involved in this matter?

Chen Xiaolu: my parents and my father-in-law had been in that they are senior cadres, organizing to rescue, but rescue process was really horrible. I have written on the book, when his father died, all is the pipe, with electric shocks, finally jumped up. I was particularly sad, ask to rescue. The doctor told the two words, one is: you have the final say? Of course not, and organization. Also, we dare? He didn’t save, how to account? He is going to write all the process. Stalin’s doctor is very miserable. As a physician for the emperor is very afflictive, shall be investigated for your responsibility after death, the most terrible.

but promote the dignity of death is my, my friend luo, the daughter of lo jui-ching do medical management, originally a clinic in ZongCan as director, particularly interested in, I hope I can join in. I agreed, then let me when the director. Now is a folk public welfare organization, no government funding, funding myself, or donation to the society.

we was established in August 2013, living wills promotion association, in Beijing the ministry of civil affairs registered charity groups, site selection and dignity ( Three goals: one is the propaganda dignity, the concept of natural death death; Second, at the end of life, the doctor treatment standards, explain to the patient, you can choose to save, also can choose hospice palliative treatment, relieve the pain to end life; Three legislative recognition and protection for living wills.

the eighteenth big before the registration, relaxed. The third plenary session of the eighteenth, multi-purpose social forces to do a good job in social undertakings.

Mr Ding: about this question, I have a very personal experience. My home is far from the top rich, but because of my experience, mother is very respected in my hometown. Mother alive the last few years people have been very weak, become a devout buddhist 100% vegan. Family sent old mother to the best hospital in the city, can be equipped with all equipped with everything. My father died in my childhood, sister in law and my half, were very filial piety, local conditions can take method are used.

the doctor my mother is my brother-in-law students, from the Angle of the half of the family and medical science tells us the truth: like the old lady’s physique and more than eighty years old, not bottom go to. Later when the plug on the pipe, my brother and sister feel can’t do the Lord, they are very respect to me, younger than me, more than ten years old. And they said, we also know that mother can’t bear such torture, but to the eldest brother to clappers. Because my stepfather died early. Brother, a younger sister, and I include their adult children not having a family meeting, then carefully from three angles to consider: science, morality and dignity. Because there is no perfect law can follow, can only be considered from the Angle of the three. I also think about one thing in particular, in addition to its own moral choices, also consider social influence, in my home town is & other; Social celebrities & throughout; , afraid the somebody else say the people in the United States education, how to give lost the traditional filial piety, reluctant to spend money?

I repeatedly asked several doctors, idea, way to want to want to say, the rescue is to increase the pain to the lady again, although she is no consciousness, unable to speak, but every time the pipe into the lungs, her facial muscles are distorted, extremely painful, she do not want to suffer the pain, and no dignity. Old lady is full of tubes, thin, close to the mummy. In this case, I would don’t continue again, the family made the decision. Immediately notify the hospital, add the tube is inserted to operation, the third scheme of artificial life support machine gave up.

my observation, a lot of people in the United States will be in before or will donate their wealth to schools or hospitals. I told my family, my mother’s death, there must be a lot of units and people will mourn, we write an announcement with the writing brush, copy after sending out each arrivals: mother put up and raised us, this is an eternal love, we don’t want to do meaningless artificial machine delay, but would like to use another way to reflect on the mother’s miss: all of the mourners, please don’t send a wreath, filial piety battle artifacts, such as the original plan to buy these items, donate money to write the name of the donor, and donate the money together to xuancheng middle school, we have read to & other; The loving mother scholarship & throughout; Issued in the name of a few outstanding students from poor family background. In so doing, is to carry forward a mother’s love, is a continuation of filial piety contribute to society. The vast majority of folks reflect is very good. But there is also a person of hometown said: if you have lived in the local people to do so, lane is bad to the person behind scold, will say broke traditional, broke the rules. So it is not easy to transform social traditions, to withstand a lot of misunderstanding.

Dai Zhiyong: indeed, to make a decision to give up their parents personally treatment, watching their life away, is a very difficult choice. The Chinese say ShenZhongZhuiYuan, now has a new meaning.

Chen Xiaolu: transforming social traditions, it’s important to keep BoZang is thick. Elders live must be very filial piety, but must BoZang, it’s good for human beings.

Dai Zhiyong: mohism advocated BoZang; Confucianism lights, but also buried according to conditions.

Mr Ding: Muslim is BoZang, only around a piece of white cloth, and so there is no grave.

Chen Xiaolu: the death of 80 years of age or older is white wedding. , the funeral industry is bleak, and anti-corruption, maotai play folded in half.

Dai Zhiyong: some custom changes, determine the structure of the allocation of resources.

Chen Xiaolu: that’s right, a large part of economic activities and moral, religious. China’s ethics is filial piety. Don’t try very hard to rescue the old man, people will scold you. Social understanding, medical personnel can be less resistance. Another organization or decision, or family members feel is organization would not take money. After deep coma patients, if they give up treatment, family members agree with? The two children, a agree, one does not agree, how to do? Organizations agree with?

so we advocate living wills, let the patient awake to decide what to do, and be very careful.

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