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& have spent On May 16, 2017, shandong j Xue Xiuying cataracts, are some eye drops. Vision for Chinese figure

on May 16, 2017, shandong j Xue Xiuying cataracts, are some eye drops. Vision for Chinese figure

vision China for figure

vision for Chinese figure

a year sales of 750 million yuan of eye drops, never to see his wife’s face let Zhang Liquan.

the gansu, a 81 – year – old old man don’t remember there was something wrong with my eyes from which day began. At first, he felt at the moment seems to be a layer of mist, sometimes can’t read the newspaper.

then, his eyes feel pain more and more frequently. Zhang Liquan guess, may be a while ago too dazzling sunshine, or watch TV too much, can also be young when attend militia ray test left life. Later, he can’t give her a needle, is seeing double, there will be a black dot.

Zhang Liquan vaguely felt that she had cataracts, he heard the disease. His Xu Cheng zhuanglang county, pingliang, gansu province, the village, the old man a lot, the county to experts, free for everyone to do screening. Neighbors recommend he had an eye patch, but he finally chose to buy & other; Sally PuAi thought (22.890, & have spent 0.00, & have spent 0.00%) & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; On television, fewer than 50 yuan a box. The key is to have & other; Iron hammer & throughout; Lang ping do guarantee: Sally PuAi, treating cataract.

in the face of the upper market has eye drops and eye ointment for the treatment of cataract, the eye patch, deputy director of Beijing tongren hospital ophthalmology Lu Hai truth & other Puzzled & throughout; He told the China youth daily & middot; Middle online reporter: & other; There is no scientific studies have shown that they can treat or delay the condition of cataract. Throughout the &;

at present, internationally, through the use of surgical treatment of cataract is already quite mature technology, the success rate of more than 90%. In China, according to 2013 data, there are still 47% of eye disease is caused by cataract blindness, at the reason first.

if the medicine is useful, hospital, why not?

eyes can’t see the half a year, tension generalist told his son. He felt that does not affect to do housework, do not affect and the old man in the village broad, there is no need to trouble child.

& other; So much the old man on television are cured. Throughout the &; He thought his eyes also can be cured by eye drops. Recall every time with Sally PuAi thought, Zhang Liquan said do feel eyes & other; Comfortable & throughout; . This eye drops him for months, no effect, then spent nearly 2000 yuan, bought a neighbor recommend bright eye eye ointment and therapeutic apparatus. The line of sight of

Zhang Liquan still fuzzy & ndash; & ndash; The trees are green and brown color in the village, the Chinese New Year Spring Festival couplets can’t write it himself. He couldn’t see the TV screen, can’t see his wife. He estimates that in the village and he is similar to the old man has more than 10.

lock them into & other; The fog & throughout; The lens is in the eye becomes cloudy. The kernels size, elastic flat ball in between the iris and the vitreous body, should be transparent, lenses for plays a similar role: the light on the retina, filter out part of ultraviolet ray, protect eyes. When its pathological changes, including proteins become hardened, opaque, block the light entering the eye, thus affect vision.

& other; If a person’s life is long enough, the probability of cataract is almost 100%. Throughout the &; Lu Hai told China youth daily & middot; Middle online journalists. In his view, this is the body’s natural aging process, nothing terrible, long and skin fold, bone loose, slowing of the blood circulation, is the same.

he often met with in the hospital for a long time eye drops and ointment of patients. In the examination room, someone asked him some kind of medicine can cure cataract. & other; If the medicine is useful, why don’t we use? Hospital without effective medicine, this is not logical. Throughout the &; Lu Hai always again stressed to the patients.

before decided to go to hospital for surgery, lives in wuhan LaoYi has for more than four years to buy traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and eye drops. The first two years, he superstitious local & other; Don’t even give medicine & throughout; Clinic of traditional Chinese medicine, drinking five period of treatment of traditional Chinese medicines, 700 ml every night before going to bed, every treatment cost 4000 yuan, is not working. He began to go to the pharmacy to buy eye drops, cost 50 ~ 70 yuan a week. He spent four or five of ten thousand yuan, are paid less than 6000 yuan a month.

the first hospital affiliated to chongqing medical university, director of the physician of ophthalmology coastal also said that to their Sally PuAi check-up patient 90% are used. They stay with hope in a world of fuzzy for months or even years, to suffer in the end is made in vain.

this & other; Delay & throughout; It is easy to flexible lens & other; Overripe & throughout; , edema, swelling, like a excessive water filling water polo, squeeze the vitreous body, let a person eyes pain all day long. The lens degree of pathological changes once get higher, also can increase the risk of treatment, cause complications such as glaucoma, uveitis, cause irreversible damage to eyesight.

& other; Overripe & throughout; Of the lens need higher energy of ultrasound to undergo surgery, easy to burn the incision, corneal endothelial injury, iris and the vitreous, and even lead to retinal detachment. & other; It’s like you go to a house, a crack to repair, when I was of course than fast falling down when repairing the easy and safe. Throughout the &; Lu Hai for example.

decided to do surgery, because these drugs are not

LaoYi always know surgical therapy, but he is worried about the operation risk & ndash; & ndash; He is no vision in his right eye, if treatment fails, they can’t see anything. Until this year, he gave me a check, discover & other; Already full, will cause complications & throughout; Only 0.15 vision, my left eye. He has already can’t see five meters away, finally decided to go to the hospital for surgery.

