Massage a breast, is abundance or destroy the chest? Fingers and income of thousands

galactagogue ShiCai think Dan is massage breast, for the customer ejected spill milk in her face. (the southern weekend reporter weng huan/chart)

(in this paper, starting from December 7, 2017, “southern weekend”)

main & other; Knead a secretion & throughout; & other; Get rid of toxins & throughout; & other; Open meridians & throughout; & other; Eliminate proliferation throughout the &; Chest massage has become one of the most popular new project beauty salon. Some licenses, however, is not complete, non-standard massage therapist, reap the profits not only, also gave rise to a series of massage breast disease patients.

a breast surgeon written by breast massage hurt Chinese woman accused of breast health care massage is & other; Cheat money throughout your life &; Brush screen, recently caused circle of friends.

this paper, the author, lanzhou city maternal and child health care breast surgeon zhao peng told southern weekend reporter, he was the cause of writing in the outpatient service frequently see disease patients after breast massage, some are sucked into two purple large chest bump, some inflammation is aggravating, and delay the treatment.

two years ago, he is the most extreme example of the hospital departments of a patient, the inspection process has been found in the mass, and malignant tendency is big, but the patient noncompliance puncture and confirmed, instead to do breast massage therapy shop. & other; After two or three months, bump is bigger and bigger, spread to the lung nodules. Throughout the &; At this time again for terminal-stage cancer diagnosis.

in fact, in the elimination of hyperplasia of mammary glands, lactation, the residual breast, breast abundance under the attractive effect of breast massage has been popular in the country, to a beauty center, small to the massage health care in the community, and other Breast massage & throughout; Has become a female maintenance to be bestowed favor on newly. Although the price does not poor, the effect is unknown, even counterproductive, love beautiful Chinese women still welcome.

southern weekend reporter visited the beauty, physical therapy and lactation teacher group, and find the good and bad are intermingled & other Massage therapists & throughout; & other; Throughout the galactagogue division &; Are in strange way & other; Build & throughout; Chinese women’s chest, lack of medical knowledge in China’s women to mammary gland disease, breast prolapse, breast milk is not enough problems such as excessive worry, thus will & other; Breast massage & throughout; To the wave of unprecedented enthusiasm.

& other; Throughout the galactagogue division &;

& other; If milk is not clear the drain in a timely manner, easy to pipeline, produce inflammation. Throughout the &; Breast milk on the face to wipe the splash, lactation ShiCai thought Dan constant pressure with both hands to the breast, to lay down on the massage couch last year annual 40 & other; Second child mom & throughout; Qin Lan erupted in nearly half a meter tall breast milk.

see articles attacking & other; Breast massage & throughout; , Cai Sidan some injustice. Her in line for four years, helped with hands & other; At least more than five hundred & throughout; Milk milk supply or expansion, women of mastitis. In her view, & other; Massage technique right won’t pain, also won’t hurt & throughout; .

Qin Lan is detours to reach Cai Sidan here. For women, birth is a crisis of experience. In 2016, the new baby because jaundice was taken to the intensive care unit, Qin Lan milk up flow not to come out in the chest, have to find the galactagogue division to help massage milk. The thought of was hospital galactagogue division chock nipples with his fingers, squeeze the whole breast, Qin Lan just couldn’t help shivering, & other; Is really from the extreme pain & throughout; .

later, below the doctor’s recommendation, found Cai Sidan Qin Lan. She said her greedy pickled pig feet when the Spring Festival in 2017, the milk too oil is blocked, massage two or three genius clean up. & other; My two hands are oil press. What would remain on the breast? How to feed your baby? Throughout the &; Cai Sidan raised his hands said with a smile.

nursing mothers milk deposition easily appear, incorrect treatment for mastitis, easy development if mishandled, hospital patients with drug therapy or avoid taboo medical drugs, do not know the correct medical treatment, is likely to affect breastfeeding, so like Qin Lan, choose the way to the physical & other; Row massage milk & throughout; Women everywhere. A hubei mom just gave birth to a daughter 2 months ago, bilge milk serious to have a fever, she has to find four tong milk division & other; Row of milk & throughout; And suffered the pain.

according to the southern weekend reporter understanding, at present, Harbin and many other cities in lanzhou of the mammary gland of public maternity hospital opened & other; Therapeutic massage breast & throughout; Service. As the market demand is big, can’t come to wait for a reason, a lot of women will choose to plug into the delivery room & other; Business card & throughout; The & other; Senior galactagogue division & throughout; , due to the regional economic development level is different, a single massage prices in 200-200 yuan.

