Media: who should be responsible for taojiang 4 tuberculosis event?

bring taojiang county of hunan province, the fourth middle school, the school in August 364 outbreak of massive pulmonary tuberculosis.

| wen Chen

hunan taojiang 4 tuberculosis, somewhat surprising. After SARS, avian flu, after the test, such as public health emergency line around the solid. Can this epidemic prevention defense line, but in a school is a common infectious disease & ndash; & ndash; Tuberculosis to breakthrough.

, the Beijing news reported from late August to November 13, taojiang 4 outbreak, 76 cases of tuberculosis (TB); The original 89 students of three high liberal arts 364 classes, infections has over 50 people, the most serious illness, and even be critically ill notice.

but in the second half of last year the first confirmed tuberculosis patients to the students in the first half of this year in succession, in nearly a year, the school did not take effective measures, until July parents met at the centers for disease control and met a few students, began to have doubts whether the student collective infection.

the startling, is involved slow or even numbness, schools and the centers for disease control and prevention CDC doctors know & other; A lot of 364 classmates to medicine & throughout; , but mum; From August 6 students were found problems, grade three holiday on August 20, after half a month; Revelations, the earliest students broke it mentioned that the school has the teacher in charge said that revealed a disgrace to their school, shame, regardless of the school’s reputation.

slow more than the school and the centers for disease control and prevention. In the local official & other; Taojiang effective disposal of students tuberculosis of emergent public health emergency events & throughout; The notification, it seems to have been properly solved. Can claim & other; Effective disposal & throughout; , scope, number of cases, the cause of disease such as key information about.

it also led to more questions about the outbreak causes, such as the scope is really about, involved the school and the centers for disease control and processing have fault, etc. And this, is the focus of public attention.

bring on November 16, taojiang county propaganda department report said that as of November 15, 90% of the sick students through hunan tuberculosis prevention specialists to determine, already resumption or schooling can go back to school.

little warning, mobilization of slow, it’s not just make a problem. For public health prevention and control power distribution imbalance and sinking inadequate, a lot of grass-roots government public health emergency, are lack of professional and technical personnel, emergency system reach not widely spread, they will react fast enough, why can’t find out problems in a timely manner.

but some problem, can’t just blame insufficient resources. Behind the said system attached to a person, as legal infectious disease of tuberculosis, originally, with some prevention and control, system mechanism: in addition to the “law on the prevention and control of infectious disease, countries have special the TB control implementation guide” school tuberculosis prevention and control work specification “, hunan has TB prevention and control system for school.

bring students confirmed proof. Respondents for figure

in this background, some questions worth asking, “infectious diseases prevention law” article 31 of the regulation in our country, any units and individuals find infectious disease patients or suspected patients of infectious diseases, it shall timely to nearby or medical institutions of institution of disease prevention and control of the report.

this year, the national health development planning commission issued by the school tuberculosis prevention and control work specification 2017 edition is more clear requirements, in the same school found in 2 cases and under the same term patients, disease prevention and control institutions shall timely feedback to the patients in the school; Found in 3 patients and older patients with epidemiological link, should be to the family planning administrative department of public health at the same level, the higher institution of disease prevention and control, feedback and school report.

in the matter, have involved the school and the centers for disease control and prevention and without report to? If not, omission or conceal? If, while not earnestly implement the relevant measures and lead to the spread of disease, and the bear any responsibility & hellip; & hellip; These problems, the author needs to.

according to the latest reports, li bin, director of the national health development planning commission written instructions, have done to instruct local verification, public accurate information in time, go all out to do a good job of the treatment of sick students. 17 afternoon, officials and the prevention and treatment of experts has arrived in taojiang county to supervise the local epidemic disposal work.

believes that as countries who planning commission intervened, the TB aggregation epidemic events will to clear all the responsibility, and accountability according to regulation in accordance with the law. And to avoid its prevention and control mechanism in the front part was lost again, should focus on & other; Responsibility & throughout; , especially the responsibility clear.

/Chen (media)

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