Medical beauty class: beauty the teacher elder sister speak beautiful nose

lies in the center of the face, nose, as the most prominent along with the nose shape and height is not the same, so will not face the overall atmosphere and image. From the aesthetic point of view, always let a person leave deep impression. So the question comes, how to get a beautiful nose? This legal evening news “medical beauty class” continue to change the subject, especially for you invite joint beautiful beauty, hairdressing hospital experts – rhinoplasty ShiJunLi doctor read beauty nasal password for you.

host xuxa (left) and ShiJunLi doctor (right)

facial aesthetics standard

speak of the aesthetics of the nose, first we need to know that there are some differences in the aesthetic of the east and west. Chinese often say & other; The three division throughout five eyes &; , & other; Four high three low & throughout; And what exactly are these? Actually,

& other; The three division throughout five eyes &; View from the earliest theory of ancient Chinese art photo ancient tactic, then we together again to hear ShiJunLi doctor tell us something about its specific application in aesthetics explanation.

& other; The three division throughout five eyes &; Is the person’s face and face width of standard proportion, does not conform to the proportion, can produce distance and the ideal face shape. The three most simple court five eyes, is to keep the head up and down is divided into three thirds, the width of the head is divided into five groups.

& other; The three division throughout five eyes &;

three stops: refers to the proportion of the length of the face, the length of the face is divided into three parts, from the forehead hairline to eyebrow bone, from brow to the nasal floor, from the bottom of the nose to XiaKe, each accounting for a third of the face.

5 eyes: refers to the width of the face, eye to form units of length, the width of the face is divided into five parts, the hair from the left to the right, the hairline for five eye shape. Have one eye spacing between two eyes, one for each eye lateral to lateral hair eye spacing, the proportion of 1/5.

first of all, we in the center of the face of a vertical through the frontal – tip – of – the axis of the chin; Through the eyebrow bow as a horizontal line; Edge of through the nose for a parallel. So, two parallel lines will face is divided into three parts: from the hairline to the brow of attachment; Edge of the brow to the nose; Edge of the nose to the pointed chin, 3 each one-third, of & other; The three division throughout the &; .

and & other; Five eyes & throughout; Refers to the lateral canthus to the same side on the edge of the hair, the length of just one eye, between the two eyes, and the length of one eye, another side to the side of the hairline is a length of the eye. This is & other; Five eyes & throughout; . This is the most basic standards.

& other; Four high three low & throughout;

we see, on the vertical axis, must have & other; Four high three low & throughout; .

& other; Four high & throughout; : the first is that the frontal, the second highest point, the nasal tip. The third is high, the lip bead. The fourth is high, the pointed chin. & other; Three clear & throughout; Between two eyes, nose forehead junction must be concave; On his upper lip bead, groove is hollow, beauty of ditch is deep, the ridge of obvious; The bottom of the lower lip, there is a small sag, a total of three sag.

golden section method

these days, in & other; The three division throughout five eyes &; On the basis of the emergence of a more precise standards, all parts are up to the standard, is a beauty, specific as follows:

the width of the eyes, should be the same level of 3/10 of the width of the face;

chin length shall be 1/5 face long; The distance of eye center to the bottom of the eyebrows, should be face long 1/10;

eye shall be 1/14 face long; Surface area of the nose, to less than 5/100 of the total area of the face;

ideal mouth width 1/2 of the width of the same face.

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