Men play died younger sister take care of mother for 20 years: take her flute to busk in the streets


data diagram (for figure/visual China)

20 years died of men posing as sister take care of mother

wear women’s clothing coax sore sick mother go ChuSang female filial piety touched many

a big red small double-breasted coat, a head of curly hair and shoulders, 58 Zhu Mengxun sat on her bed, both hands to lift flute to her mouth, leisurely blowing a tune. Has nearly ninety zhu mother with silver hair, also wearing a red cotton-padded jacket, lie on the bed, one side reading, side follow the tune singing softly.

this is December 27, in a humble rented room in guangxi guilin. However, this seemingly ordinary & other; Mother and daughter & throughout; Hiding behind the interaction, with 20 years of son Zhu Mengxun patience and persistence. Over the past 20 years, he died of wearing women’s clothing disguised as sister for many years, every day can only let mother go ChuSang female.

a man wear women’s clothing

fake death sister more than 20 years

on December 28, Beijing youth daily reporter contacted the Zhu Mengxun in guilin to care for her mother.

& other; I am JiuJi years began to wear women’s clothing. Throughout the &; This year has 58 Zhu Mengxun & other trying to recall Transformation & throughout; The specific time, eventually did not think of it. But for the mother’s response at the time, but he remembers. & other; She was very happy, thought really is my sister came back. Throughout the &;

Zhu Mengxun sister passed away in 1987 because of leukemia, only ten years old when he died. & other; Sister passed away, my mother spirit is something of a trance, always thought that my sister is out of town, when asked sister back every day. Throughout the &;

Zhu Mengxun’s father died in his early years, had lived a life of his three children and mother lived alone, eldest brother went to hunan married many years ago, sister died leaving him in his mother’s side. One day in the life of more than 20 years ago, looked at daily misses Zhu Mengxun sister spirit trance, the mother of all of a sudden come up to a heart thoughts & ndash; & ndash; Pretending to be a sister to comfort mother.

try holding the idea, Zhu Mengxun found a sister’s old clothes to wear in the body, came to her mother. & other; It was a suit of summer clothes, after I put on my mother very happy, then I won’t let me change back to the men’s clothing. Throughout the &;

Zhu Mengxun did not expect such a chance to try to let the mother to regain the long-lost smile. From then on, Zhu Mengxun started mother often wear women’s clothes feel happy.

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