& other; Although the cause of cataract is relatively complicated, we don’t fully understand, but the means of treatment is very mature and effective. Throughout the &; Lu Hai said. At present, the world recognized effective therapy is through the surgery to pathological changes of the lens replacement for artificial crystal, like damage to the camera lens for the new.

was taken to hospital, Zhang Liquan black eyes can already see white, villous. This means that the illness has developed to a certain extent. Early cataract need checks to diagnose instrument.

coming out from the operating room, Zhang Liquan there is even a & other; Be fooled & throughout; Feeling that the whole operation process only took less than 20 minutes, also don’t need to be hospitalized, the doctor told him the next day you can take down bag eyes cloth.

Lu Hai introduction, cataract surgery needs to be done before a large incision, risk is big. Now the technology only need 1 ~ 2 mm incision, and only a few drops of anesthetic, don’t need an injection, a high success rate. Cost depends on the price of artificial crystal, for most people, four yuan is enough to cure cataract, in some places there are policy subsidy, 1000 yuan is enough.

surgery to replace the artificial lens can be a lifetime of use, the probability of recurrence is low. Operation not success often is because of complications, there is something wrong with the eyes or other parts, such as eye disease, or diabetes cause metabolic abnormalities.

& other; I am 81 years old, and I have no thought of can see so clearly. Throughout the &; Zhang Liquan to China youth daily & middot; Middle online journalists about mood at that time. He used to be worried about surgery is unsafe, also feared he older not do surgery.

coastal analysis, said the old man common stubborn, compared to doctors, they believe that familiar face on TV, more believe that health & other; Experts & throughout; . & other; But in the end, they decided to do surgery, because these so-called drug to use. Throughout the &;

Sally PuAi thought, for example, it was listed as the main promotion at the hospital, but the effect is not good. In 2004, approved by the administration of China’s state food and drug supervision and administration, Sally PuAi to over-the-counter medications, increase investment in the advertising. According to Sally PuAi’s 2016 financial statements, the company annual advertising spending as much as 260 million yuan, and cataract related to drug research and development costs only 5.5 million yuan, less than a fraction of the advertising.

no drug can let a person rejuvenation

in the vast majority of claims that the drugs to cure cataract, benzyl of lysine is the main ingredient. When it is drip into the eyes, can give a person with strong sense of burning and drying. In order to alleviate the discomfort, the LaoYi figure out their own eye drops process: first drop eye drops for the treatment of cataract, then drip lubrication, antiphlogistic, each interval of 10 minutes.

this kind of drug advertising is often claimed to be able to the prevention and treatment of cataract, but at present only in a small number of animal experiments, benzyl of lysine to delay cataract. A 2015 study found another kind of drugs that reduce the opacity of the lens, but the dog’s eyes.

& other; Delay cataract with medicine study a lot, but there is no research proved useful drugs on the human body. Throughout the &; Lu Hai told China youth daily & middot; Middle online journalists.

, he argues, LaoNianXing cataract is a stage in life only. & other; Like no drug can let a person rejuvenation, the process is not reversible. The elderly femoral head necrosis, change the joints is good, but can’t take medicine for bone back to 18 years old, with what eyes can? Throughout the &;

the cause of cataract is various, the human body aging, nutrition supply and circulation of the blood. Life cycle by sunlight, ultraviolet, X-ray, diet deficient in vitamin, it is possible because the hair cause of disease. In the hope of a kind of eye drops to solve a variety of pathogenic factors, reverse change, also in the Lu Hai seems impossible.

the China youth daily & middot; Middle online journalists call Sally PuAi telephone orders, the operator told: & other; Sally PuAi is an auxiliary drug, can only relieve symptoms, prevention of cataracts. But to heal, or need surgery. Throughout the &; The claims and the advertisement & other; Treating cataracts & throughout; There are quite a gap.

has said the doctor told the media a smile, if who can develop a drug treatment of cataract, get a Nobel Prize.

Lu Hai admitted that a new drug research and development to enter the hospital, need to phase I and phase II, phase III trial. And then to enter the food and drug administration for examination and approval links, added a lot of material, control is very strict, consumption before and after several years of time.

on December 2, there are media reports quote an eye doctor and authoritative literature questioned Sally PuAi thought the effect of eye drops, Sally PuAi thought shares in early on Monday, once drop stop, then pull up, eventually closed down 3.33%.

Sally PuAi announcement said, 0.5% benzyl of lysine eye drops in the 1990 s through clinical trials, is a kind of safe and effective drug cataract. Release of video advertising content and approval of the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative departments of the corresponding contents of advertisements.

the doctor question its & other; Products passed phase III clinical trials & throughout; , think Sally PuAi, eye drops on the clinical trials from the effectiveness of standard problem, lack of persuasive objective indicators should be according to the standard of national drug clinical trials now new multicenter phase III clinical trials should be carried out.

in May this year, Zhang Liquan eyes can’t see again. Son to speculate that this may be because the complications caused by delay treatment before, but Zhang Liquan don’t want to go with his son in the city hospital. Like most of the old man in the village, he hope county sent a doctor to visit again.

(the interviewees should request Zhang Liquan pseudonym)

the China youth daily & middot; Source: midnight Lin middle online journalists Wang Jiaxing intern China youth daily (11 December 6, 2017 edition)

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