Medical insurance fund: no rich country life, they have the disease of developed countries

the original title: medical insurance fund: there is no life in the developed countries, they have developed the disease

complex business world, listen to xiao-bo wu is enough

there is a problem on zhihu, q: & other; No life in developed countries, they have the disease of developed countries throughout the &; What is a kind of experience?

a good enough problem, itself contains half the answer, nothing more than a developed countries common diseases & ndash; & ndash; Welfare disease, the answer be vividly portrayed:

forcibly hold up in a low-income countries high welfare, until finally compromised, it is this experience. Sixty years ago commune canteens, thirty years ago do social enterprise, mountain.

actually still have similar happened over the last two years. But two things above are believed to have the absurd, but this time we’re in it, and the existential rights, it is difficult to he who sees through the bureau & hellip; & hellip;

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

yes, today to talk about medical insurance fund.

sudden shortage of medical consumables

at the end of 2017, a national outbreak of the a & other; Medical consumables storm & throughout; .

when it comes to medical consumables, you might think of syringes, cotton ball, gauze, rubber gloves, surgical blade type of mundane, in fact, such as puncture bag, laparoscopic, stapling, biological fibrin glue rarely heard of special equipment, belong to medical consumables, they made an operation can do, good or not.

however, guizhou, sichuan, gansu, hebei, guangdong and other places the hospital, but at the end of the notice, to control medical costs, downtime, using a variety of medical consumables, only some of the most basic, the most traditional.

a lot of doctors, said the ban a limit, the many surgery back directly to the level in the 1970 s. This operation & ndash; & ndash; Such as silk suture instead of intestine anastomat & ndash; & ndash; They are new, bad effect, risk is big, can not do not do.

then did, around the health development planning commission have been clarified, the ins and outs of the emergency control fee to the surface.

in short, the medical insurance fund under pressure, no depletion, but the trend is not optimistic, and from top to bottom, the country began to control health care costs. Putting pressure on the central to local, local to pressure hospital, hospital to pressure section office, the doctor can’t pressure patients, had his hands a pool.

condition required consumables can apply for, didn’t limit at the use of consumables, health care but you want to go? I’m sorry, our hospital there is no limit.

Chinese policy tightening

(don’t like policy interpretation can skip)

in 2015, the state development planning commission, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, people club department jointly issued by the public hospitals on the control unreasonable medical expenses growth of several opinions, which named:

* who planning commission tube of medical institutions, the national development and reform commission pricing pipe industry, the ministry of finance health care expenditure, man club of the medical insurance fund, so agreed to them.

in 2016, seven ministries jointly issued “pushed aside public hospital comprehensive reform of the comprehensive work, or the two sentences in the above opinions, but eliminated & other; Strive to & throughout; And set a time limit and other At the end of 2017 & throughout; And circle the scope & other; The first four batch of pilot cities & throughout; (a total of 200 city covers 32 provinces), required; Add:

the provinces degenerate spent the first half of 2017, and then found that bad & hellip; & hellip; Growth will not overweight.

such as guizhou province, August 1 – medical costs compared with the same period in 2016 increased by 18.05%, the highest, reported by the central questioning, panic under quickly issued a medical control of the emergency notification. The rest of the journey.

control cost strictly to what extent? In sichuan, control cost is substandard level of public hospitals will be downgraded, overall performance, dean of the double buckle, overweight by more than 20% directly in the dean & hellip; & hellip;

assault, assault charges fees again, feel deja vu? So someone said: the doctor to catch up with the half a year.

more than consumables, drug versa

to see the doctor, stop using part of the consumables for operation level back several decades, reminiscent of an old news.

a few years ago, there was industry according to the report, China’s drug sales Top20, none in global sales Top100 list.

minibus to verify this statement, comparison of China and the global list in 2016 found that China’s drug sales Top20, there are three top global sales Top100, but none of the top 50.

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