Media comments: dissolve the blood shortage “, need resource sharing across the region

(previously reported:)

structural & other; Blood shortages & throughout; Blood is the main reason, the overall deployment of level is low, the blood around the center is only responsible for the local blood collection and supply.

according to the Beijing news reported, yanjiao a hospital blood leukemia patients demand is big, the hospital is in short supply, there are persistent hospital blood, from the Internet recruiting blood donors to yanjiao, with & other; Mutual blood donation & throughout; & in the name of the other; Sell blood & throughout; .

the reporter survey found & other; Blood shortages & throughout; Phenomenon, with previous & other; Blood shortages & throughout; There are many different in its phenomenon. This is a leukemia specialized subject hospital, main platelet transfusion and leukemia patients, patients not only great demand of platelets, and along with the development of the disease, blood transfusion of frequency is becoming more and more intensive. Here, therefore, facing the situation of patients are often, other ingredients such as red blood cells of blood good search, but the platelet is hard to find.

a lot of leukemia patients were concentrated in one place, but the volunteers donate platelet co., LTD., & other; Blood shortages & throughout; Therefore produce and intensified. This shows that such & other; Blood shortages & throughout; The main problem is not insufficient blood volume, but the result of blood supply of structural contradictions. Not only that, but many places make & other; Blood shortages & throughout; , mainly concentrated in one or two kinds of blood types, and other places may be focused on a different blood type, if the inventory of both blood and unified scheduling, two & other; Blood shortages & throughout; Can get some relief.

blood volume is insufficient, is used in China is facing a problem, but now this problem has been improved significantly. The world health organization recently released by the global security and blood supply in 2016 report shows that in the world’s top level of blood safety supply, unpaid blood donation rate for 20 years, blood donation number and adopt the world’s largest health, many indexes reach or exceed the level of advanced countries.

on the other hand, the structural unbalance of blood supply is increasingly obvious, greatly increased as the main contradiction of momentum, if still think in the past to deal with the current situation, to resolve & other; Blood shortages & throughout; It will be difficult to do suit the remedy to the case. Lead to structural & other; Blood shortages & throughout; Is the blood as a whole, the main reasons for the deployment of level is low, the blood around the center or blood stations are responsible for the local blood collection and supply, resource sharing and information exchange are rarely across the region, if the higher level as a whole, the structural contradiction is expected to ease.

with the aid of the power of the Internet, break the pattern of region segmentation, built in the blood supply of the regional and even national unified chain, is not only necessary, but also in terms of transportation condition and the speed is not a problem. Biggest problem may be, to promote overall level will involve the interests of the different places, not only sufficient blood supply region don’t want to share the resources with other regions, but also involves blood collection and distribution cost and profit, to break through the barriers there is a certain difficulty. But anyway, this is clearly worth exploring and trying, dissolve the blood supply of structural contradictions, should be in a more prominent position.

/zhi-hua luo (doctor)

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