McDonald’s China CEO: food safety is a top priority, changed its name in accordance with international practice

McDonald’s China CEO Phyllis cheung

on November 21, McDonald’s China in Shanghai the second & other; McGrady merrimack & throughout; . To attend the activities of McDonald’s China CEO Phyllis cheung, in an interview said citic and Carlyle in the McDonald’s China, & other; We have a lot more autonomy. Throughout the &;

this year & other; McGrady merrimack & throughout; & is the theme of the other; Fresh, you give prize & throughout; . Phyllis cheung, said the company added a food safety commission, report directly to the board of directors, to ensure food safety.

about previous company name & other; Golden arch & throughout; Set off a wave of boom, Phyllis cheung response surging news said that because of the need for legal name is primarily, the heat caused by public opinion is the company’s unexpected. She said, McDonald’s China company not listed separately.

Chinese investment in the change after

in August this year, McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) announced with citic shares (00267 HK), and the Carlyle group, citic capital for McDonald’s China business strategy cooperation formally completed delivery. After the completion of the acquisition, citic shares and citic capital in the new company will hold a total of 52% of the control, Carlyle and McDonald’s (global) hold the equity of 28% and 20% respectively.

when asked citic and Carlyle in the McDonald’s China after the change, Phyllis cheung truth: & other; Announcement of cooperation, we had a lot of autonomy. Throughout the &;

Phyllis cheung, first of all, McDonald’s in the Chinese market has never signed three developers within 2 months of strategic alliance, but after delivery is done. Before the change of equity, the decision from the perspective of law, or from the perspective of understanding of project, headquarters of the United States would ask many questions; Now, local teams, local boards and the local real estate agent know the market very well, so make a decision very quickly.

second, open new stores will accelerate the speed. Stake settlement, the McDonald’s China put forward by the year 2022 to increase the vision 2000 restaurants, equivalent to a year end 350 to 500, the change in ownership impossible before, but now I can completely to Chinese market as the guidance,

third, Phyllis cheung, points out that citic in such aspects as property, book publishing, the bank is rich in resources, its financial strength and network strength also provides support for McDonald’s China.

in August this year, McDonald’s into Chinese after holding, McDonald’s China began to operation and management of new McDonald’s business in mainland China and Hong Kong, China, 2000 plan to open more stores in five years, three or four line city coverage increased by 10%. New McDonald’s China will be outside the United States the largest McDonald’s franchise market, operation and management about 2500 McDonald’s restaurants in mainland China, Hong Kong and China for about 240 McDonald’s restaurants.

at the time, McDonald’s China chairman of the board, chairman of citic capital, chief executive of Zhang Yichen, said the new company had not listed. Phyllis cheung on November 21, in an interview with the media and reiterated that view.

new food safety commission, report directly to the board of directors

Phyllis cheung said when it comes to food safety, McDonald’s organizational structure is special. Food safety supervisor and forensic reports directly to the CEO; Supply chain is a separate department, it will make purchasing decision, will do the check of supplier itself. But, in charge of food safety department will monitor the work of the supply chain, specifically to do a more neutral department, not ruled by the supply chain based on a mechanism of risk management.

according to introducing, McDonald’s China would, by working with a third party authority and raided to supplier, let suppliers to establish a wary of culture.

in addition, the mechanism of McDonald’s China has a hotline, the hotline directly to company headquarters, namely can skip their boss, skip the McDonald’s system, direct access to the headquarters of the central food safety reporting center, if received reports, do a secret investigation of the neutral verification.

Phyllis cheung also said that the company added a food safety commission, report directly to the board of directors, to ensure food safety.

& other; Food safety is the key of the McDonald’s. Since 2017, our supplier for more than 100 times the inspection notification type, 100% qualified. We have been sharing with major suppliers in advance in China’s development plan, make sure they prepare food safety, quality and capacity. Throughout the &; Phyllis cheung said.

& other; Golden arch & throughout; Renamed red unexpectedly

it is worth mentioning that in McDonald’s China by Chinese holdings after 2 months, McDonald’s (China) co., LTD., is officially changed its name to the golden arches (China) co., LTD., its subsidiaries are also gradually changed its name. The new name on the network quickly.

& other; (renamed) I found a phenomenon in a McDonald’s restaurant, many people will take pictures at the gate of the restaurant. Throughout the &; Phyllis cheung talked about recently & other; Golden arch & throughout; The name famous said with a smile.

but Phyllis cheung deny the motivation of a company have a marketing campaign, said & other; No thought of will produce the effect, we also very surprise, originally just want to quietly change & throughout; .

for the cause of the name, she explained, the franchise market, the business license to use a different name is the international practice, so from a legal point of view, also need to be changed.

as to why change & other Golden arch & throughout; , Phyllis cheung said, because the image of McDonald’s logo design, like two Golden Arches, the company internal has been using the Golden Arches (literal translation for & other; Golden arches throughout the &;) The nickname, Brazil’s McDonald’s company registration name is Portuguese & other; Golden arches & throughout; , so Chinese companies decided to renamed when it chooses the Chinese translation & other Golden arch & throughout; .

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