Men’s homemade cancer drugs to save the mother: each feed medicine

the original title: man homemade cancer drugs to save the mother: each feed medicine fearful

these two days, Xu Rongzhi suddenly caused great attention. Because a tales about homemade cancer drugs to save the mother’s video, many cancer patients to find him, ask him pharmaceutical method. But said Xu Rongzhi himself, homemade anticancer drug side effect is great, is desperately to do medicine to mother to eat, & other; Cancer should go to the hospital to see, not misleading. Throughout the &;

life just mother has fallen ill

in 2010, is a very important year for Xu Rongzhi. That year, he has just bought a house, live a little bit on the right track. At all for the better development, mother suddenly diagnosed ovarian cancer.

Xu Rongzhi said, mother at first only abdominal pain, abdominal pain, to the county hospital after checking but nothing found out. After transfer of Shanghai, the doctor began to doubt the possibility of a mother’s cancer. After about a month, mother ovarian cancer diagnosis, and cancer cells have began to shift.

Xu Rongzhi after the mother’s life began to back and forth between the hospital and at home. 4 times surgery, 56 times chemotherapy, the original physical condition is not good mother in their fight with cancer cells more weak.

in October 2016, Xu Rongzhi mother cancer cells in the body is in a state of uncontrolled again. Considering the old man’s physical condition, the hospital suggested that family members give up treatment, & other; Surgery also won’t have too big effect, not the goods in the end. Throughout the &; At this point, the mother’s treatment has spent more than 80 ten thousand yuan, even with a health burden of part of the cost of treatment, it takes more than 40 home.

but let brothers more than the high cost of treatment is a few people have a headache, a mother’s body has anti-cancer drug resistance, and chemotherapy after surgery has not much meaning for mother.

self-study & other; Into the medical & throughout; Homemade cancer drugs to save the mother

although give up surgery, Xu Rongzhi and her brother was that his mother had not given up hope of survival.

many inquire after Xu Rongzhi check to a seem to be on the net of treatment: targeting anticancer drugs. Human life, Xu Rongzhi also dare not rashly attempt. He began to self-study & other mechanical professional background; Medical & throughout; , read medical papers, Xu Rongzhi brother decided to let mother and try to take the west to Nebuchadnezzar and ora peary two targeted drugs.

bring & other; Cardiac throughout life pharmacist &; Is making capsule (video capture)

in the beginning, they bought from the Internet has made good capsule. Three months after the examination results show that the mother cancer cells in the body under control. Found that the drug effect, Xu Rongzhi and brother started learning make capsules, & other; Because someone else might be effective component content is not enough, do do not need to worry. Throughout the &;

decided to pharmaceutical, Xu Rongzhi bought scales from the Internet, blender, such as tool, used for powder materials will be made into capsules. He says, is refer to the online tutorial to do at the beginning, and then a little bit of summing up experience: the dress can’t use ordinary paper powder, lose too much; Different drugs with different colors of capsule, avoid mother eat wrong medicine & hellip; & hellip; Mother every month to eat more than 200 grain of homemade capsule, Xu Rongzhi and brother into & whenever you have only one other Pharmaceutical & throughout; In the work.

risky side effects associated with efficacy

may be a new drug may play a role, the mother of tumor markers in the body content gradually decline, Xu Rongzhi think & other; Hopefully throughout the &; .

but hope behind, and implied great risk. Xu Rongzhi said, decided to do medicine before, they had to worry about the side effects of homemade apis, & other; But don’t eat this. But what can eat? Throughout the &; With & other; Dead horse as a living horse medical & throughout; Mood, Xu Rongzhi brother and repeatedly consideration, also and mother carefully describes the possible side effects, finally decided to give it a try.

bring video capture

mother started medication, Xu Rongzhi pressure is bigger, & other; Couldn’t sent my mother to the hospital to take medicine every day to eat again. Throughout the &; In fact, the two has not yet officially listed in our country for cancer drugs, though effective, but the side effects are also obvious. & other; Lack of power, high blood pressure, urine protein & hellip; & hellip; Body feeling is very poor & throughout; Xu Rongzhi all see in the eye, the mother’s pain. Mother looked listless, he had hesitation, but his mother never doubted her two sons. Although the body aches and discomfort, mother still every day dozen spirit with you.

in July 2017, was supposed to go to a hospital review day, because mother spirit is in good condition, was until a month later. Only to check result sudden deterioration in August, the mother seems to also produce a new drug resistance. Two months later, in October 2017, the mother’s death.

review the pharmaceutical one year for our mother, Xu Rongzhi some lucky, & other; For a second mother throughout all right &; ; But he is also full of terror, & other; After all, is an individual case, API side effects obvious, if not the worst, or try not to use better. Throughout the &; In the face of all kinds of consultation, or he’ll recommend each other go to the hospital.

dialogue: & other; Don’t want you to follow our & throughout;

& other; Cardiac throughout life pharmacist &; Is Xu Rongzhi in popular video code, perhaps for he and his brother, every time capsule was created in the fight with mother cancer fate. The survival of a total of 13 months, before and after the mother seems to declare their victory. But only Xu Rongzhi know, homemade anticancer drugs need to face what kind of risks and uncertainty.

no medical background & other; The pharmacist & throughout;

north green newspaper: what kind of job are you engaged in?

Xu Rongzhi: equipment management.

north green quote: contact with pharmaceutical before?

Xu Rongzhi: no, I’m learn mechanical.

north green: with a medical background at home?

Xu Rongzhi: no.

north green newspaper: why will think of yourself to do medicine?

Xu Rongzhi: at that time, doctors feel mother’s already saved, imported drugs and expensive, just look up to the two medicine symptomatic, decided to do. On the one hand is cheaper, on the other hand dose is guaranteed.

feared that the move of alleged illegal

north green quote: since the drug will be cheaper?

Xu Rongzhi: a month to buy a pack of raw materials, beginning more than 6000 yuan, later gradually reduce the price down to 3000 yuan. Although still quite expensive, but compared to buy imported drugs or cheaper.

north green newspaper: you buy raw material is not imported?

Xu Rongzhi: not imported, is the domestic manufacturers, just haven’t officially listed. We buy is generic, cheaper, at first is recommended by other family members of patients.

north green quote: pharmaceutical before have concerns?

Xu Rongzhi: at that time was a bit worried about using unlisted raw materials would be illegal, later also specially check the relevant laws and regulations. But there is no way, no this is no medicine can be used. But I haven’t had the sales, use it to make a profit. And every time someone to ask, I also said not to enlarge the drug efficacy, don’t want everyone to follow our own doing.

in side effects and efficacy between swing

north green quote: do a capsule probably need how long?

Xu Rongzhi: an hour just a few, because every little the effective component in the capsules, it’s very slow.

north green quote: content is less worried about side effects?

Xu Rongzhi: content is in strict accordance with the literature material, because this kinds of drug side effects are very obvious. Effects such as blood, and low platelets, such as anemia, also can lead to high blood pressure, urinary protein, hypothyroidism, diarrhea and so on, each time to feed the mother medicine. Although medication during tumor markers decreased, but the people are very not spirit. And this is less side effects and chemotherapy, chemotherapy side effects are temporary and targeted drugs side effects to be permanent.

north green: so serious side effects, and medication adherence is it worth it?

Xu Rongzhi: I think it can ease the development of cancer, prolong the life of the mother. For us, it’s worth.

north green quote: would you recommend other families own drug?

Xu Rongzhi: general to seek me consultation, is to do your own medicine. But for me, or can not, do not have to use.

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this article from Beijing youth daily

reporter: Kong Linghan

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