Matching gift: a black hole “philanthropist” with tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of leukemia patients

reporter/zheng Lin Zhou Shenggen Song Li

edit/hsien-feng lee jian-hua song

delta information about patients’ families to involved hospital

hebei yan jiao yan da dao-pei lu hospitals, more than 100 leukemia patients’ families panic. They tossed a lifeline by & other; Cheat & throughout; Combined, these money more than $10 million. On the recommendation of the patients and medical personnel, patients’ families believe that Mr. Liu’s & other easily; Charity matching gift & throughout; And Mr. Liu has been lost.

on November 30, patients’ families more deep once told a reporter, a man called Mr. Liu, in the name of charity matching gift, to encourage families to cure money into so-called & other; Matching gift & throughout; Investment of 140000 yuan, someone in the back on the basis of the principal and obtain 90000 yuan of charity. According to incomplete statistics, more than hundreds of patients family members participate in & other; Matching gift & throughout; , including 10000 spend less, more than in 440000.

once deep reporter survey found that Mr. Liu was previously with foundation, the founder of the dream but in 2015, the fund issued a statement to stop rescue leukemia, while involved hospital, said the hospital with Mr. Liu’s donation behavior no relationship. At present, three rivers police have to investigate this matter.

delta patients’ families in hospital bargaining

ten million yuan swept run

30 November night, in WeChat & other; Mr. Liu matching gift group & throughout; 100 leukemia patients’ families, panic. A family member said & other; Alarm, looking for hospitals, media, fashion & throughout; .

this is a human rights group. Group members names behind were marked with the corresponding amount, through the way of the solitaire summary to participate in the number and amount of donation.

a man called Mr. Liu had promised to them that as long as the input of the principal, can through the way of matching gift, tens of thousands of yuan for charity.

patients’ families li Ming said that in the beginning, he did not believe the so-called matching gift. & other; Recommend patients to me at first, I think just 50 days, to give 80000 dollars to more than 80000 dollars, really like financing, loan sharks that kind of feeling, so I don’t believe that the more and more patients and I said I take back the principal, others said the quota also received, I think this is reliable. Throughout the &;

, li Ming said dao-pei lu hospital doctors to recommend Mr. Liu also matching gift program, and in the end, he believed, because & other; The doctor is face to face and I said. Throughout the &;

tell li Ming liu, 80000, only need 35 days, will be able to take back the principal and deserves to donate 50000 dollars. & other; Play to the individual account of the principal, the quota of 50000 as a charity directly used as a treatment. Throughout the &;

on October 5, li Ming will play to 8 yuan, ten thousand yuan liu’s personal account. As of November 30, the distance returned to the principal and the donation is beyond the date of more than ten days.

this period, Mr. Liu with all sorts of reason to refuse. & other; Tomorrow to play, this afternoon has been arranged, 24 hours to account for certain, then find me didn’t arrive you tomorrow & throughout; . After 24 hours, Mr Li and play in the past, the answer is: & other; That person can’t work, you wait, I personally do for you tomorrow. Throughout the &;

patients’ families Zhou Fang remember, she just to dao-pei lu hospital, meet the patients is not much, the head nurse to recommend Mr. Liu project twice, & other; We asked a roommate said no problem, is true, such ability to participate. Throughout the &;

on August 8 this year, Zhou Fang turned the first sum of money to Mr. Liu and then turned a pen, a total of 140000 yuan.

& other; Beginning to nothing, says the doctor will help me to fill in the information. Throughout the &; On October 8th, Zhou Fang & other; Matching gift & throughout; Expires, look for Mr. Liu for money, Mr. Liu for her to provide medical record home page, diagnostic certificate, certificate of poverty, the final match to donate or not.

during Zhou Fang several times to call the police, but by patients to live, & other; They say deserves to be donated to in front of the person, this will not give. Throughout the &;

30 November 6 PM, there are about eighty a few families, preliminary statistics, more than 600.

in climbing. By at 5 PM on December 1, the number has reached 131, involves the amount to 10.28 million yuan.

delta patient write involved hospital description

hospital doctors recommend & other; Matching gift & throughout;

patients’ families LLLDD found money may not be returned, sleepless night.

in August 2015, the son of LLLDD Vince diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, in order to let the children get better treatment, LLLDD decided to take his son from xinjiang medical college to dao-pei lu hospital.

in order to raise the treatment, LLLDD sold the hometown of 2 acres, 80000 yuan, 75 – year – old father out years of accumulated 50000 yuan endowment money, brothers and sisters together an nearly 100000 yuan in the home, Vince school fundraising nearly 80000 yuan. With a patchwork of 310000 LLLDD father and son came to the hospital dao-pei lu.

in May this year, serious deterioration of Vince, fish gene transfer Yang, within 36 days of treatment, and cost nearly 180000 yuan, spent LLLDD before raise all of the deposits.

no, doctor Yang LLLDD chose 2015 dream with other patients recommended charitable foundation matching gift program.

