Method of companies say milk powder problem affecting more than 80 countries The recalls continued

the French dairy giant lakshmi tallis group chief executive of 14, confirmed that due to the problem of milk powder incident, the company is recalling more than 12 million boxes of milk powder from more than 80 countries.

Mr Ma new el & middot; Benitez “on the day of an interview with the French journal du dimanche announced the news. AFP said, this is, after milk powder caused public anger tallis problem, benitez and the first public response. DetailPic

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[recall big]

the French media reported early last month, the French more about 20 babies from eating by the French crown city a, tallis factory production of infant milk powder and salmonella infection. Later, lakshmi tallis group announced the recall involved factory production of infant milk powder since last February 15.

this month 12, the French economy minister Bruno & middot; Le maire announced that, tallis involved factory production of all batches infant milk powder will be recalled.

group chief executive, benitez and 14 said, & other; We must understand the operation of scale: more than 12 million cases & throughout; . Now, dealers don’t (according to the production date) pick out the problem of milk powder, & other; They know that all the milk powder (involved factory) throughout the shelves &; .

, tallis group by benitez’s grandfather was founded in 1933, many brands. Problem of baby milk powder Picot and Milumel two brands, export to many countries and regions, including China, England, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan.

[promised to investigate and compensation]

according to information released by the French government agencies, in the middle of August to December last year, France 35 baby was identified with an average age of 4 months after eating, tallis milk powder and salmonella infection. AFP reported recently, the Spanish report a the same cases, Greece is investigating a case of a suspected cases.

a French representative problem of milk powder of victims’ families, said this month on the 12th hundreds of families have been sued, tallis. President of the association of quentin & middot; Geert, says he believes the French government agencies & other; Underestimate & throughout; The problem of milk powder the number of cases.

benitez and 14 said, lakshmi tallis will & other; Fully cooperate & throughout; Investigation, and will compensate for all the families affected by the problem of milk powder.

France “duck herald” reported earlier this month, last August, lakshmi tallis krona in the factory inside the detection of salmonella contamination, but did not report to the government agencies; In early September, the government agency inspectors not found salmonella in that factory, also involved the factory issued certificates of good health. The report further cause public attention question powdered milk scandal.

symptoms of salmonella infection include severe diarrhea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, etc. Younger and older people may face danger because of the severe dehydration. (Wu Baoshu) (xinhua designed feature)

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