Mature guy with more than 40 jins thin Originally from infant intussusception illness

& other; This young man to see a doctor for the first time, we all got really scared. The whole person was covered with pieces of paper, was too weak to the can stand. Throughout the &; Guangzhou Chinese medicine hospital chief physician Yang Zhenhuai memories, the young man from yunfu ajie, recently came to guangzhou to see a doctor, only 1.55 meters height of more than 40 kg weight, grey lips, nails, significant finger knuckles, the arm of the deltoid muscle only a thin layer, the whole person painfully painfully, less lazy words, eyes seem to be haven’t the strength to open.

after inspection, found that ajie severely malnourished, not malignant diseases such as cancer, but a disease often occurs in early childhood. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

abdomen bag piece cannot surgery

according to mother ms ho, ajie since childhood grow thin, when I was two years old because grow well and to the town hospital & other; Nutrition needle & throughout; Before, but half a year ago, QiBaShiJin heavy still remains. Last summer vacation, ajie with vestibule school teacher to foshan work practice, meanwhile mother received the teacher’s telephone, said ajie abdominal pain, to the hospital to see the acute gastroenteritis. Ajie’s condition is more and more serious, however, often belly bulge can’t eat rice, stomach is becoming more and more intense, was hurt in an attack.

after assessment, ajie situation belongs to the severely malnourished. & other; In general, there are three kinds of malnutrition. One is not enough calories, see more at excessive dieting. And there’s a hypoalbuminemia, is pathological. The third is a hybrid, ajie is this one. Throughout the &; Yang Zhenhuai introduction, ajie malnutrition, has caused his body low blood sugar, electrolyte disorder, a series of problems such as low thyroid function. CT examination showed that ajie appear incomplete obstruction of small intestine, there is a bag piece, it is possible that the tumor. But due to his nutritional status is so bad that can not meet the operation standard, need to first nutritional therapy, electie colorectal surgery again.

dung sex stomach tube outflow drainage fluid

that is in the process of recuperation and disease mutations ajie: gastric tube in the sudden outflow drainage liquid manure sex, their people also began to appear, this show ajie is likely to have a complete intestinal obstruction, although nutrition is not up to standard, but because of an emergency, the need for emergency surgery.

Yang Zhenhuai introduction, in the operation, open the abdominal cavity ajie, found the bag piece shown in the CT actual because of his association with layers of nested together and form, but it’s really because his whole intestinal wall edema, & other; Like a thin layer of paper & throughout; , not suitable for removal of immediately, only to the abdominal cavity drainage for him, in the small intestine do a colostomy, move bowels, derivation of abdominal decompression, to avoid secondary abdominal cavity infection.

after the operation, ajie toxins from the body with the shit out of the body, is gradually improving, from liquid begin eating, gradually began to eat semifluid, also to have a smile on her face, slowly back up to 50 jins, weight has been discharged from hospital to rest home. Three months later, he also need to accept the second operation, to deal with his intussusception.

baby repeated abdominal pain alert intussusception

as we have learned, intussusception refers to fit a long intestinal tube connected to its lumen, and lead to intestinal contents through the obstacles, divided into two categories, primary and secondary. Idiopathic intussusception develops in infants and young children, most bowel loops without pathological changes, just because infantile bowel movements active, adding consisting of stage, due to intestinal peristalsis disorder and intussusception. And adult intussusception in diseased bowel loops, such as benign or malignant tumor, polyp, tuberculosis, adhesion, and Angela merkel diverticulum, can affect the normal bowel peristalsis, become the inducing factors of intussusception. Sometimes intestinal roundworm disease, spastic obstruction are also risk factors.

in combination with ajie since the childhood malnutrition, Yang Zhenhuai estimates that history may trace back to when I was a kid, but as a result of intussusception caused pain will alleviate by oneself, and always did not cause the attention of the family. & other; Intussusception is sometimes as insufflate yourself & lsquo; Place & rsquo; And ease. If the children recurrent stomach after a while, relieving and malnutrition, to doubt the possibility of intussusception. Children intussusception, partly by barium enema can solve after open the nested, but after a barium enema is still not alleviate, want to consider surgery. Throughout the &; Yang Zhenhuai said. (all media reporter wu asked the correspondent santoku)

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