Method the brand milk powder contaminated to 26 infants ill suspended the import in China

overseas network on December 11th, one of the world’s largest dairy group of French milk powder manufacturers, tallis (Lactalis), its products to local suspected of 26 infants ill after eating. The company with the French health authorities worry about products contaminated with salmonella, (10) on Sunday announced a massive global recovery. It is understood that the group’s milk powder have sales in China, said in a statement released by the Chinese state has, involved batch products exports to China. DetailPic


the European times quoted the AFP news agency reported that the French have for drink, 26 infants tallis’s infant milk powder and feel unwell, but no deaths, there are foreign cases reported yet. Because lakshmi tallis company business area widely, affected by the recall of the customers all over the world, China, Britain, countries such as Pakistan, and Sudan are affected, and keep track of all the possible contaminated milk powder products will face a big difficulty.

official website screenshot by China national certification and accreditation.

overseas network reporter observed that the supervision and administration of the China national accreditation committee official website announced on December 6, suspended a French infant formula milk product production enterprise registration in China, December 5, decided to suspend CELIA – LAITERIE DE CRAON the registration of the enterprise, and notify the competent authorities in France. CELIA – LAITERIE DE CRAON affiliated with lakshmi tallis group, this means that, before the permission again, the enterprise temporarily lost through official channels to China the right to export its production of infant formula.

local time on December 10, in view of the French dairy giant lakshmi tallis group (infants milk powder produced by Lactalis) there is a danger of salmonella contamination, France’s economy and the ministry of finance has expanded from the shelves and recall this group, is located in the French asberry province (Mayenne) carat weng city (LNS Craon) infants milk powder factory production measures.

, according to the Chinese website, tallis company 10, combined with regulatory authorities in the French ministry of economic affairs held a press conference announced the recalls. Lakshmi tallis group spokesman said, and nearly & other; 7000 tons of & throughout; Formula may be contaminated. And how many contaminated products has been consumers drink, or how many contaminated products is still in the company’s warehouse, there is still uncertain.

, tallis group spokesman also pointed out that the carat weng factory pollution reason is most likely a baking furnace on May 1 to 6 is polluted. For prudent, lakshmi tallis group decided to recall products expanded to all the dairy products production since February 15, and at the weekend stopped all drying furnace production, cleaning and disinfection. Lakshmi tallis group spokesman said & other; Deep regret & throughout; That hope sick children quickly restored to health.

, according to reports, tallis group has shelves and recall on December 2 batches for a period of 12 infants milk powder. The French CaiJingBu 10 reported a recall, a lock-up and banned exports of milk powder list includes more than 600 batches, with nearly 40 batch of export in mainland China. French CaiJingBu think lakshmi tallis group can’t control the pollution risk of the recall measures.

since last week and found that five babies infected with salmonella cases, one of the baby to eat rice milk powder did not appear in the group in December recalled products list. French health authorities and administration of consumption and then carried on the thorough investigation, find out and confirmed infection with salmonella and correlation between LNS factory assembly line production of the product. French CaiJingBu require parents don’t eat as much as possible new measures involving products, most of them French stall (Pico) t (Milumel) and bagels brand, also have Carrefour (Carrefour) brand.

, tallis International company (Lactalis International), is a French dairy products enterprise, the third global dairy industry in 2017. Except xi li ya (Celia) brand, tallis group owns infant formula brand bagle (Picot), as well as multiple milk powder brand OEM sales in China, such as vader treasure (Mon Petit), rui kang (Bebe Laita), angel (Neoangelac Plus), etc. The production of milk powder sold in Algeria, Bangladesh, Sudan, Georgia, Lebanon, Britain, China, etc.

salmonella infection caused by animals intestinal bacteria, symptoms include severe diarrhea, crampy abdominal pain and vomiting. Because may cause dehydration, dangerous for young children and the elderly. Salmonella, according to the world health organization (who) is one of the four main cause diarrhoea. Most of the cases of salmonellosis mild illness, but sometimes life-threatening. Foodborne diseases affect greatly & ndash; & ndash; Every year nearly one over ten people fell ill, and will lose 33 million healthy life years. Especially for young children, foodborne diseases could lead to serious consequences.

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