Media comments: early childhood leadership brand “child abuse is an emergency signal

immediately review | & other; Early education leadership brand throughout the &; Child abuse is an emergency signal

Beijing a kindergarten is refers to baby pills medicines, district education commission was established working group in garden survey

according to media reports, many parents reflect Beijing’s chaoyang district GuanZhuang red yellow blue kindergarten teacher to the student (xintiandi garden) pills, tablets, and to have children suspected of being obscene. The police have stepped in, chaoyang district also has established a working group to the kindergarten education commission investigation.

mentioned in the video of the children from the parent disclosure and the needle to see the photos of children, child abuse basic can take a firm, outrageous. Details, scope of victims, the motive of child abuse, needs further investigation.

red yellow blue news a kindergarten child abuse, most shocked the public, this is not a & other; 3 without & throughout; Black kindergarten, but a large scale chain-like management brand. Its claim to & other; Early education leadership brand throughout the &; Is not far off the mark. According to the official introduction, red yellow blue education was established in 1998, in terms of business scale, market share the first top Chinese preschool education industry. This year on September 27, red, yellow, blue, listed on the New York stock exchange became the first independent public preschool education enterprises in China.

& other; Throughout the first &; So, will no doubt be deeply hurt people’s confidence in the early education industry. The first such, how will the second, third, not well-known institutions? Such doubt is to let those institutions and conscientious teacher getting drenched, but for savage growth early education industry, rebuilding trust will not be easy.

& other; Red, yellow, blue & throughout; There is a record. In November 2015, jilin siping & other; Red, yellow, blue & throughout; Kindergarten is to expose abuse scandal, four teachers by adopting punctured, threats such as guardianship child abuse. Last October 26, siping I four defendants in accordance with the law of the people’s court sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment two year six months to two years and ten months. The case, is also the “criminal law amendment (9) after the implementation of the country’s first abuse cases charges.

the current red, yellow, blue, own our most concern is the size of the lines, not drag. & other; Red, yellow, blue, more than 300 cities all over China, currently has more than 1300 parent-child garden and nearly 500 high quality kindergarten, on average, every week there are almost 300000 children and family into the red, yellow, blue, we have accumulated for millions of families to provide professional services for preschool education and guidance. Throughout the &; Once these beautiful transcripts, how to give the public a account now? The more than one thousand parent-child garden and nursery school, teaching conditions, management norms, it is not only red, yellow, blue, parents of each choice questions, is also the public’s doubt.

to find out, red, yellow, blue, introspection, not only can’t let parents fear, local education authorities and law enforcement agencies to act quickly, investigate in an all-round way.

publicly reported, red yellow blue is by joining the system to make big, quickly to & other; The novice entrepreneurs started & throughout; , & other Standardization of teaching management + + marketing scheme of a complete set of output & throughout; Such as slogan to attract members. But if you only pay attention to the scale, efficiency and profit, while ignoring the management, so the capital market to tell a story is equivalent to the millions of children are exposed to risk.

& other; Early education leadership brand throughout the &; The credibility of the crash or an emergency signal, means that the early education market is in a state of extreme non-standard. At the national level to standardize the market for early education on the agenda, it is more and more urgent. Early education market is in the process of rapid expansion, and only once each child’s growth, we afford to wait. Might as well from red, yellow, blue, set out to investigate, understand the basic situation of our market.

(the original title: immediately review | & other; Early education leadership brand throughout the &; Child abuse is an emergency signal)

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