& other; Bite the bullet detoxification & throughout;

from the market point of view, this beauty institutions to develop new products, to & other; Private & throughout; & other; Custom & throughout; The service in just a few years popular great river north and south. And accept the cervical shoulder week massage, massage, beauty salon face care of customers, has become the main target customers.

wang fang is worried about their mammary gland hyperplasia of breast massage one of the people of the move.

told her for a long time to the beauty salon is mammary gland hyperplasia, situation is not optimistic, insist to do massage treatment Suggestions. At first, wang fang did not take it seriously, just in a bad mood, chest tube child irritability, she began to wonder if there really is mammary gland problem. & other; Don’t serious to develop breast cancer. Throughout the &;

a month ago, beauty salon and a free breast massage, & other; More than an hour, technique throughout many &; , including & other; Palm circular massage, arm extrusion & throughout; And so on. After she felt the chest really soft, although after a few days even walk in times of pain, but she still to & other; Buy three get one free, massage 42 times, total price 10890 yuan & throughout; The feelings were abundance oil boxes.

& other; The husband say I possessed. Throughout the &; In the face of her husband, she is considered to be the husband more and more don’t care about yourself, & other; I have a pair of old, also can’t in order to maintain oneself spend some money? Throughout the &;

there are customers don’t so lucky. 47, misia, after ten years ago found to mammary gland hyperplasia, cure in the hospital for many years, & other; Eat a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine cure, serious when to have a fever, pain in the middle of the night pain wake & throughout; . A friend said, “this is the main and collateral channels blocked, introduced her to a beauty salon for the price of 1680 yuan to buy the breast massage 10 times.

reception misia masseuse was a little girl in her early twenties, & other; Let me touch her breast is very soft, and my chest is hard & throughout; . Believe in each other & other Can be good & throughout; Commitment, Li Nanren pain to accept & other; Treatment & throughout; . Single massage in 30 to 40 minutes, with twisted squeeze, press and other kinds of technique first knead, again with the instrument of a kind of extrusion nipple massage & other; Drug use plain & throughout; .

ten days later, she not only didn’t improve, the entire breast swelling and pain, constantly overflow white juice, went to the hospital to check when the doctor told her that this is a massage stimulation leads to increased prolactin, stop massage.

misia back to the beauty salon to protest, the other party instead argue this is & other; Row residual milk & throughout; That is good for treatment.

southern weekend reporter survey found that similar to dredge meridian, massage chest nodules, discharge residual milk has almost become a standard of chest massage, massage therapists generally with & other Knead the secretion & throughout; & other; Get rid of toxins & throughout; & other; Clear the meridians & throughout; As a stunt for selling.

in fact, & other; Knead a secretion from the hormone receptor, physiological reaction and detoxification, meridian has no connection. Throughout the &; Zhao peng denied the claim, he told the southern weekend reporter, whether & other; Back to milk & throughout; After weaning (children), nursing mothers, or unmarried young women or bearing a middle-aged women, under the repeated nipple stimulation could appear lactation phenomenon, instead could lead to endocrine problems such as menstrual disorders, so & other; Should firmly object to exhaust the residual milk & throughout; .

abundance instruments more than 3 without the product

reputation outside, lactation ShiCai think Dan is more and more fire. Nearly two years, come to massage her breasts in addition to breast-feeding mother, also began to have a young girl, & other; Net red throughout, models have &; .

divided by & other; Hyperplasia of mammary glands throughout the &; Health management problems, such as a marketing gimmick, breast massage can bring the shaping effect such as breast enhancement beautiful bosom, to pay attention to the female body maintenance is a eternal topic of unrelated to age. Cai Sidan said, doing regular maintenance & other chest; Chest does not enlarge, also won’t because the nursing and fat & throughout; . She took one look at Qin Lan said with a smile, & other; You see more than a year of breast feeding mother, the form is very tall & throughout; .

