Medical union reached a strategic cooperation with CLP data key pilot area hmos

strategic cooperation ceremony (from left to right: d league swam by, CLP data service co., LTD., chairman of the COO Li Shifeng, CLP health fund partner Song Yu)

on December 28th, China’s leading real-name medical doctor platform league and CLP data service co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other; CLP data throughout the &;) Common open theme & other; The connection & middot; Fu can & middot; Ecological & throughout; The strategic cooperation conference. Both sides declared that the future will be in insurance underwriting, control and development of new plant, pharmaceutical research and development of data analysis, medical data application service such as direction of single diseases depth cooperation, focus on a trial basis in regional health maintenance organizations (hereinafter referred to as the HMO) project. Previously, the medical league for strategic investment by CLP health fund, huaxing new economic foundation and old shareholders of tencent, sequoia China to participate in the investment of 400 million yuan of series C round of financing.

& other; A platform, three links & throughout; Medical group how to assign for the medical health industry can

conference, medical group, penguins doctor, founder and CEO Wang Shirui illustrates the d league is about to open in 2018 & other A platform, three links & throughout; New business model. & other; & lsquo; A platform & rsquo; That continue to construct medical doctor real-name platform, with the help of medical data and artificial intelligence, medical group is committed to become a doctor provides services and medical solutions & lsquo; Super connector & rsquo; . & lsquo; Three connection & rsquo; Means, including medical institutions, YaoXie manufacturers, insurance companies and medical union & lsquo; The connection & rsquo; The business ecosystem. Throughout the &; Wang Shirui stressed that China’s reform on the supply side, grading diagnosis and the liberalization of more practice policies is an important catalyst for the medical health industry innovation, while the doctor resources reasonable allocation is the key factor in policy to the ground, with 430000 real-name authentication medical doctor resources in the combination of big data and artificial intelligence will be assigned to the medical health industry.

in the connection of medical institutions, medical group will provide including basic-level hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions at all levels to provide doctors, couplet of YaoXie supplies, medical aided diagnosis system construction, AI etc. Comprehensive solution. In cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, medical group currently has dozens of YaoXie manufacturers both at home and abroad to cooperate, the future, medical group will also be based on the CLP data resource advantage, offer more YaoXie manufacturers including academic content promotion, CRO clinical drug development, diversification of market data analysis solutions. In terms of connecting the commercial insurance, medical group will hand in hand with many business partners in new categories development, underwriting and control procurement direction cooperation fee, medical services.

d league with CLP data to create the Chinese characteristic area of HMO

HMO health maintenance organization, is a form of managed care. Users are using HMO system service, must first become a member of the system. HMO system to provide health management and medical services to members, provide members with the overall, affordable, quality control of health and health care. HMO system goal is through active management of health and the way of the comprehensive coordination of medical services, expect to improve the health level of membership, reduce the direct use of medical resources, reduce medical costs.

conference, the medical group jointly announced the blockbuster with CLP data cooperation projects & ndash; & ndash; In system, algorithm and model for connecting path, drive for the transfer of data connections, family doctor system for health care, entrance in tertiary referral system for medical treatment way, for the performance evaluation system of medical health assessment methods, through the user, family doctors, medical institutions, YaoXie manufacturers, payer (basic medical insurance and commercial insurance) and so on five big role to build complete HMO closed-loop system.

if you can get high quality slow disease data and reasonable use, will be in precision medical treatment, academic research and product research and development aspects of excavating the huge commercial value. Wang Shirui introduction, the medical group with CLP data of regional HMO plans will be slow disease management, such as liver disease, cancer, diabetes, such as slow disease areas of single diseases, intensive development.

at present, our country in medical data in the field of commercial exploration is still in its infancy. However, the national policy vigorously support and huge market outlook still attracts many & other The competitors & throughout; , but the lack of a good strong point and participants in the field of business logic seems to make the grip. In the future, medical and & other; National team & throughout; CLP data or will change the pattern of the market hand in hand.

the strategic cooperation with medical group, CLP data using the technology, data, and the means of capital associated with the medical health care supplementary insurance, medicine research and development in the field of data analysis (CRO) in the field of application of single diseases, medical data services, and units of regional health maintenance organizations (hmos) projects in areas such as the Internet adhere to & other Ecology, risk, sharing benefits, create a win-win situation & throughout; Ecological principles of cooperation, get through the barriers of primary care, promote health resources distribution and the healthy development of the national medical and health care, make health care big data can be truly huimin, HuiZheng, hui.

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