& other; In hand with dream charity project application is a young doctor to print, what all don’t understand our patients, affirmation is to listen to the doctor, & throughout; LLLDD of deep once said.

a number of patients’ families and LLLDD, same is through dao-pei lu hospital doctors, come into contact with Mr. Liu matching gift program.

this year on September 20, LLLDD borrowed 140000 yuan from the hand of the man, Mr. Liu matching gift program. According to Mr. Liu for LLLDD oral agreement, after 2 months, LLLDD will receive 14 Wan Benjin and 100000 public welfare donations, a total of 240000 yuan, among them, 140000 will play to the individual account, the principal of the matching gift of 100000 will hit him in the hospital account.

originally, November 20, Mr. Liu to give LLLDD should play, but on November 14 day Liu Jianfa friends said his daughter and mother-in-law accident, LLLDD what did not mention money to Mr. Liu for sympathy.

didn’t on WeChat until 26 LLLDD urged Mr. Liu as soon as possible to play money for yourself, Mr. Liu reply said Wednesday the money will hit LLLDD account in a hospital.

results to 29 in the afternoon is more than just LLLDD, almost all the families of matching gift to contact Mr. Liu, & other; Is call through but no one answered, ‘no one letter back & throughout; The LLLDD discovered things wrong, then began to nervous.

don’t get the money, Vince’s son will be forced to stop treatment, has owe medical costs more than 2800 dollars, even the medicine the doctor gave children take not to come out, LLLDD anxiously.

like LLLDD, high costs of treating many patients families cannot afford to have, a lot of families are borrowing to participate in the liu matching gift program.

liu lost news, let the family down.

delta patients’ families transfer to Mr. Liu credentials

lost of liu

on November 29, families began to crazy call Mr. Liu, but nowhere. & other; WeChat back, the phone can get through at the beginning, and then shut down. Throughout the &;

deep once the reporter understands, Mr. Liu was the founder of the foundation with dreams. Baidu encyclopedia of information display, liu is the sponsor of the Beijing dream with charitable foundation and the secretary-general. Tianjin jixian, graduated from central university of finance and accounting major and master graduate student degree, the current Beijing culture communication co., LTD. CEO with dreams.

in the previous report publicly, Mr. Liu appears to have been committed to public welfare activities. With dream charity foundation for hebei yan da dao-pei lu hospital, children’s hospital of zhengzhou, more than 6000 people in sichuan province people’s hospital blood disease.

in the previous media interview, Mr. Liu said: & other; As long as it is public welfare undertakings, I will try my best to do it. To give back to society is shall bear the social responsibility of an enterprise. Throughout the &;

dao-pei lu hospital doctors what jiujiang to deep reporter once confirmed, Mr. Liu do help others before. & other; Many patients are indeed swayed by his funding, you can go to ask. Throughout the &; A number of families involved in events also admitted that 2016 years ago, Mr. Liu’s matching gift family members all get the money back.

new sunlight foundation director Liu Zhengchen recalls, early with the dream foundation, Mr. Liu did help many patients survive, there is a certain credibility in the patients.

& other; He suddenly lost, now we are unprepared. Throughout the &; Jiujiang some helplessly say.

however, for Mr. Liu to use individual account & other charge families; The principal & throughout; The way a the personage inside course of study thinks not compliance. & other; Even if some project, patients want to ran high in terms of money, in order to obtain donations, also do not need to others. Throughout the &; He said, adding that public welfare organization at the start of the network fundraiser cannot accept money from patients, & other; Money can give patients. Throughout the &;

delta information about patients’ families to families of

no public offering foundation qualification

a number of family members, Mr. Liu and they contact, are in the same activities in the name of the dream foundation.

the data shows, with Beijing dream charity by several long engaged in children with leukemia relief volunteers, in June 2014 by the Beijing new sunshine approved charitable foundation.

however, as early as 2015 on May 14th, Beijing with dream charity fund was announced, announced on July 1, 2015, terminate the relationship with the Beijing new sunshine charitable foundation, and full stop children of the same dream leukemia relief project.

and Mr. Liu to provide patients family members of the public fundraising informed consent is, according to the agreement is still with the same dream charity as the main body, and that Beijing has terminated cooperation new sunshine charity foundation, & other; As a result of hospitalization in urgent need of such special cases need to predict, the cost of advanced instructions required, Beijing new sunshine charity foundation will medical fees are paid directly to the hospital patient in the hospital. Throughout the &;

new sunshine, chairman of the charity foundation deep once contacted Liu Zhengchen, it said: & other; New sunshine charity foundation will solve the problem through legal channels, as well as contact a lawyer to help patients. Throughout the &; Liu Zhengchen said, before the incident they to Mr. Liu in the name of the new sunshine didn’t know about the donations. New sunlight foundation have patients consulted related issues, new sunshine have to clarify the relationship at the time, and warned patients don’t put the money to give to the individual.

a new sunlight foundation, according to the same dream foundation as a special fund, launched a fundraising through new sunshine, but with the dream itself is not independent registered foundation, does not have publicly raised, all funds managed by new sunlight foundation.

for the same dream foundation provided to patients’ families mentioned in the agreement, the content of the new sunshine foundation staff said that if the clause as part of the new charity projects will use sunshine, but in the 2015 years after the termination of cooperation, new sunshine didn’t receive the same dream to provide application form.

delta patients’ families in hospital bargaining

hospital response: no relationship

in addition to the alarm, families tried to and beg for hospitals. No doctor recommended, they will not easily believe that Mr. Liu. null

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