guangzhou southern weekend reporter visited a national chain of beautiful bosom agency understands, the massage advice to customers, in addition to seek recovery form after more than 30 years of age, lactation women, there are more and more young women, including group after 90. Somebody wants to get a cup, straighter, someone hope chest round, all be NenNen. Chest massage therapist and all kinds of beauty, beauty massage therapist, transform the method meet the demand of customers.

& other; There must be some effect. Throughout the &; The agency to the southern weekend reporter, as long as the order price 2680 yuan, a total of 20 times the oil massage, can promote the chest movement development again, again will alar lateral & other; Vice milk & throughout; Push to the chest, & other; From A cup up to C cup is possible & throughout; . They also promised, will shoot photos for customers, invalid full refund.

and, in fact, the company to provide every time 1 hour of massage service, only have 15 minutes before the massage therapist to company & other; Independent research and development & throughout; The abundance of oil for massage, after 35 to 40 minutes with a beautiful bosom instrument for massage.

I saw beautiful bosom teacher will peak shape plastic cups, two buttons on the breasts, according to introducing, the motor according to open quantity, shrink, vibration frequency, the abundance instruments can be adjusted according to different demand to provide hundreds of guests. In use process, under the action of strong suction, chest will have heavy pressure, will be out the whole circle of red mark, this is beautiful bosom teacher called detoxification & other; The sha & throughout; Reaction, at the same time promote breast movement to breast enhancement effect, will increase fat sucked into the chest muscles around.

southern weekend reporter survey found that in addition to the letter of trademark, the abundance instrument without any specifications, marked on the inline calls this kind of equipment & other Double pump breast enhancement instrument & throughout; One of the, is widely used for beauty salon breast enhancement instruments. After all, are the two peaks form plastic cups, buckle on the breasts at different suction and vibration to the so-called movement effect.

in zhao peng’s view, by massage breast enhancement & other; No chance & throughout; . Because of the other location of fat to the breast parts, there is no scientific basis, excessive massage has the possibility of subcutaneous bleeding, instead to breast parenchyma cells of fat particles cause unnecessary damage. If you can think your breast shape is not good, can improve the fat transplantation through surgery, fill in the breast.

the market various & other; Patent technology & throughout; The abundance of various instruments. A person engaged in beauty therapy industry told southern weekend reporter, through physical therapy to improve breast shape and outline, in a short period of time may produce certain visual effect. & other; But over a period of time will recover basically & throughout; . Massage agencies tend to suggest buyers insist for a long time, & other; At the end of the day or make the customer more handle card & throughout; . She suggested that to truly achieve shaping, also need to strengthen the training of the chest muscles around, a fitness and a healthy diet way.

is a beautiful bosom or destroy the chest

Internet controversy about breast massage industry, make massage into an unprecedented challenge.

& other; If customer abscess, fever, serious, we won’t meet, also advised her to go to the hospital. Throughout the &; Cai Sidan said, dredge breast, eduction milk massage service is in line with market needs and very safe.

in zhao peng, milk production of mammary gland bubble like grapes, in lactiferous duct (tube) not unobstructed, milk to the nipple, gland bubble will be like a balloon full of water, bulging is very large. & other; A pair of big hands like the grapes crowded broken, let the milk flow into the mammary stroma, hurt not only, also could be secondary to inflammation, abscess formation. Throughout the &;

even if it is widely recognized by lactating women & other; Promote lactation division & throughout; , zhao peng also not recognized. & other; Without any kind of massage can imitate the child suck the nipple. Throughout the &; He suggested that if the baby just can’t eat milk, mother can use a soft way to squeeze the nipple areola promote milk out of the country, but not advocate squeeze around the breast, in case the gland bubble bursts.

& other; There is a natural relationship between mother and child, the child to eat many, mother how many milk secretion, gradually will strike a balance and unity. Throughout the &; null

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