McDonald’s overnight hair statement: selling Fried dough sticks and its packing didn’t add plasticizer in production

aluminum paint is commonly known as & other Alum twisted dough-strips & throughout; High, grease in the polarity components may be repeated use of the old oil does not change.

on December 4, Shanghai disappear is protected appoint and Shanghai food drug administration jointly issued “twisted dough-strips consumption observe situation”, according to the results, into a mountain road in a web celebrity cooking Fried dough sticks aluminum paint nine times; New Asia the highest bag twisted dough-strips polar components, suspected pan long time don’t change; A McDonald’s store in Shanghai twisted dough-strips plasticizer was detected (DEHP) value of 1.35 mg/kg, temporary limited value limit close to the national level. In the evening, McDonald’s said in a statement, confirmed, McDonald’s restaurants selling Fried dough sticks and packaging in the production process does not add any plasticizer, assured consumers to eat. McDonald’s is further explored twisted dough-strips plasticizer were measured.

McDonald’s (for figure/visual China)

a web celebrity shop twisted dough-strips aluminum paint nine times

Shanghai disappear is protected appoint from KFC, McDonald’s, yonghe king, new Asia bag brand chain store, and taoyuan village as soon as possible, such as zhang ji twisted dough-strips web celebrity store bought 25 brand 29 samples. In addition to investigating the product publicity, but also to entrust Shanghai nutrition food quality supervision and inspection of Fried dough sticks components were tested.

, according to the results from a mountain road, 351 lane 8 & other; Four big gold & throughout; The Fried dough sticks, aluminum content is far higher than the national standard, 980 mg/kg. Shanghai disappear is protected appoint refers to the elimination of Gu Qijun scene, said is the standard 9 times higher than 100 milligrams per kilogram.

this observe, 11 stores twisted dough-strips nominal & other; No alum & throughout; , but the detection of alleged & other; No alum & throughout; The Fried dough sticks and ordinary aluminum content difference of Fried dough sticks.

by testing the aluminum content of Fried dough sticks. This article images from Shanghai disappear is protected appoint

Shanghai, eat food and drug administration said Fried flour products of aluminum mainly comes from the food additive aluminium potassium sulfate, aluminum sulfate amine (commonly known as alum), both as a leavening agent after use. “Standard of national food safety standards of using food additives” (GB 2760-2014) regulation, Fried flour products aluminum residue sample (dry) limited provisions for & le; 100 mg/kg.

according to the standard of set limit to use aluminum leavening agent will not have to human body health effect, but the excessive consumption of aluminum may cause nerve to human body, reproductive and developmental effects, and is associated with the occurrence of rickets and osteoporosis.

in Shanghai in recent years, the twisted dough-strips fry flour products such as supervision and sampling inspection results, aluminum residue indicators qualified rate has increased significantly, nearly two years in a higher level.

& other; New Asia bag & throughout; Twisted dough-strips suspected repeated use of the old oil

eating Fried dough sticks most concerned about is the use of repeated frying oil and polar components is an index for measuring oil quality. If the polarity composition index is higher, the possible change oil not frequently security hidden danger.

there are 9 samples of the polarity of the grease composition is higher, among them, the new Asia bag changyang road store fat polar components, reached 43%, highest polarity composition of the new Asia guo road shop bag is as high as 39.6%.

tested grease polarity composition index of Fried dough sticks.

in addition, the coke road night market pie dough sticks, water clear road Shanghai grandpa four soya-bean milk twisted dough-strips, siping road night market dia to xi bannock night market of Fried dough sticks, maotai road night market pie, Fried dough sticks, huoshan road night market soya-bean milk twisted dough-strips, enron healthy on the road in the night market pie dough sticks, and good morning hills small wooden bridge shop eight other store fat polar components are on the high side, suspected the condition of the oil over and over again. Drug safety

the Shanghai food, edible vegetable oil heating and after repeated use of a series of chemical reactions can occur, the fall in nutritional value will also produce some substances at the same time, increase the polarity of the oil, some of these substances harmful to human body (such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). Polarity composition and carbonyl value, acid value are reflected after cooking oil heating index of quality decline. National health standard “in the process of the edible vegetable oil frying (GB 7102.1 2003) regulation, edible vegetable oil in the process of frying, evaluation rules of polar components & le; 27%, the acid value was & le; 5 mg/g, carbonyl value is & le; 50 meq/kg.

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