Medical xue-tao cao ren nankai university President Medical key nankai “double top” construction

according to the ministry of education website on January 3, the central committee of the communist party organization department in nankai university announced the appointment of the central committee of the communist party of China and the state council decided that xue-tao cao ren nankai university President (level), Gong Ke no longer serve as President of nankai university.

xue-tao cao, was born in July 1964, the Chinese communist party party member, second military medical university internal medicine professional doctoral graduate, in September 1981 to participate in the work, 28, is professor of promotion. 2004, second military medical university, vice President, selected in 2005 the Chinese academy of engineering (at the age of 41 years old), the China academy of medical sciences dean since November 2015, Beijing union medical college principal.

here xue-tao cao

1 won many prizes in the field of immunology

54, xue-tao cao graduated from second military medical university, shandong people, long engaged in natural immunity to fight infection and inflammation of basic research, application research on transformation of tumor immunotherapy.

public information, he to the identity of the corresponding author of more than 200 SCI papers published articles, in recent years in the cell, nature, science, natural & ndash; immunology and other published many research papers, research of dendritic cell vaccine clinical trial for patients with advanced tumors completed phase II clinical trials, and obtains the national food drug administration approval in phase III clinical trials.

examine the situation was learned, xue-tao cao’s main research direction is based on dendritic cells as the key point of new molecular immunology and the discovery of new genes and immune function in the research, the tumor immune therapy and gene therapy of basic and clinical research.

as early as 2003, xue-tao cao led & other; Dendritic cells antigen presenting, functional regulation and the function of the source of new genetic research & throughout; Won the second prize of national natural science project. In 2004, its responsible & other; The discovery of new type of dendritic cells and immunomodulatory effect and mechanism of research & throughout; Project, selected the & other; China’s top ten science and technology progress of institutions of higher learning throughout the &; .

in 2015, the scientific research project xue-tao cao again favour, its subject & other; Inflammation disappeared and the new mechanism of the immune homeostasis throughout research &; Project, once again & other; China’s top ten science and technology progress of institutions of higher learning throughout the &; , the results were published in “Nature” and “Nature Immunology”, the team members were invited to many times in international academic conference on working conference report, and get the height of the international community.

a year later, with xue-tao cao & other Dendritic cells and immune regulation, immunotherapy research & throughout; 2016 annual mr.tan kah kee science of life science. The study found that the activation of immune function from the dendritic cells of new molecular and regulatory mechanism, research of new regulatory dendritic cells subsets and its differentiation development new ways, and dendritic cells was applied to clinical trial that cancer patients treated, promoting the transformation of the research.

examine the situation was learned, xue-tao cao medical academic achievement to gain recognition. He won the ministry of education Yangtze river scholars achievement award (2005), Chinese academy of engineering brilliance chineses engineering award (2012), Chinese academy of sciences, life sciences (2016). Dr He trained a number of papers to obtain national excellent doctoral dissertation, he special-class award of the first China graduate education (2014) and Nature outstanding tutor lifetime achievement award (2015).

in October 2017, he also became the National Academy of medical sciences (National Academy of Medicine) of the newly elected foreign academicians.

2 times mentioned medicine education reform

xue-tao cao, m.d., Ph.D., background, focus on medicine, also pay attention to education.

he has successively served as lecturer as immunology teaching and research section second military medical university, Beijing union medical college, vice principal, the principal, etc.

for medical education, xue-tao cao is a good medicine to see a problem, and turned to the education to a solution. He has repeatedly to express personal opinion on medical education reform.

& other; Our pediatrician gap of more than 200000 people throughout &; The issue in two sessions in 2017 sparked representatives. That time, then the CPPCC national committee, the Chinese academy of medical sciences dean, Peking union medical college, vice President of xue-tao cao then say: in the discussion & other; Done of some schools, teachers, curriculum is not in place, training quality is worrying. Throughout the &;

he believes that countries should from long-term perspective of the overall optimization of medical education of some special professional personnel training, must not let it weakened.

2016 national during the two sessions, xue-tao cao also puts forward opinions for discipline construction.

in his view, at present the country has more than 300 colleges and universities set up the biological engineering, but the real internationally influential, subject education in line with international standards, international recognition degree can rarely. , he thought, this is due to the current domestic biological engineering specialties and the lag of teaching system.

he had survey found that domestic colleges and universities use of biology engineering materials are mostly by zhejiang university, fourth military medical university in two schools, written content is limited to the engineering theory.

& other; Now online education is so developed, and this major of the top universities abroad synchronous network teaching is achievable. In addition, the school also with hospital and enterprise cooperation set up practice base, lets the student from the school will know that my future career goals. Throughout the &; Xue-tao cao Suggestions to domestic biological engineering discipline orientation and teaching system to reform as soon as possible.

3 will be into the key breakthrough of nankai university medical disciplines

to examine the current political situation attention, nankai university in recent years has attempted to break through medical subject construction. Nankai university recently released & other; Double top & throughout; Construction scheme also showed that when in the process of discipline construction, medical discipline will become the new breakthrough.

nankai university & other; Double top & throughout; Construction proposal preparation group is introduced, the future will be & other; Big health & throughout; Idea as the lead, the full implementation of the health strategy in China, actively pushing forward the construction of the medicine comprehensively strengthen YiJiaoYan fusion together, focus on the construction of basic medicine, clinical medicine, oral medicine discipline, build influential medical group at home and abroad and national clinical key specialties.

in terms of personnel training, to promote various forms of cooperation at home and abroad and the great efforts to a full range of talent introduction, speed up the construction of standardization and normalization of medical personnel training system, the overall improving the quality of medical education managerial ability and cultivation of talents, for the country and tianjin training more excellent medical talents.

public information display, not long ago, nankai university and tianjin first central hospital respectively signed a cooperation agreement, 12 hospitals in medical technology services, scientific research platform construction, reform of teaching and research depth fusion, medical personnel training, etc. But this cooperation is the national education work conference held after the reform and development of medicine and general office of the state council “about deepening the psychiatry synergy to further advance the opinions of the medical education reform and development,” after the release, the first tube in colleges and universities and provincial subordinate to the local hospital YiJiaoYan comprehensive coordination. Wen \ tang assiduously

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