Micro integer network collapse down fake drugs experts: really fake goods source in line

on November 22, 2017, lianyungang city, jiangsu province had a & other; Like catch drunk driving anti-counterfeit & ndash; & ndash; Police in lianyungang in the east China sea have the ministry of public security supervisory derivative plastic chaoyang & throughout; Impact on live, published for the first time plastic fake drugs dens raid. Counterfeit drugs to the 31 provinces, the police in full recovery.

according to the police report, the food and drug environment donghai county public security bureau criminal investigation brigade in alibaba before big data technology, uncovered a super-large chaoyang, involved nearly 150 people, 35 people have been arrested in connection with, the amounts to ten million yuan.

in the east China sea for the first time the police released the seizure of counterfeit drugs dens, capture as a field, and shows the flow to the beauty salon, black clinic at the scene of dozens of fake drugs, called for the whole society to supervise management together fakes.

this year on January 16, donghai county public security bureau of food and drug environment criminal investigation brigade to the masses to report says, through his own WeChat bought a bottle of botox with foreign languages, suspected of being counterfeit.

after donghai county notarization notarial foreign language translation, it is A called gas capsule clostridium toxin type A botulinum toxin, after approval of donghai county market supervision and administration, the botox as counterfeit drugs.

in the east China sea police quickly identified, 26, a local woman hsiu-hua wang (not his real name), on the part of the confiscated 564 delivery list and counterfeit medicines containing botox, hyaluronic acid, via donghai county market supervision and administration of appraisal for the import of counterfeit drugs without approval.

hsiu-hua wang confession to the police, she USES the previous make derivative mask when accumulated thousands of micro letter friends, since April last year to sell fake plastic products, customers all over the country, qinghai province, hebei, jiangsu huaian, guangdong huizhou, several beauty salons, all goods from her here, and more than once.

if the individual require injection, hsiu-hua wang will pass 58 city about the door charge injection, and whether these injections operators have medical qualifications, she said she didn’t know.

the police to find the wechat business on-line Peng Xiaoyu hsiu-hua wang (not his real name). Police are introduced, the consciousness of their investigation is very high, between the two sides did not leave a phone, just WeChat contact at ordinary times, transaction is through the WeChat and pay treasure to transfer.

police Peng Xiaoyu locking is located in guangzhou, and in the clothing store to seize some of the drugs. Peng Xiaoyu confessions, early last year, she began to contact micro plastic industry, know the drug import approval in this country, belongs to the illegal counterfeit drugs, flipping have hundreds of yuan in the domestic market and even thousands of yuan price difference. Peng Xiaoyu only primary culture, she joined more than 100 micro factor group, less than a year of time has developed dozens of core. A large number of college students, sea turtles and even the model web celebrity, become her off.

at present, the police verify those involved as many as 150 people, all over the country, in the case of 28 species of fake drugs has been flowing to the 31 provinces.

police introduction, Peng Xiaoyu from multiple derivative channels learned that the second half of 2016, sent to jiangsu region cosmetic fake drugs caused the medical accident, but she was unmoved. Was arrested in February this year, Peng Xiaoyu less than an hour, a lot of micro factor group has learned the news, a group of group manager will Peng Xiaoyu kicked out of some old friends will also be the shielding, and wechat business in the group of swearing Peng Xiaoyu & other; Troubler of all business & throughout; .

the next day, Peng Xiaoyu supply online escaped to South Korea, was arrested after half a year.

Peng Xiaoyu logoff Lin hui (a pseudonym), after pregnancy in 2016 started selling fake plastic products do derivative, in March this year to accept the police investigation, criminal detention in lactation has not been taken directly to obtain a guarantor pending trial. Was released, Lin promised never to touch wechat business counterfeit drugs. But Lin will be notified the police traced the numerous wechat business friends, and then back to sell counterfeit drugs.

the police in the east China sea, some people use derivative way buy cosmetic surgery and use fake drugs, after the medical accident caused by the escape, because this case involved many, some people still in online pursuit.

the Chinese medical association plastic surgery branch director commissioner QiZuoLiang had said to the media, nearly 90% of plastic failure case system & other; Three throughout the &; Caused by plastic: use the not qualified products; The unqualified products were diverted to illegal medical institutions (such as personal cosmetic studio, illegal engaged in micro plastic beauty salon, etc.); Another is clinics-not doctors operation.

& other; Good and evil people mixed up plastic industry, wechat business way cosmetic fake drugs, motivated, no any qualification of doctors and hospitals are so-called dare vaccinating people at random, is very terrible. Throughout the &; Physicians, deputy director of the jiangsu province people’s hospital orthopedic surgeon Dr 侯祚琼 said.

侯祚琼 introduction, hyaluronic acid injection of minor problems for facial contour indecent, serious accidents of hyaluronic acid injection location is wrong, drugs with blood flow and cause embolization, blindness. Use fake botox may appear allergic reaction, eye injection can lead to upper eyelids droop, adverse reactions such as asymmetry and hematoma bleeding, serious and even shock.

most remarkably, lianyungang, jiangsu police cracked the case in collaboration with alibaba platform management department.

police put on record before, alibaba platform management department in daily active risk control, through monitoring large data feed medicine model, found taobao shop sales of plastic goods, suspected counterfeit drugs, confirmed by the sampling for counterfeit drugs. Alibaba platform management department in close cooperation with the public security department set up mechanism, timely will push the information to the police in jiangsu province.

& other; Network itself does not produce fakes, real fake source on line, if not cooperative parties abort source, fakes today change ma3 jia3, tomorrow to change a platform, anti-counterfeiting will only a dozen of dilemma repeatedly. Throughout the &; Alibaba platform management department anti-counterfeiting command, a senior expert said cheng li.

alibaba group vice President sun jungong said at the conference site, alibaba has been working with the national public security, industry and commerce, food drug safety and other law enforcement agencies to establish linkage mechanism to continue stepping up his efforts mining offline fake goods source.

& other; Impact as a governance drunken driving. Throughout the &; Is Mr. Sun said that alibaba advocate, but also actively practitioners, & other; We hope to have a more positive response to the initiative, actively participate in anti-counterfeiting practice, not only spend kung fu in the mouth. We stand for collaborative work, and called for all e-commerce platform and social platform and the vast number of merchants, don’t hide private, don’t push to take off to impact, the fake goods production and sales of the way completely blocked. Throughout the &;

in the year to August, alibaba platform management department a total of law enforcement throughout the country to push for false clues to the food and drug 679, to assist the police investigation 236 cases, capture criminal suspects 441, seized on fake food and drug dens, 374, the amount of 1.195 billion yuan.

& other; Consumer ego to protect consciousness is insufficient, lack wechat business platform regulation around the suspect counterreconnaissance ability is extremely strong, adds great difficulty to the police. Throughout the &; Police said an official of the east China sea, alibaba platform management of big data support, to play an important role in criminal detection. & other; Anti-counterfeiting live deserve the promotion, criminal gangs have a deterrent effect on producing fake goods. Throughout the &;

& other; This case is p in cooperation, in the Internet illegal and criminal behavior common to strong-arm reaction and a representative case. Throughout the &; Beijing jingshi lawyer at zhang pointed out that in the New Year in the fight against Internet illegal and criminal field, the public security organ has the power and detect advantage, enterprises with technology and professional advantages, can provide illegal crime clues, preliminary locking and assist the police in accordance with the law, improve the efficiency of probing.

the China youth daily & middot; Middle online reporter li chao correspondent Cindy lee sources: China youth daily (November 24th, 2017, 06 edition)

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