More stop mutual help how to fill the vacancy blood after blood donation deadline at the end of 3?

16 November last year, yan jiao, a leukemia patients’ family members are mutual blood donation.

mutual after donating blood to stop

national health development planning commission, said the end of march this year to stop the country mutual blood donation; Beijing to take measures to fill vacancies blood

on February 10, is located in the north third ring road of Beijing Red Cross blood center of mutual blood donation window closes.

5 days ago, the Beijing development planning commission and Beijing municipal Red Cross issued “on the strengthening of blood donation without compensation and for the management of clinical blood use notice” (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), since February 10, 2018, stop to carry out mutual aid to donate blood. On February 9th, capital, blood donation service issue a notice to stop the mutual blood donation.

Beijing news reporter visited Beijing several large onset, found that patients and doctors felt more suddenly, face & other; Can’t find the platelet & throughout; , & other Ischemia & throughout; Such an emergency. To Beijing this year will take a new 16 blood collection point, intensify groups recruiting blood donation, to deal with.

previously, nanning, Shanghai, tianjin, wuhan and other places has cancelled the mutual blood donation policy. Qinzhou of guangxi, sichuan and other places are clear suspended on March 31, 2018 to carry out mutual aid blood donation work.

on February 1, the national health development planning commission reply to Beijing news interview, said & other; Developing the good situation of unpaid blood donation work throughout the country, expert analysis thinks, our country has stopped the basis of mutual aid to donate blood. So in addition to the remote areas, to stop the country before the end of March 2018 mutual blood donation. Throughout the &;

this means that in the near future, practiced in China for nearly 20 years of mutual system of blood donation will be quit the historical stage.

mutual behind the blood donation & other; Sell blood quack & throughout;

mutual blood donation are written to the donation is in 1998. Donation to revise at that time, the revised according to article 15, to protect citizens and clinical emergency use, the state encourages and guides the operation of the patient’s own ChuXie, mobilization of family, friends and relatives, place unit, and social mutual aid to donate blood.

according to the donation interpretation, this article is for civil Suggestions and requests of clinical emergency blood use. Blood from the collection, inspection, separation, storage, transport to use need a certain amount of time, according to the nature of the blood of the medical institution for storage is limited. Therefore, to some extent brought certain difficulties for clinical use of medical institutions, in view of the above reasons, this article puts forward the solutions.

compared with individuals and groups of unpaid blood donation, mutual directivity, blood donation purpose more clearly. From the blood to the blood, general need only 3 days time.

process is not complicated, according to hospital posted notices, mutual blood donation you just need to four steps:

a, patients after admission, (2-3 days in advance) before use, by tube bed doctors to patients’ family members, relatives and friends, and other relevant personnel to carry on the mutual blood donation propaganda and mobilization;

2, mutual aid donors to fill out in duplicate the mutual blood donation registration form “, carry the form and effective upon the signature recognition identification each blood to the blood center point;

3, acquisition mutual aid donors of blood, blood stations according to the regulations issued by blood donation card, fill in the receipt;

4, hospital by mutual blood donation receipt to retrieve the mutual an equal volume of blood, blood donation for mutual person specified in the patients’ blood transfusion.

but directivity, explicit purpose behind, there is a by & other; Blood head & throughout; Control of blood interests chain.

on February 12, the spokesman said the Beijing Red Cross blood center, mutual blood donation form once let criminals drill loophole, led to the blood head blood industrial chain, such as for security risks, blood is the right decision.

in November 2017, the Beijing news reporter investigation hebei yan da dao-pei lu hospital & other; Blood shortages & throughout; Problem (see the “yanjiao leukaemia person blood trapped”). Reporter survey found that emerge in the hospital through mutual blood donation of blood in the form of buying and selling black chain business. Blood head entrenched in the hospital, claims & other; Business & throughout; Good day for a single.

in yan jiao yan dao-pei lu hospital gathered hundreds of leukemia patients, blood head long-held hospital, from the Internet recruiting blood donors to yanjiao, with & other; Mutual blood donation & throughout; & in the name of the other; Sell blood & throughout; To the patient, each unit of platelets is after yuan. 24 years old from shandong viro anemia (a pseudonym) with aplastic anemia (AA), has been in Beijing, another 3 armour hospital treatment for a year. He need a blood transfusion once a week, but only successful reservation one hospital transfusion of blood, would cost around 2500 yuan.

at other times, he can only be acquired through mutual blood donation blood source. About 20% blood from relatives and friends. Find friends and relatives, only to find blood traffickers, except for the cost of the hospital, more blood dealer two units of red blood cells is controlled 1500 yuan, 1 unit of 400-600 yuan.

the personage inside course of study points out, because there are bugs, mutual blood donation is most reviled, review over the identity of the donor is not strict. For the blood donation and blood use, the relationship between the hospital and XianXieZhan don’t usually carries on the examination as to substance. Blood of patients in the hospital only mutual blood donation list fill in blood users and sell blood name, id number, can take the documents to the person to sell blood XianXieZhan to donate blood.

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