Media published stories about how to build a campus sexual harassment defence? From the perspective of the system

a report online weibo after 11 days, 12 years ago a pile of sexual harassment on campus with the preliminary findings. In the recording than to visit, after check, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics 12 post processing, professors were xiao-wu Chen dropped everything and cancelled the qualifications for teachers. After the issue of the bulletin real-name reporting victims of ms in microblogging forwarding on the full text, the Alma mater of courage, and frank said.

when the tower in colleges and universities that in people are blaming & other; Black sheep & throughout; At the same time, we also should do something, to further build a campus security defense, let the teachers and students have a more fair and safe learning environment, become a social concern. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

frankly face the ethics anomie, willing DuanWan

the first day of 2018, Chinese female scholars working in silicon valley ms published weibo, entitled” I want to report real-name buaa, professor cheung kong scholars xiao-wu Chen sexual harassment female student “, she and other victims girls gathered together the recording, lending to a third party, testimony evidence, at the same time to beihang university officials to report it. Eleven days later, the troubled ms & other; 12 years of heart & throughout; With the results.

, said ms buaa comrade commission for discipline inspection once confirmed with her, & other; Has been drawing up relevant documents, strive for an early rules & throughout; . Alma mater, face to face with the attitude of the problem, she is very satisfied, leave a message said & other; I am proud of buaa & throughout; .

report issued after the processing of buaa, many netizens also approved comments such processing results. Store from zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese academy of education thought, which expresses the colleges and universities to handle such events & other; A strong man DuanWan & throughout; Courage, especially in colleges and universities into & other; Double top & throughout; The construction of the critical moment, & other; Don’t cover one’s mistakes, don’t look for reason, impartial and honest in the face of the attitude all let netizen to sit up and take notice. Throughout the &;

to such a result, some netizens said, honest attitude to everyone with a lot of confidence, because in the past, many such events will eventually become silent.

the store from zhaohui said: & other; In fact, once entered the school, students, teachers, school three parties to a certain extent, it formed a community of interests. Sexual harassment or sexual abuse, relevant staff and will form a benefit community. Students worry that will affect their studies and future, in the heart of the classmates under pressure; The teacher worried about their jobs; School worry affect reputation; Teacher’s superior worry have joint and several liability. So, unless the damage is very big, many students will choose silence, some schools choose to go away. Even after leaving the campus, also can choose silence. Ms buaa sexual harassment of people in foreign countries, although in a great extent from the surrounding environment, but finally she could stand up also need courage. Throughout the &;

fang-ping cheng, a professor in the school of renmin university of China education tells a reporter, oneself also ever heard of such events on campus, students who told him that this is & other; Hidden rules & throughout; . & other; The image of individual teachers don’t cherish myself a teacher by worthy example, use the power of the hands of readers. Such as he took the exam is very hard for you, and tell some of his goals ahead of time students, if want to separate the tutorial. Or practice, such as paper, walks the interests of the temptation to target students, forcing students to heel. Throughout the &;

from the finest point on eyes and be safe

although such violation of ethics in colleges and universities event is individual phenomenon, but the store from zhaohui thinks, its negative influence and damage to the victims is great. & other; Because in you heart, have certain expectations for the school, the teacher’s image also have generally good cognitive, such incidents at this time, psychological trauma. Throughout the &;

fang-ping cheng believes that students are actually weak side, facing the study pressure, the future is unknown, after injury, bear the pressure is very big. And some schools to teacher’s evaluation is often around the teaching and scientific research aspects, ignore the requirement for teachers’ moral. & other; Regardless of the loss of ethics of teachers in teaching and research has achieved much accomplishment, you get any honors, they cannot hide their personal morals of corruption. Throughout the &; Fang-ping cheng said that this is the problem.

& other; In spite of the colleges and universities have to teacher ratings of the students, but often lay particular stress on the teaching ability. In fact, teaching and education should pay equal attention to, in terms of education, should give more consideration. Throughout the &; Fang-ping cheng said.

fang-ping cheng believes that the students before and after are violated, there will be a lot of clues to expose, students are under pressure, may be unable to speak. Should schools from the finest point on eyes at this moment, nip in the bud. & other; Such as some students grades generally, suddenly get high marks or a places to walk, or the teacher suddenly increase the difficulty in the test, failed the students has greatly increased, these details should not be let off easily, maybe some of them contain the catch. Throughout the &;

from the system, eliminate sexual harassment on campus

how to build a campus security defense line, put an end to sexual harassment on campus?

jian-long yao, a professor at Shanghai university of political science and law, told reporters in the judicial practice, in recent years for sexual harassment zero tolerance situation clearly, & other; Especially for the violations of minors & throughout; .

the law & other Strictly & throughout; A school is on the other hand, store from zhaohui thinks, to curb sexual harassment & other; Forensics, victims concerns & throughout; Phenomenon, but also from the system.

& other; The relationships between teachers and students in many countries in the world, sexual harassment is highly sensitive, can say this is a high tension line. Both public universities and private universities, in the event of events beyond the relationship between teachers and students, the teacher will be dismissed immediately. Even between single teachers and students, the relationships between teachers and students, the school will also consider the following may cause a series of problems, for teachers adopt measures to dismiss. And many countries and regions have professor committee and third parties such as teachers’ association, appear this kind of phenomenon, students can make a report to the third party, third party agencies will also supervise the school. Throughout the &; Store from zhaohui said, at present, we should, from the perspective of the system, and other Such as developing the relationship between teachers and students of the high tension line, at present the school party organization and trade union organizations should shoulder the responsibility & throughout; .

store from zhaohui thinks that school for this kind of event handling, also want to sharp, dare to sell. & other; Some schools indulge in sympathy with the teachers, less than the last step is not firing, also leave room, until the judicial process. If at the school level first, yan will give confidence to students. Throughout the &;

fang-ping cheng thinks, around the teacher education effect evaluation, can give students more & other; Scoring opportunities & throughout; , institutions such as mental health center in the school to further perfect, lets the student pressure & other; There is a export & throughout; .

(formerly titled “how to build a campus sexual harassment lines)”

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