Mess up at the end of the fitness industry: don’t buy the private teaching feeling into persona non grata

fitness consumption demand expansion, the good and bad are intermingled of market development & ndash; & ndash;

【 mess up at the end of the fitness industry & other; Don’t buy the private teaching, feel oneself become unpopular person & throughout;

as & other; Swimming fitness know & throughout; The voice of the city streets are often sounded, the gym has become common consumption place. However, professional coach wanted to sell the private teaching, gym encircling money run, let patrons have concerns in consumption. The gym development and construction, and gradually become hot issues of common concern to society.

for figure/visual China

fitness is big business

2016 issued by the national fitness plan (2016-2020)” would rise as the national strategy, the national fitness sports industry as a green industry, sunrise industry to support. Gym membership is also in 2016, China the number of users reached 15 million.

and according to the white paper on China’s fitness industry from 2016 to 2017, according to a recent years China’s population fitness by increasing at the rate of average growth rate of 10%, fitness normalization has become a trend. According to statistics, China now has 37627 gym, in number than the United States.

& other; Don’t have a gym membership, feel out of time. Throughout the &; Reporter discovery, fitness not only has increasingly become the lifestyle of young people, even some of the elderly also gradually became a frequent visitor to the gym.

& other; Walk two times in the past thought around noon company even if movement, now see everyone on ma3 jia3 line in the circle of friends, feel for iron. Throughout the &; A female respondents told reporters. Compared with the women lose weight & other; Just need & throughout; , young men & other; Add muscle practice rocks & throughout; Middle-aged men, & other; Get rid of fat belly fat & throughout; And are popular among a middle-aged and old women exercise classes, yoga, also became a popular reason to the gym.

& other; Along with the growth of the economic income, people demand for daily consumption from beer and skittles to health and sports, this is in line with international trends. Throughout the &; For these years, the rapid development of the fitness industry, private fitness studio operator Shen Gan told reporters that since more than a decade ago he contact health industry, the industry of industrialization for the center with gym has quickly close to the level of the United States and other developed countries.

& other; Such as micro believe aboard the public fitness content, finally could pay link to the video or nutrition supplements; Fitness after demand for less oil, less salt diet and develop the concept of light food and related catering development; Stars show flexibility and athletic ability, and has given rise to public demand for all kinds of exercise class teacher and trainer. These factors can make more and more customers into the gym consumption. Throughout the &; Shen Gan concluded.

personal training & other form; Sale of lessons throughout the &;

fitness is very hot, but many fitness industry problems, too. The profit mainly comes from the reporters found that the gym membership card and private teaching. As & other; Main selling class & throughout; , personal training performance directly determines their income, and a lot of personal training therefore become & other; Sale of lessons throughout the &; .

& other; I have just been to the gym, the inside of the coach will help me test the situations of the body, said I skeletal muscle is too little, want to exercise the effect can only buy private teaching. Throughout the &; White-collar wong told reporters in Beijing, on her by the coach, she spent thousands of yuan to buy the private teaching.

& other; Had suddenly threw card, 3 years didn’t go to a few months, not can’t take a bath is the equipment is broken, the public exercise class room is often personal training on, don’t let members in, being still quarrel with us. Throughout the &; Beijing residents zhang told reporters, & other; Don’t buy the private teaching, feel oneself become persona non grata in the gym. Throughout the &; When ms zhang put forward card, stores have a push to take off, this let ms zhang is helpless.

on the other hand is a personal training & other form; Sale of lessons throughout the &; , continue to let consumers spend more money, but on the other hand is some consumers spent money, but don’t have time to exercise.

& other; Because money is not a lot, so don’t feel love dearly. Throughout the &; This is a domestic fitness consensus. & other; Many clients feel do gym membership, keep up with the trend, or the so-called health care. They think go or not is a question of time, a long period of time, is to do the financial support for the gym. Throughout the &; One industry source said that the gym is largely attracted most & other; Movement is in a sweat profusely throughout the &; Ideas into the consumer, because there is no clear guidance, motivation and health, these people often three days fishing net, two days all the year round can go to the gym a few times.

in addition, a personal trainer working threshold is relatively low. In some training institutions, as long as pay can get the teaching qualification certificate. According to media reports, some training institutions and other Crash course & throughout; , usually 5 to 7 days of training can & other; Output & throughout; Got the qualification certificates of private coach; What’s more, also played the & other; Package throughout the &; To attract advertising.

issued by the state general administration of sports fitness trainer career development research report shows that in the gym fitness coach, only 42% were from a sports professional graduates, most of the people are only after 1 to 3 months of training in related professional certificate.

fitness awareness or reversed transmission industry standard

& other; Into the gym is in the consumer, so consumers must first set up the correct consumption view, should choose the most suitable for their own consumption. Secondly, once appear, disputes in the process of consumption, consumers can also be properly rights protection. Throughout the &; For the gym and often appears in the industry, Beijing h&q joint law firm lawyers say that wang attended.

due to the rapid development of the fitness industry in recent years, the operator behavior of one-sided pursuit of commercial interests. The gym to run road, low quality of the fitness coach and changed frequently, the member in the load-bearing endanger personal safety, due to careless operation of these problems, actually can depend on consumers in the card when sign the contract and solve.

& other; Want to avoid is not a regular gym or fitness instructor, first with the problem consciousness, nip in the bud, the appointment terms ahead of time, can produce evidence to go legal procedures when necessary. And if most consumers vote with their feet after the good consumption habit, the whole industry will automatically to the direction of the normalization. Throughout the &; Wang attended told reporters that because of the gym membership fees or private teaching fee frequently tens of thousands of yuan, thus more reasonable consumption. Rational consumption according to the demand, don’t be fooled by merchant’s verbal agreement.

& other; Fitness is a good thing, but according to his free time, commuting distance, hobbies and physical quality to make the right fitness program, and not be kidnapped by a popular consumption. Throughout the &; Wang attended suggested.

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